Author's Note: Thank you, LadySparrowJack, for catching what I did. I'm very sorry for the switch from first person to third person. I'm so used to writing in third person... . Anyway, back on track here. A bit more behind Axel for this chapter... and Sage, if you read this, I MISS YOU!

By some time near eleven, Axel had me laughing hysterically as he kept my mind off the earlier events. We'd forgot about the game as we fell into a long conversation about the way things had been around the house with him and the other muses, and Axel's psych evaluation about all of them.

"And there's a therapist's nightmare, that one." Axel said with a grin. "Fuckin' crazy, that one."

I laughed softly, my head on his shoulder as he leaned against the headboard, having a cigarette. "You're not far from that yourself, Axel, you know that. All your having to set shit on fire."

"" Axel purred, grinning psychotically down at me.

I was forced to laugh more. "Face it, Axel, you're a pyromaniac."

"Well, I'm not exactly denyin' this, darlin'." Axel replied, one arm behind his head.

"How is Roxas, Axel?" I asked, looking up at him, as I inquired about his wayward best friend. Thanks to me, they had a chance now, to reconcile the past events that tore them apart. I knew Axel loved Roxas like a brother. The two had been through some difficult events in their narrative. But still, things hadn't been going all that smoothly for their friendship.

Axel sighed, tapping the ashes off his cigarette in the crystal ashtray on the bedside table. "Roxas is...moody, like he always point he's thrilled to see me, the next, he despises me." He replied softly.

I gave the redhead a hug. "Give 'im time luv. I'm sure Roxas'll get over his severe mood swings...if not, I'll have a talk with him, or have Kit do it." I smiled slightly.

Axel moved his other arm, and tapped me on the nose again. "I already owe my second chance at life t' you, you wanna rack up a larger bill for me?"

I smiled more, sitting up and kissing his cheek. I was very fond of Axel, he reminded me greatly of two men very important to my life. My best male friend, and the man I loved. "Your bill's already long enough, darling." I told him.

Axel laughed softly, kissing my forehead as I got up.Which was a good thing I got up, because Sands came in...with out knocking, per usual.

"Interrupting am I?" He asked, eyeing Axel. I rolled my eyes, moving over to the play station, and digging through my dvds.

"Hardly, Shelly, Axel and I were just talking." I told him simply, which was the truth.

"Right." Sands replied, going over to the chair infront of the desk and flopping down. Axel was watching him with a stone cold, calculated look.

He snubbed out his cigarette and got up from the bed. "If you don't need me any more, gorgeous, I'm gonna grab a shower and a nap." Axel said, heading for the door. But he paused, looking back at me with a seriously concerned look.

I was putting Sleepy Hollow in the dvd player and looked up at him, with a weary smile. "Go on, Axel. I'll be alright. I'm gonna watch a movie till I fall asleep."

"You need me for anything, you know where to find it memorized?" Axel asked, opening the door.

I chuckled. "Got it. Night night, Axel. And don't worry to much about Roxas. Things'll get better, you'll see."

Axel snorted, with a slight smile. "Yes...Kit..." He answered, "Later mookfuck." He said mockingly to Sands with a salute.

"See ya jerkoff." Sands replied with a sneer as Axel left the room, closing the door behind him. "I don't know WHY you had to take him on as a muse..." He said, looking at me.

"I like Axel, Sheldon. He reminds me of Sage, and...well, you know...the real you." I said with a pointed look.

Sands rolled his eyes, and muttered, "I am real...round here any way."

I climbed back up on the bed, shutting off the lamp. "Yes, I know. The problem is, you and Axel are to much a like, you're jealous..."

"I am not jealous." Sands replied, getting up from the chair and pulling of his shirt as he made his way over to the bed. I watched him from the corner of my eye, inspecting him.

"Denial." I whispered as he plopped down on the bed beside me.

But he said nothing, proceeded to lean over me and kiss me deeply, leaving me a bit wide eyed. "Does it look like I'm jealous?" He asked in a husky tone as he let me go.

I giggled a bit like a school girl, snuggling against him.