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"Who the hell is that?" Meredith Grey asked standing in the door frame of the on-call room.

"I have NO idea." Christina admitted. It was an average day at Seattle Grace and no one had heard any word of a new doctor or intern coming to the hospital. And considering the amount of gossiping that goes on, most were surprised to be surprised by the newcomer.

"Well, this is very interesting…" George said, joining the girls curious heads, and peaking out of the door frame. "You think we would've heard about a new doctor coming"

"No, she's not a doctor." Alex said passing in front of George, Cristina and Meredith, and leaning on the door frame. "She's wearing what we're wearing, she's an intern…"

"I hate her, she's gorgeous." Christina said, still staring at the young woman as she, thought they didn't notice, walked towards them.

"Don't say that…" Izzie said sympathetically. "She's new she needs all the support she can get."

"I was kidding, Izzie." Christina said slightly annoyed.

"Since when did you become a saint anyway?" Alex mused.

"News flash, she's been this nice since she got here…" George said, still looking at the, apparently gorgeous, new intern. "Wow, she's is beautiful."

"She's pretty hot." Alex said, testosterone seeping on every word. He looked at the new intern, she should've been a model with that face, he thought.

"Horn dog." Meredith snapped.

"What?" Alex said in defense. "Must everything I say be taken in a bad way?"

"Yes." George, Christina, Izzie and Meredith said together.

The new intern, who happened to have a name, Hunter, was now about three yards from the door, she was not looking at the curious interns as she walked in that direction though, what she did was walk as they continued to stare, and walk, as they ogled at her beauty, and walked right past them.

"Full of herself" Meredith said moving herself from the doorframe after the new intern had passed.

"Snob." Christina prejudged as well, sitting down on the bed, that Meredith had sat on.

"Hmm…" Izzie said thoughtfully as she walked into the room as well

"She's hot." Was all Alex said before he left the room and followed after Hunter, the new intern.

Down the hall, Hunter had stopped walking and was talking to a group of very nice nurses who all seemed very eager to get to know her. They seemed nice enough but Hunter knew that their actual motive was to talk to her long enough to get some dirt to gossip about. Hunter was wearing her scrubs and she had in her hand many folder on top of which was a single sheet of paper.

"Do you know where I can find uh…" Hunter started, looking at the paper. "The on-call room on this floor its-"

"Oh uh, well," one of the nurses interrupted. "There's one down there, I think you passed it."

Hunter turned around as the nurse pointed at a door in the distance. Hunter had passed that door. She hadn't seen the sign because of a intern, a rather cute one, standing against the sign. Also near him were a bunch of people staring at her, which she decide to ignore. She rolled her eyes, thanked the nurses and got ready to head toward the door. Before she could take two steps the cute intern she had seen leaning on the sign was standing in front of her.

"Hey…" he said. "I'm Alex."

"Hey." Hunter said smiling, reading his face in a second. "I'm not interested."

"Huh…" Was all Alex could manage, the blow to his ego showing quite clearly on his face. He let the hot new intern walk past him for a second before tapping her on the shoulder. Hunter turned around slowly, the folders in her hands starting to become heavy.

"Yes?" She said smiling smugly. In the same amount of time that it took for Hunter to tell the Alex was going to hit on her. He decided that he would rather have her as just a friend.

"We both know that I was going to hit on you…" Alex said, smiling. "But couldn't you give a guy a chance."

"Nah," Hunter said, shaking her head slowly. "I figured you had a girlfriend."

"How'd you figure that?"

"Isn't she the blonde watching us from behind me?" Hunter asked. Alex looked behind Hutner's shoulder and sure enough Izzie was there looking at the two of them very suspiciously.

"You're proving yourself well, keep going." Alex replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well with that I just figured you just wanted to get me to like you and be able to say, 'the new intern like me'" Hunter stated. "I mean it's a very familiar alpha male strategy. "…Never works. Not on me anyway…"

"When did you get here?" Alex asked fascinated by the take no crap demeanor of the new intern.

"This morning."

"Already in the scrubs?" Alex mused. Hunter laughed shortly.

"Yeah, I think I'm in your group, of interns that is." Hunter said.

"I think you are too, from what I over heard," Alex started reffering to the conversation Hunter had with the nurses. "You're looking for our on-call room."

"Yes, well I guess so…" Hunter smirked, thinking that this new hospital might not b bad after all.

"So, why did you transfer?"

"Uh, maybe I'll tell you later." Hunter replied.

"Hey," she started in a purposefully flirtatious tone. "Could you, uh, help me carry these folders?"

"Huh, so you know you're hot." Alex said laughing.

"So do you…" Hunter replied in an obvious tone, as she gave half of her stack to Alex.

"I like you…" Alex thought aloud.

"Really?" Hunter said shifting her weight a bit. She cocked her head and had a cocky smirk on her face. "Likewise."

"Well, well, finally a cool intern at Seatle Grace" Alex said smiling smugly back.

"What about your girlfriend?" Hunter asked.

"Her too." Alex said off-handedly. "Of course."

"Uh huh," Hunter said smiling, happy that she found someone who was as witty as she was and just as not nice.

"Why is he talking to her for so long?" Izzie asked staring out of the on-call room.

"Izzie, he's scum don't waste your time on him…" Christina said. "I told you… devil spawn."

"Be nice." Izzie called over her shoulder… She looked back out and saw the new intern and Alex laughing at something, she narrowed her eyes slightly. Oh no, this would NOT work.

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