A/N: I haven't been good to my Digimon fictions and I've been itching to do some, to be honest. Vignette and Drabble writing is an exercise that's rather therapeutic, especially with this coupling. I see a lot of myself within Miyako and Ken and it's quite intriguing to consider the problems of everyday life from their eyes, away from the Kaiser, away from the Digital World, because they're just kids. I'm just going to keep on writing these until I run out of ideas. It may stop at one, it may stop at one thousand.

Some are funny, some are sad, some are thought provoking, some are silly. Some are like fairy tales; some are like teacup tragedies. That's what life consists of. Life's an eclectic thing, for everyone.

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She wished she could be a cook. She wished she could create the scrumptious lunches Sora packed for them all. She wished she could be a master creator of cookies and tempura and sushi. She wished she could present him with a bento that was the best in the history of all bento. He would taste it carefully, picking it up delicately with his white chopsticks, chew delicately. His eyes would widen and he would swallow and he would smile at her. "This is delicious, Miyako-san!" he would say in that adorably polite manner. And she would blush and demur and then scold him for calling her "-san."

That was what she wished as she nervously watched him unwrap the lavender handkerchief on her bento. He had blushed at her offering but had taken it. She pretended to be occupied with her strawberry milk as he looked at her offerings. He picked up a Viennese sausage, laughing a little at the lopsided octopus. She closed her eyes. Oh no… He was chewing. She cracked open her eyes. He swallowed.

"This is delicious, Miyako-san," he said.

"Really? Ano… I'm not much of a cook." She crumpled up a napkin.

"As long as you make food for someone you love, with your heart, it will always be delicious," he said. And smiled.

She laughed and smacked him upside the head. And missed him nudging a few suspicious cloth bundles away with his foot.

A/N: Miyako strikes me as a woman who's very straightforward yet somewhat self-conscious, torn between being a social paragon and getting what she wants. She also strikes me as one of the unfortunates who really have to work to make food! All in all, it's a complete manga idea. My idea of feeding my boyfriend? Going out for dinner.