So I was a little late. Sorry, some school stuff came up.

MistyRiver17: I'm contemplating a sequel, and definately have some song fic ideas in my head that I'm in the process of writing down.

SVU Chicky: Ash couldn't not beback early. This story is about Ash and Spence rekindling.

boberry: I loved writing the interview part.

Spencer's cell phone vibrated on her desk, "Hello?" she answered it.

"Hey. Why doesn't your husband know where you are? Mom is freaking out!"

"Clay. Crap. I meant to call all of you guys. Why didn't she just call me? I moved into an apartment complex. Jake was cheating on me, then I kinda cheated on him."

"You cheated on Jake? I could tell you weren't happy, but I never expected you to go looking for happiness in the arms of another man."

Spencer laughed jadedly, "It wasn't a man."

Clay gasped, but said nothing.

Spencer held the phone up to Ashley. She couldn't bear tell Clay herself.

"Hey Clay," Ashley said with a smirk.


"Yeah. Hi."

"Hi. I saw your interview last week, but I haven't seen the film. My wife Shawna is big on independent films. You where talking about Spencer weren't you? The movie is about Spencer, isn't it?"


"Oh. Wow," Clay separated his words. He paused a moment to regain his composure, "Well can you tell me the number and address of where you guys are living?"

"I don't know the address. I just got here. The number is 555-8588. We're in an apartment complex called Angels' Meadows."

"Okay. Tell Spencer to call Mom and Dad. She needs to tell them where she is. They're really worried."

"I will. Thanks Clay. Bye," she ended the call. Then Ashley's phone rang, "Hello?"

"Hello Ms. Davies. This is Sam Davis and Fox distribution studios. We would like to distribute your movie. Put it into theaters. Its a great picture."


"Yes. Can I set up a meeting with you?"

"Sure. How about Monday afternoon?"

"Does one o'clock sound okay to you?"

"Yes. Thank you Sam. I'll see you then," she hung up the phone.

"Who is Sam?" Spencer asked.

"A guy who wants to distribute my movie 20th Century Fox."

"Wow cool," Spencer was working as they talked.

They walked out of Spencer's office building with their fingers interlaced.

"I came in a cab," Ashley explained, "I figured that way, I could go home with you."

"Great," Spencer was enthralled with Ashley's eyes, "Movie store first? Then we can stay in."


Spencer's phone rang again, "God damn it!" she fished it out of her bag, "Hello?"

"Hey Spence, its me again," Clay said, "I told Mom you moved out, but not about Ashley. She wants you to call, and she wants to have Glen, you and I over for a nice little Sunday dinner."

"Fine. I'll call when I get home."

"Good. I think you should bring Ashley to dinner."


"You heard me. Don't pretend you didn't. Mom has got to accept you two sometime. Does Ashley really want to be your dirty little secret?"
"I'll think about it."

"Fine. I'll see you Sunday."

"See you Sunday," she hung up, "God, my mom knows my cell number, why doesn't she call? Poor Clay isn't a telephone," Spencer began driving to the video rental store, "So what are we getting?"

"I'll tell you when I see it. Lets call for Chinese take-out, then thats a real party."

Spencer laughed, "Oh yeah."

"Hey Mom, its Spencer," Spencer had to do it sometime.

"Spencer. I just wanted to check up on you. Clay told me about Jake. I know it must have been hard for you to do, but its probably for the best."

"I think so. I wasn't happy."

"Its important to be happy. I saw you at the video store a few minutes ago. I was just pulling up as you where leaving. Who was that you where with? Another man in your life already? Bring him to dinner on Sunday."

"I'll see what I can do. I have to go Mom."

"Okay Sweetie. Have a good night. I'll see you Sunday."

"Bye," Spencer hung up, "Oh damn!" she yelled.


"My Mom saw us together. She thinks I was with a new man and she wants me to invite him to Sunday dinner."

"So I'll go."

"Ash, I just don't think thats such a good idea."


"I told you, I don't want to make it seem like I broke up with Jake to be with you."

"You didn't?"

"I did. Sort of. That was part of it. Its complicated."

"Are you ashamed of me?"

"What? No!"

"Then what?" Ashley was mad, and she glared at Spencer straight in the eye.

"I just don't know Ashley!" Spencer was frustrated at herself for not being able to articulate her feelings, and she took it out on Ashley.

"Well its settled," Ashley said defiantly, "I'm going."

Spencer knew when to give up, "Fine. Its your funeral."

"Good, then lets go plug in a movie."

The rest of the night was uneventful. They where just getting used to holding each other and laying on each other. It was weird living together, having Ashley so close by. They didn't talk as they sat on the couch watching DVDs. Later that night, after finishing the food and the movies, they just went to bed. No sex, just a quick kiss before going to sleep (Ashley had jet lag).


"Spencer! Hello!" her mother greeted her with a hug. Ashley was parking the car, "So where is he?"
"Mom, there is something you ought to know. I didn't leave Jake for a 'he'. I left Jake for Ashley. She's parking."

Mrs. Carlin's face turned pale, "Okay. I'll be inside. Why don't you wait for her?"
"Sure," Spencer said. Her mom needed a little space to process the information she had just been given. Spencer watched for Ashley to come up the walkway.

Ashley smiled weakly.

Spencer started laughing, "You should have seen how pale she turned."

Ashley laughed appreciatively.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"


Spencer's phone rang, "Who the hell could that be?" she asked before answering it, "Hello?"

"Hi Spencer, its Marla. I had lunch with your husband's attorney today, and all Jake wants is the house, his stock options and one weekend a month with Parker. We'll settle out of court tomorrow."

"Great! Why where you at lunch with Jake's attorney on a Sunday?"

"Jake should have done better research. Clinton is my boyfriend," Marla laughed.

Spencer laughed too, "Listen, I just told my mom that I left Jake for a woman, so I should go see how she's taking it," Spencer hung up the phone and then went into the kitchen. Ashley went into the house but stood by the door, "Mom? Can I help?" Spencer asked.

"You should have told me beforehand Spence. When did we stop being able to talk?"
"I dunno."

"We're just going to have a nice family dinner. I want you to be happy, and if Ashley is what makes you happy, so be it," Spencer's mom had obviously rehearsed this speech as Spencer was outside, but at least she was trying.

"Thanks Mom," Spencer hugged her.

They brought the starters out.

"So Ashley, what have you been doing since we last saw you?"

Ashley told Paula the reader's digest version of her life.

Throughout the entire night, Spence was tense. When desert was finally served, she ate quickly, though Ashley did not. Spencer was eager to get back to the apartment.

"Anyone care for an after dinner cocktail?" Arther offered.

"No I'm fine," Spencer spouted, "I'm actually getting pretty tired, and I have to work tomorrow. We should probably get going."

"Already?" Clay questioned.

"Yes," Spencer said firmly.

"Goodnight everybody!" Ashley added as they grabbed their coats, "I had a great time."

"Bye!" Spencer yelled. They closed the house door.

"Now that wasn't so bad," Ashley commented.

"I wouldn't say that."

"It was almost fun."

"Now you're pushing it. Lets just go home and relax on the couch. Now that thats over and Marla is dealing with the divorce, I can spend time with you, without drama and without worry.