Before I say anything about this chapter, I want you to know it is a prologue, all will come together in due time… this is just the beginning of it. Next chapter I'll bring in Kagome and the rest.

Also, this is a huge OOC story. Sess will have more of a sense of humor, but only around a select few, AND he'll be more then just the Western Lord.

'This sort of text is for flashbacks or thinking'
"Anything with quotes is talking aloud."

This includes elves, dwarfs, goblins and demons, and how I view them. My outlook on their characters were greatly affected by a book called Hollow Kingdom. If you enjoy some of this story, I recommend the book to you as well. It's a great story, and from constantly reading it I think my writing has grown to be a lot like Clarke's.


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The trees stretched towards the full moon, casting shadows along the damp foliage. In the shadows hid a man, a small silver flute propped on his shoulder, and his fingers twisting expertly over the keys. A soft melody drifted into the air, the wind sweeping it away, and into the night sky. The man waited a moment, before bringing the flute back up to his pale lips, and replaying the tune. An uncommon smile graced his lips, as a figure came into view. Her hair was a startling blond, almost white, and her skin a pastel color of blue, shimmering in the darkness. Her eyes were a deep cerulean, complimenting her pale skin and her lips were a naturally glossy white.

The man watched her dancing steadily to his hypnotizing harmony, the smile growing wider against the flute. He had caught himself an elf, and what beauty she was. He was confident that he would, for it was after all, a full moon, and the night of dancing for the elves… what elf could resist his magical tune? Steadily, he allowed the melody to die down until she was left to dance to only the noises of the forest and a beam of moonlight.

The girl continued to dance for a moment longer, before suddenly snapping out of her mesmerized state. She blinked, starring around her in confusion and bewilderment. Smirking cheerfully, the man stepped out of the shadows, and stood, not five feet away from her. Her azure eyes widened in horror and realization. He studied her expression for a moment, and caught her lips forming a silent word.

Raising an inquiring eyebrow, he grinned in amusement. "A demon you say?" His deep baritone voice rang out, echoing against the thick tree trunks. He received no reply, and expected none. Smirking broadly, he waved a clawed hand. "No, not a demon," he corrected dryly, "a goblin." At her horror-struck face, he frowned. "Oh but my dear," the goblin assured, "my blood line carries more demon then most you'll find… you honestly didn't expect there to be any pure-bloods left after the slaughters did you?" The girl simply continued to gawk, unable to comprehend what was happening. Her mind screamed at her to run, get away, lest she endure the horrid life she knew lay with this goblin, but her body failed to comply.

At her terrified stare, the goblin realized he had forgotten to remove his hood. Reaching up, he slowly brought it down and studied her expression crudely. A gasp escaped from her pale lips, and her eyes widened in apparent confusion. Her mind reeled with questions and memories. She had always been told never to wander into a goblin's reach. She could still clearly remember her mother's words.

'Young Abigail' her mother had said sternly, 'you are coming of age… the goblins will take you without hesitation if you give them that chance. They prefer the pretty ones and you,' she pointed a pale finger at her daughter 'are a perfect selection. They hunt tirelessly for us Abigail, our race is lessening. Do not let them have you. They are ugly creatures, far uglier then you can imagine, and will not show mercy. They will drag you underground Abigail, and you will be their bride. You will nurse a horrid monster, and live in the darkness… forever. The same goes for those demons… don't let them take you Abigail.'

The elvin girl studied the goblin's features. He was most certainly not ugly. His hair fell around a slender face in long black waves. His skin paler then even the moon, shone with an unearthly glow. His eyes were a deep molten color, and his porcelain like face was handsome and cheerful. Was he speaking the truth? Or could her own mother have lied to her?

The goblin chuckled and nodded in confirmation. "You see my dear? You are lucky to have been found first by such a handsome goblin… and look," he pulled his bangs out of his face, to reveal a blue, half crescent moon on his forehead, with a pale flame erupting around it. Her face broke into a look of sheer astonishment. This was not only the goblin king, as indicated from the flame, but the demon king as well… the two races had merged? She shook her head in disbelieve, her petite feet slowly backing away.

"I will not be a captured bride." She stated with as much courage as she could muster. "You will not have me."

The goblin's eyebrows shot up at this statement, and he sneered cruelly. "Is that so?" He asked, amusement laced in his booming voice. Before the young elf could react, his clawed hand shot out and wrapped around her tiny wrist. Pulling her body to his, he smiled down at his prize and stated matter-of-factly, "What a son you'll bear." And with one last grin, he scooped the struggling girl into his arms, and marched away from the forest, and towards the endlessly rolling hills.