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Italics are the private communications between the Blood

Italics are normally used for the Blood, it will just be the other part of Selari

Bold lettering is when inanimate objects are speaking (Selari's replies will also be in bold)



Two years had gone by since the Purge of the Realms had happened. Two years have passed since the creation of Shieon. No one across the realms could figure out why it was there, or how it had came to be. Some said that it was an aftereffect of what Witch had done. Some say that it was a sign, other's say it was an omen.

There were only a few things that were really known about the new realm. One being that it was called Shieon. That it's ruler was a female witch by the name of Selari. That they're only seemed to be a few inhabitants on it. Then there was the fact that nobody could seem to get into the new realm. No matter how any body tried it always ended in failure. Everyone wanted to see it, despite what they had heard about it. But alas it seemed rightly impossible. Even for Witch it seemed.

The moon was already high in the sky when Lucivar, Marian, and Daemonar finally arrived. Daemon had been waiting for them since yesterday noon. They had taken too long to get from one place to the other.

"Mother Night," he muttered under his breath as his brother and his family finally appeared. He had been pacing the entrance hall for ages. Ok maybe not that longs, only since Jaenelle had kicked him out of his room. She hated it when he hovered over her when she was feeding their daughter, Dannie. Whom they had named after a lost witch, one who shouldn't have died so young.

Daemon glared at his brother as he walked in, with Marian on his arm and Daemonar flying happily over his shoulder. Lucivar being the prick that he was smiled at him.

"You're getting slow, old man," Daemon told his brother. Lucivar just kept on smiling, then he leaned down to whisper something in Marian's ear. She frowned at Lucivar, but nodded her head all the same.

"Come on Daemonar, lets go see your little cousin." She called to her four-year-old son. Daemonar giggled happily and flew ahead of his mother, eager to see the pink baby that he had seen before. Marian smiled at her overly excited son, and then she kissed Daemon on the cheek before following her son out of the hall.

"What's the big hurry?" Lucivar asked deliberately in a calm voice. Daemon glared at him angrily, wishing that something would just fall on his head, accidentally of course.

"You know what the hurry is. We have been trying to make contact with Shieon for little less then two years and with no success."

"Ya, what makes this time any more different then the last time that I tried to get in?" he asked a bit curious now why Daemon was acting so anxious.

"Jaenelle saw something in a web. She's not exactly sure what it means, but it as to do with the other."

"What did she see?"

"She saw herself looking into a mirror and the reflection wasn't of her, but the complete opposite. She said that beyond the reflection there was darkness and she couldn't make out what was behind it. The only other thing that she could tell is that there were two very different paths in the web. Down one path is a greatness that knows no bounds. But down the other is a destruction of the realms like no other."

Lucivar wasn't sure what to make of it. It sounded good on the one hand, but on the other it could be very bad. But then of course it didn't mean that it was going to happen. There had been two paths after all.

"So what happened this time?" Daemon demanded of Lucivar.

"The same as the last time." Lucivar told him with a sigh. They walked out of the entrance hall and headed towards Daemon's study. "A message was sent on a white thread telling us to leave them alone."

"Mother Night, were never going to get any closer. I'm positive that Selari is the key to what Jaenelle has seen." Daemon muttered. By this time they had arrived at Daemon's study and were already sitting comfortably in chairs. Well Lucivar was, Daemon had decided that standing was the preferable choice.

"Hey don't worry Daemon, we are making some progress. This time they were far less formal this time they were rude, bitchy, and the whole rest of the stuff that goes with trying to get rid of an unwanted guest." Daemon smiled at this.

"It's just that I want to get the meeting over it, I want to see what this child is like. I want to make sure that she wont threaten any thing."

"Hey Daemon I've met her, and she's a lot like Jaenelle was when she was little. Maybe a bit more cryptic, but still a lot alike. You met her brother after all."

