Fate Of The Unbelievers

Dr. Villius smiled. Every single Eidolon which was known to exist was now under his control, with the exception of Ozma and Alexander. The Shadow beings were also under his instruction, but he had to tread carefully with them. One misstep and they would turn against him. He sighed, thinking. All the years of futile persuasion, hard work, scheming, begging, scraping, and even despair, were about to pay off.

He had started out his studies in Cryptozoology full of spirit and excitement. But after his first lecture, he realized that the professors were doddering old fools. And could amount to no more than that. After that, he had completed his Master's thesis on Eidolons, which included proof of existence, information on Summoning…., basically everything there was to know about Eidolons. He had also included information on his proposed theory that darkness-filled creatures he dubbed 'Shadow-Beings' were in fact real, and could be found in certain places on Gaia...

He had been called to the Regis Professor of Crytozoology's office. Dr. Samuel had told him, straight in the face, "You are a dreamer. Cryptozoology will get you nowhere. Give up."

He still remembered the disappointment he had felt, the anger towards his professors.

Today they would pay. All of them. For he had resurrected the mighty Eidolons, and NOTHING on Gaia would have had the capability to stop him. He mused, 'Unbelievers, ye men of little faith, be damned!'

Mist Continent

People went about their daily lives, not caring or even not knowing about the infamous Cryptozoology professor. Yet he was coming. And with him traveled a swarm of monsters no one could stop. The attack started at six past six, when the citizens of Alexandria noticed the ground shaking. They put in down to tectonic disturbance, but were shocked when a golem-like, sand-colored beast emerged out of the ground, and with it hundreds of black shadows which began grabbing people, seemingly to feed on them.

In a street café, a retired Dr. Samuel looked up from his salsa and tequila when he heard a loud roaring. He nearly wet his pants at what he saw. Fenrir, the mythical Eidolon of Earth, who wasn't supposed to exist, was splitting the city, tearing apart centuries-old buildings and effectively damming the two rivers that flowed through the city with rubble in the process of doing so. That student…. Villius, was it? He had been right! He saw fenrir surrounded by shadows that were seemingly consuming people… Shadows that had glowing yellow eyes...Villius had been right about the Shadow Beings, too!

He ran, his salsa and tequila forgotten, as he tried to get to the emergency airships that were headed to Lindblum. Avoiding falling rubble, gigantic waves of water from the dammed rivers, and oddly enough, stalagmites that speared out of the ground, impaling people by the dozens. His mind racing, he thought; this must be Shiva's work! Finally reaching the airship station, he sped inside, ignoring the stitch in his side, he entered the waiting lines.Finding a seat in an airship, he let out a sigh of relief. Within ten minutes, he would be in Lindblum, and the Regent's armies would be able to provide sufficient protection.

As the airships approached Lindblum, however, he saw that moving around Lindblum in a circle, almost orbiting Lindblum, was Atomos, another supposedly mythical beast, the Eidolon of Gravity. The evacuates watched in horror as the gigantic floating skull-like furnace sucked up entire sections of the Lindblum Grand Castle. They also saw people, vehicles, airships, and even entire houses flying into the 'skull'. Everything that went in didn't seem to come out. On top of Atomos' 'head' was another Eidolon, the diminutive Carbuncle. The evacuated people saw with dread that Carbuncle was creating magical barriers around the entire Castle, trapping all of Lindblum's citizens inside, to be sucked up by Atomos. Dr. Samuel's mind was racing, as he tried to remember the information he had once prided himself on. Eidolons weren't supposed to sty on Gaia longer than their tasks allowed for, so….. why weren't Atomos, and the other Eidolons, not disappearing! He noticed that the Shadow Beings he had seen earlier were also swarming around the city. A Lindblum soldier fired at it using one of those high-tech portable laser guns, probably a prototype. The Shadow Being merely slowed its advance, and then proceeded to tear the soldier apart, turning him into a dark, pulsating mass.

Villius laughed evilly, as he watched the devastation he had worked so hard to make unfold. Suddenly, he felt something tugging at the hem of his robes. Turning around, he saw several Shadow Beings staring at him. A chill ran down his back, "What are you doing!"

They came closer, their luminous yellow eyes glinting with what seemed to be malice. Letting out a cry as they grabbed him and began assimilating him into becoming one of them, his last thought was, 'Ye men of little faith, ye have received the faith ye lack.'

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