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Italics are the private communications between the Blood

Bold lettering is when inanimate objects are speaking (Selari's replies will also be in bold)


The Child

Jaenelle is the dreams made flesh. She was made of all the Blood's dreams. She was a most powerful Witch. In fact she was the most powerful Witch in history. The kindred adored her. She made up the dreams of the Blood. So what happened to all the nightmares? They had to go somewhere. Everything as a price.

The price the blood had to pay was that if their dreams were made flesh then so were their nightmares. Yet, of course nobody had heard of this. Nobody would dance in this Witch's honor. No, nobody would want to celebrate their worst fears. This will be the story of that of nightmares made flesh.

She was born on the night that Jaenelle first plunged into the abyss. The night that the Blood nearly lost Witch. It was the night of Cassandra's altar. It was in the Territory of Hayll that this baby was born. Draega to be exact. It was on the poor side of town, it was where the most vilest of men lived, the murders, the rapist, the assassins, and many more creatures.

The woman screamed and cursed as pain enveloped her. This child was killing her. She had been through this process twice before and neither of those times had seemed to rip her skin apart. She screamed and prayed to the Darkness that it would end. The Healer was trying her best to relieve some of the pain, but nothing she tried helped, if anything it got worse.

It was two hours later that the girl was born. Exactly at the same time in another place, that a Gray-Jeweled witch named Surreal slit Greer's throat. The mother took the child in her arms and stared at it. The girl had not made a sound. Her eyes were dark, so dark that they seemed like an endless dark hole. Those eyes stared up at her mother, as though she could see in to her soul. The mother of course thought that this was insane, she was just a babe. In any case if the girl were older it still would have been insane.

Yeta was only a Yellow Jeweled hearth-witch. Her husband, Kadar only wore a Summer-sky jewel. There just didn't seem like a good chance that any of their children would rise that much higher then they were. Of course it wouldn't be a good thing if they did have a dark-jewel, for if they did so, there would be a good chance that they would not live all that long. With the way that Dorothea was running Terreille. Where anyone with a jewel that was darker then her own jewels soon disappeared.

Yeta looked down at her third child and from what the Healer had told her, her last. The child was small with a little bit of black hair on top of her small head. This in fact was a strange child indeed. She was very different from her first two children. Her first child had been a beautiful boy. Jerrid had blond hair with bright blue eyes, which were filled with intelligent, he was a very happy child. Jerrid had already gone through his Birthright Ceremony and had come away with a Rose Jewel. That had been two years ago. Then Yeta thought of her second child. She was the most adorable creature to grace the lands. Her hair was bright blond that was naturally curled, which were accompanied by light blue eyes. Her daughter had recently came away from her Birthright Ceremony with a Tiger Eye Jewel. Both Yeta and Kadar were immensely proud of their daughter.

Then this child came. At first they just stared at the silent baby that was sleeping in Yeta's arms. Why was she so different was the main thing in both of their minds. Finally Yeta stirred a bit from her mussing to glance at her husband and saw him staring at the child.

"Why is she different?" he asked her.

Unsure of what to say Yeta just shrugged.

Sighing Kadar shook his head, there was just no answer at the moment. "I guess we should name her. We just can't go about calling her It."

"I guess." Yeta murmured resigned. It took them a few hours but finally they agreed to call their youngest daughter, Selari.

Five years passed...

The girl sat silently in the corner of the room. Nobody was around and for that the small child was thankful. When there were people around it was harder to control. The girl tilted her head back as though listening to someone who was speaking.

Selari nodded in understanding. As her parents had said on the night that she was born there was something very different about their daughter. Except they didn't even know the whole truth of it. Sometimes they would see her nodding her head for no reason are all. Then other times she would start to scream and cry saying 'Stop, please no more' Then when they had asked her what she wanted to stop, she would shake her head and say nothing.

In truth it was something big. When people say that the walls can talk, it was true literally for Selari. And she listened when they spoke. Yet that was not all that spoke to her. In fact it was just one of many things that could. The walls, the furniture, but mostly the wind and the very air that she breathed. Sometimes they were silent and Selari could be alone with her own thoughts. But most of the times they always had something to say. But that wasn't even the worse part. The worst part was what they had to say. They had many things to say some good, but most of them bad.

Selari in fact probably knew more about the town then someone who had lived there for more then a thousand years. Selari was sometimes confused with the things that were told to her. She didn't understand why these things spoke to her and no one else. She had been listening to them since forever, well as far as Selari could tell.

Jerrid is coming

Selari nodded slightly, but said nothing back. Her brother would be mad. She was supposed to be at a local hearth-witches house. Selari didn't like it there, the witch was obsessed with cleaning, and made Selari help clean too. So instead of staying there until her parents came back, she had just left and walked home. It wasn't luck that no one had seen her. She had known when another person was close to her and she would hide.

The door opened and in walked a tall male. Selari looked at her older brother, with awe. He seemed so powerful and strong and he was so cool. Jerrid startled looked at his little sister. He hadn't even known that she was in the house. He of course had scanned the house and the area around it to make sure it was safe and yet he had not sensed anything. But that was just Selari you could never tell if she was there or not. Unlike other people her mind was muted. There was like nothing there, while other people gave off their jewel power or just a sense that they were there.

Glaring at her Jerrid slammed the door. Selari winced and knew that Jerrid was not all the pleased to see her, as she was to see him. He walked over to her corner and knelt down to look her directly in the eyes.

"What are you doing here?" he asked in a very calm voice. Selari knew that it was bad, whenever Jerrid or her father got that real calm there was going to be hell to pay.

You shouldn't be scared. You could take him.

Selari shook her head. She would never want to hurt Jerrid. But besides that how could she take on her brother and win. He was a jeweled male and older then she was, and she didn't wear any jewels.

"Don't shake your head, answer the question." Jerrid told her when she didn't say anything.

"I don't like going over there. Anyway it's not like she misses me. In fact when she realized I was gone she called over her lover." Jerrid blushed a child shouldn't talk like that.

"Selari, don't say such things like that." After a second's hesitation he continued, "How would you know that if you had already left?"

It was Selari's turn to hesitate, she had never told any of her family about the wind that talked to her, she didn't think that they would understand, plus the wind didn't think that it was a good idea. In fact the wind had told her about a girl that had told eccentric stories to her family and they had sent her away to this place called Briarwood. Selari hadn't known what Briarwood was, until the wind explained it to her. And Selari never wanted to be sent away like that girl had.

Selari, don't tell, he would never understand

'But he's my brother, and secrets are bad' she whispered in her mind to the wind.

You can tell him eventually, but not now, he would not understand. You have to wait until he is ready.


Jerrid sighed, knowing that he wouldn't get an answer from her. He never did, when he asked her how she knew certain things. He then plopped down on the ground to sit next to her.

"Selari, I guess I won't tell Mother and Father, but you can't do this again. It could be dangerous do you. Understand?"

"Yes," she nodded her head, "And I won't tell them about what you do with the baker's daughter." Jerrid's face turned three shades red, before it returned to normal. It wasn't like he did anything stupid, it was just a few things and nothing to send her father to kill him. Maybe beat him up, but not to kill him. But still it wasn't something that he wanted his parents to know about.

"Then we have an agreement." she nodded and held out her hand. He took a hold of it and shook. There really was no point in asking how she knew, he knew that she wouldn't answer. But someday he would find out how she knew stuff that no child would no, are any person for that matter. Until then he would just wait and protect her, for she would need protecting.

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