"Ya Jerrid is fine, but it doesn't mean that his sister could be the complete opposite." Then Daemon smiled at the thought of Jerrid and a certain Glacian Queen. "Have you talked to Karla lately?" he asked wickedly. His mind temporarily sidetracked. Lucivar smirked at the thought of Karla.

"Yes, what fun that was." Ever since Jerrid had came to stay with Karla, she had been different. It had been fun teasing her about the new member of her court.

"Can't wait to see her again, last time was…well lets just say that it was entertaining." They talked a little while longer before they both left and went their separate ways.

"Selari!" a little girl's voice called out. Selari sighed as she heard Dari's sweet little voice call out to her. Maybe if she was silent and didn't move a muscle, then maybe, just maybe Dari wouldn't be able to find her.

"Selari! I found you." Dari cried out as she ran to her and threw her arms around Selari's legs. "Were we playing a game?" she asked her arms still wrapped around Selari's legs.

The little girl, Selari knew wouldn't let go of her until she was good and ready to or if someone dragged her off. But that was just Dari ever since two years ago Dari had become really dependent upon the other children and Selari. Even though there were now adults and other children around Dari still shied away from them.

When Selari had first created Shieon it had only been her and the other children. They had set up their own home. One that they still currently lived in. They never thought of moving they liked where they were living. Plus, both the twins thought that it was a very strategic place to keep their living quarters.

It was located on a small island located in the center of Shieon. All along behind their home was a range of tall mountains and then surrounding the whole of it was a lake. Their house was a medium sized one. It contained a kitchen, several bedrooms and bathrooms and a small living area.

It had taken them awhile to get settled. They had to decide how they were going to run a realm. Reya the practical one had said that there was no way that kids can run an entire realm. She of course seemed to be the only one that thought so. For everyone else thought that they could do it and well they had. But to even think about all that they had gone through to get this far gave hr a headache and so she decided against thinking about it.

"What do you want, child?" she asked Dari. Dari squealed and let go of Selari's leg. Then she backed away and started dancing around the room.

"I don't want you, it's Eri that does." She said, still dancing around and around.

"So what does Eri want?" she asked trying to keep her eyes focused on the forever moving child.

She shrugged, "Don't know he just sent me to go get you." Selari sighed it was just like Eri not to tell why he needed her just demanded that she come. It was most likely about letting more people onto Shieon. There weren't a lot of others on Shieon now, but Eri was working on making it more populated.

"Come on Dari lets go see what Eri wants, then maybe we could see if Reya as made anything to eat yet."

"Alright," she then walked besides Selari as they left to go find Eri.

Selari was fine with how things had turned out. Well except for maybe one thing. The fact that Divear wasn't there. If he had been here with her then it would have been great. But that didn't seem like that would ever happen. For over the last two years she had kept track of all those who had tried to enter Shieon and none had been Divear. He hadn't wanted to find her. He would have known instantly that she was here. Even though she had said that she hadn't want to see him again, it still hurt that he hadn't tried to find her.

"Selari lookie, there's Eri." Dari pointed to the teenage boy that was just a little way ahead of them. Dari as inpatient as any other five-year-old would be, eagerly ran ahead. Selari smiled at Dari's sweet childlike innocence. Selari walked a bit more slowly, trying to get rid of her depressing thoughts before she reached Eri.

He then glanced up at her a bit impatiently and motioned for her to hurry up. She smiled at him and then started taking even smaller steps and walking even slower. She saw Eri frown at her and just the fact that she was annoying him chased away her thoughts, that was at least for now. She would of course come back to the subject later, but later meant that it was not now. Right now she would listen to her friend in all his eternal wisdom.

This was her life; maybe she should embrace it more fully and let go of the one that she had left behind her. After all this one wasn't so bad.

"Finally, it took you long enough to get here." Eri glanced at her has she finally stopped in front of him.

"Hey don't blame me, I'm just getting slower in my old age." She commented sweetly. He snorted at this. She smiled at him.

"So listen to this…" she did listen to him as he talked on about what was currently happening on Shieon. Fifteen and running her own realm what more can a witch ask for.

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