Note: Um...just some random thing I thought up when I had eaten one too many Pixie Stixs ; )

"Man, these damn things are like freaking cocaine..." Jack said as we snapped his 15th pixie stix in half. Blue sugar flew up then landed on the coffee table. Jack promptly licked his thumb them pressed it into the small pile of sugar that had collected on the table. "Your disgusting." Said Bobby as he gave his younger brother a look of utter disgust. Bobby and Jack had been watching TV when Jack had a sudden craving for Pixie Stix. Jack started to suck the sugar off his thumb. "You know I bet I could survive on nothing but cigarettes and Pixie Stix!" Jack exclaimed pouring cherry sugar into his mouth. "You might be able to survive, but not for very long." Bobby muttered his attention on the Hockey game that was on TV. They sat in silence for awhile...Jack happily going through another bag of Pixie Stixs and Bobby staring intently at the TV screen.

Jacks tongue and lips have now turned a sickening shade of reddish blue when he started to giggle like a little girl. "Bobby giggle I gasp I giggle..." Bobby shook his head as he looked at his brother who was surrounded by empty Pixie Stix bags and was now laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. "Ok your officially fucked up, im cutting you off." He said as he snatched the remaining Pixie bags from Jack's grip. "No giggle please giggle give them gasp back!" Jack tried to get the bags back but couldn't stop giggling.

"Nope sorry cant do that crackerjack!" Bobby teased pushing his brother aside and walking in to the kitchen where he flipped on the garbage disposal. "Say by by!"

"NO!" Screeched Jack running into the kitchen and tackling Bobby. Hearing the commotion Angel had run downstairs only to find Jack and Bobby rolling around the kitchen floor covered in colored sugar and cursing each other.

Angel ran forward pulling Jack off of Bobby. "What happened!" He gasped holding onto a struggling Jack. "HE WONT GIVE ME BACK MY PIXIES!" Jack screamed kicking at Bobby who was holding the bag right above the garbage disposal. "Calm down Jackie!"Angel muttered. "Bobby just throw those away!"

"But he will just dig them back out!" Bobby whined. "Besides...its funner this way!" He said laughing. If you had passed the Mercer house at that exact time you would have heard the whir of a garbage disposal incinerating a bag of Pixie Stix...