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"Daddy, look it's snowing!" The little purple haired girl had let go of her father's hands and started to dance on the little pathway. She stuck her tongue out wanting to catch the falling crystals of snow.

"Aren't they nice?" Tifa asked her father, who only smiled nodding his head.

"They are beautiful aren't they?" She asked as she held out her gloved hand wanting to catch the snowflakes that swiftly floated down. They were cold and delicate and as soon as they landed on the white glove they quickly melted.

The pink haired woman looked at her husband, who only shrugged at her question, "I don't see it…They are just falling transparent ice crystals." Her husband replied back as he dusted some of the piling snow off his shoulder.

"They are beautiful because each has a different pattern which makes them special and unique. Plus they are a gift…" Lacus said as she looked up at the sky, a small smile of sadness came across her face.

"Gift?" Athrun couldn't help but ask, "How so?"

The little girl stopped her dance and looked at her father, "Daddy, why does it snow?" The blue eyed girl asked out of the blue.

"It's snows because…"

"They are a gift from the heavens…They are a gift from the souls that rest there. Snowflakes are frozen tears of happiness from the sky, cold and yet pure…"

"Are they a gift from her too?" Tifa asked her father, he only nodded.

"She must be waiting, come let's go and give her our gift." Athrun walked over to his little girl and took her hand.

The father and daughter walked hand and hand towards their destination. The snow kept falling, piling up on the pathway.

"Can I please take them to her?" The lavender headed girl held out her hands wanting to receive the bouquet of white roses. Her father gave her the flowers and watched as his daughter ran and laid the flowers in front of the grave.

Lacus Zala

1976 - 2006

A loving wife and mother…
She will forever be missed…

"Hello mommy, me and daddy came to visit you…"

"Athrun isn't the snow beautiful…" The woman in white turned her head toward the window in the hospital room. She felt the grip on her hand tighten; she also felt her breath becoming short each passing second.

"Why is it beautiful?" She asked to her lover.

"Because…" The man felt tears run down his face, "Each snowflake is special and unique. They are frozen tears of happiness, cold yet pure..."

The only noise that was in the room was the long beep from the heart monitor. A forever going line was shown on the screen.

Athrun looked up watching as the ice crystals gently floated down. They were from her, he reaching out for her frozen tears…


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