Gate To The Dark

A thousand years had passed since the defeat of Kuja. Eidolons, magic, and monsters are things of the past. Forgotten, as they always were, were the Eidolons. For several hundred years they had slumbered, the Summoner tribe now long extinct. Yet soon they were to be awoken, by a mysterious man, who harnessed modern technology to weave his web, in which the Eidolons would be the flies, and he, the spider.

An airship of massive dimensions soared through the clouds, headed for the Forgotten Continent. Even now, with civilization at the peak of its technological progress, the Forgotten Continent remained forgotten. However, this man was heading towards the Continent at full speed, to set up his laboratory, with the aid of his loyal minions, the Shadow beings. They were once humans, but had lived in darkness for too long, until their hearts and souls were consumed by the darkness. Now they were his minions, living of the fresh souls that he fed them.

The airship landed, raising a gigantic dust cloud. He disembarked, and pointed at what was once the Wind Shrine. The Shadow beings crept into the shrine, where the carcass of the once mighty Tiamat lay. Assimilating the carcass as Terra assimilated worlds, they cleared the shrine, to make room for His equipment. They, being simple beings of darkness, couldn't comprehend all of his machines and possessions, among them crystals….. As they set up his machines and arranged his possessions, he walked up to his Crystal Vault, taking out an Opal from within. Turning it around with his long, tapering fingers, a hint of a smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. The Eidolons were going to awake from their slumber, and he would become their Master and Commander.

The laboratory was finally set up. He walked up to a machine resembling an octopus with its tentacles pointed skyward and arching inward, to form a kind of roofless cage. He placed the Opal in the path of a Tractor Beam, which held the Opal two feet off the ground. Pressing several buttons marked with ancient symbols, he activated four lasers, which shot out at the Opal. The Opal glowed with the energy it was absorbing from the lasers, and was releasing arcs of energy. The Shadow beings, which had been watching keenly, stepped backwards in fear. Surely He had gone mad? The Opal would soon be destroyed with the amount of energy it had absorbed.

He spoke up, "Shiva, I summon you! Awake from your slumber!" The Shadow beings cowered against the wall, watching in fascination as the Opal shone with an icy blue light. The Opal then began to expand, taking the shape of a woman, who was seemingly made out of living ice. As they surged forward, eager to assimilate this new soul, He ordered them back, pulling a lever. The awoken Eidolon was sucked into a cage, linked to the Tentacle-Machine by several cables. "I give you, Shiva! Eidolon of Ice! And, my captive!" he shouted triumphantly to the Shadow beings. They pressed forward, their luminous yellow eyes glowing fiercely. He turned to them, "Shiva is the first of many. She and all her siblings shall wreak havoc on Gaia!" The Shadow beings started their gurgling cries, cheering Him on. "Our hour has come! The Eidolons shall be our weapons, and Gaia the victim!" he yelled, causing the Shadow beings to start jumping around in glee.

He turned a rheostat's knob. Two Telsa Coils started to glow and vibrate with charged voltage. In Shiva's force-field reinforced cage, long needles mounted in the 8 vertices of the room shot out into her. She gave out a cry that sounded like wind howling, and fell silent, as the needles sent black electricity through her. After several hours, Shiva was no more. Gone was the Eidolon of Ice, replaced with an Eidolon filled with Darkness. As he inspected her, he noted Shiva, once an Eidolon of considerable power, was now a more powerful, but Darkness corrupted Eidolon. Sealing her back in her cage, he strode over to his Crystal Vault. Extracting an Amethyst, he smiled. Atomos was next.

Mist Continent

"And the runaway Professor of Crytozoology has yet to be found," read the newscaster. "Dr. Villius, once renowned for his belief in the existence of 'Eidolons', disappeared after being fired for the robbing of Mist University. It is rumored that he was attempting to clone Eidolons, but was caught siphoning money from the University's accounts into his own," finished the newscaster. As the people of Gaia went on with their daily lives, they were unaware that the dear Doctor was almost done with Phoenix, after corrupting Shiva, Atomos, Leviathan, and Carbuncle.

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