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It had been a week since George and Hunter's love sucks epiphany had occurred and all was right in the world of Seattle Grace with the 3 lovey-dovey couples that Hunter and George decided to despise. But not really, they would playfully jeer Meredith and Chrisitna for dating the hottest doctors at the hospital. What Hunter did a lot though, she realized, was laugh whenever she witnessed Addison glaring at Meredith or Derek. What George did a lot of was hoping that Meredith would start a secret affair with him… he had shared that with Izzie and Hunter, they laughed him at first and he ended up laughing at his over active imagination as well.

Christina and Preston had decided to continue with hiding their relationship, luckily they had stayed under Bailey's radar and no one knew except for the people they wanted to know… at least, not yet. The unfortunate thing about Seattle Grace was that you couldn't have sex in the on-call room without being caught, and for some or most even, it was something that was a daily necessity, and this particular morning was no different.

At The Grey residence Meredith and Derek was currently physically recapping the events that occurred between the sheets of her bed the night before. Next door to them was George who had resorted to pulling his pillow furiously over his ears in an attempt to block out the sounds of the couple in the room over, eventually he was so annoyed that he pulled on his clothes and went of to the hospital early. Over in Preston's home he and Christina were doing the exact same, except they hadn't exactly stopped in between the night before and this morning. The two trying to function in Seattle Grace today would be interesting. Speaking of the hospital, Izzie and Alex were there early and were "hanging out" in the on-call room, things had heated up but quickly cooled down when Alex discovered his… technical difficulties. Hunter was sitting her apartment trying to read but apparently everyone was getting some except for her, she figured this because she could hear the frequent banging of her neighbor's headboard against the wall. Hell, she though, why not go to work a little early. She got up and headed to work.

George stormed out of Meredith's house and slammed the door behind him. He started walk down the street when he heard a voice calling his name behind him. He turned around to see Hunter jogging towards him.

"Good morning." Hunter said beaming.

"Don't tell me you got laid this morning, too." George scoffed. Hunter followed his stride as they walked towards the hospital.

"No I didn't, and I'm guessing you didn't either." Hunter replied amused. George looked really pissed.

"Why aren't you as pissed as I am?" George asked. Hunter shrugged.

"Oh, I'm mad…" Hunter said and then looked up at George who was a bit taller than she was.

"Oh, I know why," George began. "Probably because you weren't sleeping, or should I say trying to sleep, while you heard the girl you like knocking boots with Dr. Mc-friggin-Dreamy, as those stupid nurses like to call him."

"Yeah…" was what Hunter managed at first. "I can see where you're frustration comes from…"

"I can understand that you could be pissed off because Alex and Izzie are, you know, in the on-call room right now."

"But then again, It's not like I had to try to sleep over it on the bottom bunk." Hunter said, consoling with George.

"Whatever, I'm kind of slowly getting over Meredith anyway."

"Is that due to you little resurfacing tryst with that twit Olivia?" Hunter wasn't very fond of Olivia, it was mainly because Olivia was one of those girls that started nasty rumors and fueled them.

"That was a one time thing." George said trying to brush it off.

"Even after she gave you syph…" Hunter said mused quietly. George coughed. Hunter lowered her eyes sorry that she brought it up.

"Was that really necccessary?" George said after a minute of silence.


"Whatever, the truth is the truth."

"How did you guys end up hooking up again anyway?" Hunter asked. George shrugged.

"It just sort of happened…" George said. "We were in the on-cal room and…"

"Ah, the on-call room, the room of lust and intrigue." Hunter laughed. George smirked and they walked together into Seattle Grace.

Meredith and Derek had finally gotten out of bed when Meredith saw the clock and saw the time. She had yelled a number of curses, and they were followed shortly after by Derek's when he witnessed the time. Meredith giggled as they hopped out of bed and threw on there clothes.

"Meredith, don't giggle." Derek joked.

"No, you're right." Meredith said putting on a serious face. "Last time I giggled after sex was in college."

"And I'm sure that's a trend you didn't want to continue?" Derek said amused as he pulled on his pants. The truth was Meredith was extremely happy that her and Derek were back together. It felt good to have "beaten" Addison. Addison was beautiful and brilliant and of all the things she had the one thing she wanted most was Derek and Meredith had him.

After 30 rather quick minutes Derek and Meredith were headed out the door.

Hunter headed up toward the on-call room, she stormed into the room and didn't put two and two together when she saw that the room was dark and she heard a male and female voice.

"Alex, what's wrong?"

"Uh, I can't… uh…"

Hunter threw the light on, and walked into the room. Izzie screamed and shot up. Hunter looked up and saw Alex and Izzie, Izzie still screaming. Hunter started screaming too and then stopped when she realized that she'd only walked in on Alex and Izzie trying to hook up in the on-call room.

"Oh my goodness." Hunter said quickly as she threw her purse on the bottom bunk, and headed out of the room. "I'm so sorry!" And she was sorry and it wasn't just because she had interrupted Izzie and Alex, she was sorry that she had in a way become George that morning. They were both trying to deny the fact that the people they liked were fairly involved with someone else, even though the fact was staring them in the face.

Christina had come into work glowing, looking gorgeous because she was so happy. 10 minutes later Dr. Preston Burke walked in grinning like a stupid Cheshire cat. They figured that was enough time to look like they hadn't just come George saw the two walk into the hospital at there respective time. He just wanted to shoot the happy couples as they came striding into Seattle Grace like gods. Hunter leaned against the wall next to the on-call room door. She heard Alex or Izzie hop off of the top bunk and head towards the door, she decided she would go before she ad to talk to either before she had to face either one of them. She went to the elevator and pressed down. When she got downstairs she walked towards George who was sitting near the door, as she walked towards him she saw Meredith and Derek walk in but only a full five seconds apart. Real Smooth, she thought sarcastically. She then saw George's face go sour, and a bit hurt.


"Please, tell me your life sucks so I can feel better about mine." George said staring after Meredith.

"I thought you were getting over her."

"Yea, well I lied."

"I just walked in on Alex and Izzie…

"In the on-call room?" George asked rhetorically. Hunter nodded. "Okay, I'm feeling a little better.

"I mean, I'm not expecting anything from him, because I wouldn't want anything wit them still together."

"Same Here, I know what you mean."

"It's just weird to see it…" Hunter said quietly.

"… Even though you know that it's already there." George finished, they sat there for a second somberely.

"I'm depressed do you want lunch?"

"Hunter, it's 9 a.m." George said as he stood up in stretched.


"Besides I have things to do, people's lives to save." George said importantly.

"Hey, we all do the same thing…"

"Yes, but I'm a little more important than everyone else…" George claimed with a smirk as he walked toward the elevator, Hunter following.

"Okay, do you think it's safe to go back to the on-call room?" Hunter asked and she jabbed the up button on the elevator.

"Who cares?" George said as he watched the elevator dial. "I'm looking to pretend all the lovebirds aren't swimming around us like stupid guppies aren't here."

"Hmm, I dunno if birds swim…"

George ignored Hunter. He was ready to forget about everyone else, he'd just save peoples lives, like he was supposed to.

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