Note: I was reading my old chapters and noticed almost all of them end with something getting squashed, beaten up, or incinerated. Huh...weird...

All the brothers were in the attic going through boxes of old clothes, toys and other prized possessions from their childhood.

"Look! Its Mr. Horsey!" Jeremiah exclaimed picking up a lump of brown clothe out of a particularly old box. He smiled at it affectionately while his brothers gave him a look like he had suddenly sprouted an extra head. "Um...Jerry? What the hell are you talking about?" Jack asked cocking an eyebrow. "I used to carry this thing everywhere." Jerry replied stuffing it in his pocket.

"Okaaaaaay" Bobby and Angels answered at the exact same time. They left that little unpleasantness behind them and continued to dig through boxes, coughing from the dust and moldy smell. They found many old and interesting treasures ranging from old stuffed animals to broken hockey sticks and even some torn up coloring books. But it was Jack who found the ultimate treasure...

"Who's this?" He asked holding up a framed picture of a pretty little girl who looked to be about 9 years old. She had her hair cut short, and was wearing a dark blue leotard. But what stuck out most was her bitter scowl. Bobby lunged forward. "That's no one!" He hissed. Jack sidestepped him. "What? Its gotta be someone. Come on Bobby!" Bobby didn't respond.

"I know who that is!" Jeremiah exclaimed with a smirk. "Its none other than Mr.Twinkletoes himself! I present to you BOBBY MERCER!"

"WHAT!" Jack screeched breaking into hysterical laughter. Bobby started humming a little too loudly and began rummaging through another box. Angel snatched the picture away from Jack and squinted at it. "Oh my is you!" He exclaimed looking at Bobby with wide eyes. Bobby ignored him a continued concentrating on opening and closing random boxes.

"And I believe...this is his leotard." Jack grinned evily holding up a dark blue leotard. It was slightly moth eaten and had a small smear of blood on the right shoulder. Jack took a closer look at the blood. "Where's this from?"

"Fight" Bobby grunted. "What kind of fight?" Jack questioned. Bobby sighed. "Some punk kid called me a pansy so I hit him in the face."

Jack scoffed. "You beat up a kid? Wearing your leotard?" Bobby turned red. "Ok, maybe it wasnt a fight."

"Then what was it?"


"What kind of injury?"


"Oh, come on Bobby! Tell us!"


Jack, Angel, and Jeremiah waited expectantly.

"We were practicing one of the routines and I wasn't watching where I was spinning and the instructor ended up kicking me in the face." He muttered. "I quit after that."


Note: That end part was the boys laughing at Bobby's unfortunate ballet injury! Sorry if it kinda sucked but I cant find my copy of the DVD and Im kinda uninspired. : (

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