First of all, I want to say that the style of this fic follows the style of Caesia's Lovers. I truly don't mean to plagiarize her work, I just love her fic very much that I thought I could use the same style for SasuNaru pairing. Forgive me if by doing this I offend the real owner of this style and her readers.

Btw, this is the third version of my supposed Christmas fic for all SasuNaru fans The first one turned out not so Christmas-y at all, and grew alarmingly long, too. I'd put it aside for the next fic project and I'm going to write and finish the story. The second one was intended to be a Smutmas fic, but with my limited time I just can't write a decent smut. It's a crack fic, my attempt at humour and smut. I stopped writing right before the smut scene took action. Maybe I'll finish it for Christmas next year .

This one came when I was thinking of Caesia's Lovers. I didn't mean to make this a Christmas fic, as you can see by the lack of Christmas-y situation, but since I finish it before Christmas, well, I'll just post it and make it as a Christmas present for all of you. :)

Yin and Yang

Sasuke's lover was short and tanned. He was compact and still had chubby cheeks yet exuded so much strength.

Sasuke's lover smiled so brightly it rivalled the sun, had the bluest eyes clearer than any summer's azure sky. Glowing like puppy's eyes. Determined. Unbeatable.

Sasuke's lover ran and jumped, bouncing energetically like a rubber ball. Had no proper manners to impress people or girls. He whined and blew raspberries. He wore a hideous colour of orange like a beacon in the sea of people. Sometimes, unconsciously, a lost look and a lonely smile on his boyish face could be found.

Sasuke's lover raved endlessly about everything, loud, demanding. He bragged and laughed boisterously. Always ready to counter whatever taunts flung to him. But once in a blue moon, he would calmly speak words of wisdom too ancient for his young age.

Sasuke's lover loved to cuddle when sleeping. He slept like a log, yet he would always be awake even when Sasuke had a slight nightmare. And the pillow next to Sasuke would always smell like the sun and the freshly cut green grass.

Sasuke's lover stuck to his promise more than anything. He would accompany Sasuke in every mission and later, while grumbling about an arrogant and ungrateful bastard, would patch up his wounds tenderly and kiss them better afterwards.


Naruto's lover was tall and pale. He was slender and looked as fragile as a fine porcelain doll.

Naruto's lover either had grim lines on his mouth or smirked smugly, had black eyes that bleed crimson in anger. His gaze intense, asking and answering a million question without voicing anything.

Naruto's lover walked gracefully, stealthily, like a good shinobi did. But in a peace, left alone with his other half, his tense shoulder would drop and he slouched casually, hands in the pockets, head tilted back offering a smooth column of bare, long neck to be ravished.

Naruto's lover had precious voice that he had let go only in special occasions. Other than that, his vocabulary was as limited as a hissing snake. In the daylight, only insults and mockeries came from that sensuous mouth, but in the night, Naruto never got enough of the passionate cries and moans issued from the same mouth.

Naruto's lover smelled of spices and rain, so exotic that he wanted to hold him forever and never let go. Had nightmares of Clan massacre and long lost Aniki.

Naruto's lover needed a strong anchor, a reason to live so he didn't drown in his hatred and thought of revenge. He protected Naruto with his life while muttering about an idiot that always need to be saved.


Together they formed a perfect eternal circle of yin and yang.