Sunset, a goblin's ideal opportunity to slip safely into the human world.

Sesshomaru studied the sky idly. Rays of the diminishing sunlight seeped through gaps in the thick canopy, creating intricate patterns, sometimes swaying in the warm breeze.

He continued to regard the sky for some time, occasionally shifting from his perch on a coarse tree branch, before sighing and glancing down at the forest floor.

He knew he should have been looking for a mate. He knew he should have given up long ago on the elves. He knew he should have settled for a human. But above all, he knew he was running out of time.

And despite all this, he would not settle for anything beneath an elf. The combination of demon, and goblin blood in him demanded power, diversity, for God's sake; he needed a woman who could bear him an heir. A human just didn't have that, no matter how special.

The distressed king sighed, and propped an arm lazily on his bent leg, eyes focused on a strip of light gracing the forest floor.

A flurry of energy, laced in a peculiar ferocity, erupted abruptly and his head jerked up to stare in the direction he had detected it. Curiosity sparked, the demon lord leaped from his roost, landing gracefully on a clump of ferns, before darting through the thick foliage.

He picked his way through the clutter of flora, expertly dodging past potentially dangerous tree trunks and thorns, before slowing to a stop near the bank of a lake. A considerably large gathering of humans had accumulated on a nearby dock, and Sesshomaru watched, with mild disgust, as they thrust an elderly woman into the lapping waves. The crowd taunted cruelly, some even going so far as to spit into the rippling waves, before turning away from the spectacle and stalking off.

He had always believed humans were petty creatures, and the scene he had witnessed left little doubt as to the validity of his conclusion.

Turning back to the forest, Sesshomaru stepped into the undergrowth before freezing completely. A ripple of sheer power and murderous intent enveloped his aura, much like the flurry of energy he first detected, and he shivered unintentionally.

Heading whipping around to, again, peer through the dispersing crowd, he paused to scan the dock. A lone figure remained, lying in a heap at the edge of the dock, and from what he could see, shivering in a fit of convulsions.

Sesshomaru glided stealthily from his spot under a massive oak towards the swaying pier. Scanning the surrounding area one last time, he pulled the hood of his black cloak over his head, letting it hang limply over his features, before stepping warily out the edge of the surrounding forest.

Treading noiselessly onto the dock, Sesshomaru studied the trembling form. It was obvious to distinguish the figure as a girl, her lithe form wrapped in a simple off-white dress, sleeveless and flowing to just past her knees. The girl's exposed skin was fair and smooth.

'Almost translucent.' He mused; eyeing the sun's dying rays reflecting off her ivory skin. He wondered, idly, how it would look in the moon's white luminosity.

The girl shifted, and his gaze shot up to her head, face hidden under a mass of waist-long, ebony locks, which shone with a peculiar, indigo tint.

The mysterious energy still radiated from her petite figure, in small waves, but he cast the thought aside for the moment. Sesshomaru was curious, as to what the face of such an extraordinary creature could look like.

He frowned, suddenly, realizing he could not reveal himself, lest he scare the girl, and though he would not have normally cared, his curiosity and the girl's palpable distress prompted him to watch from a distance.

Complying with his silent notion, Sesshomaru prepared to escape noiselessly from the dock and wait for the girl to peel herself from the wooden planks from the veil of flora.

His plan, however, proved ineffective when said girl suddenly lunged forward into a kneeling position to whip around and stare directly at him.

Sesshomaru blinked, utterly perplexed as to how she had sensed him, and astounded at finally having the opportunity to observe her face

Her features, angular and defined, were structured in a unique manner he had never had the pleasure of witnessing. Wide, indigo eyes, rimmed with a contrasting black made her gaze appear piercing and sharp. They regarded him warily.

Sesshomaru shifted hesitantly, not quite sure if he should pull down his own hood or take off into the surrounding forest. He weighed his options cautiously, before settling on the latter.

Turning gracefully, Sesshomaru strode swiftly down the wooden panels of the pier.


He stopped the soft voice just barely above a whisper freezing him in place.

Without turning, he answered guardedly, "….yes?"

"What… are you?" came her musical reply.

Sesshomaru eyes, hidden beneath the dark folds of his hood, widened and he jerked his head over his shoulder to stare at the girl.

She stared back, brilliant sapphire orbs intelligent and though he could clearly see hesitation in her expressive gaze, this girl could, somehow, sense his abnormality. She sensed that he was not human.

They continued to regard one another curiously, before a gust of wind whipped past their rigid forms.

Sesshomaru's sensitive ears picked up the faint conversation of two approaching men, carried by the wind and he frowned.

He inclined his head in the girl's direction and stated, without quite thinking it over, "You'll find out in due time."

She frowned at his cryptic response, and Sesshomaru himself wondered why he had let the words slip past his lips.

Casting the thought aside, he turned, and promptly strode into thick confides of the forest.

Kagome's gaze lingered on the spot where the mysterious man's figure was enveloped by the flora's darkness and she let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

The eerie, prickling sensation that had danced up and down her spine continuously in the man's presence melted away and though it had unnerved her, she found she missed it as the waves of anguish claimed her again, sending her stomach in a torrent of convulsions that shook her weary form.

A light lingered in the distance, coming closer, and Kagome focused every ounce of her attention on the insignificant speck, replying on anything that could distract her from haveing to comprehend that her guardian, her grandmother was dead.

Eventually the light made its way to the dock, and cast its glow on the two figures approaching her.

Kagome's stomach twisted into vicious knots at the sight of Hojo and Suikotsu. Both paused briefly, glancing at each other hesitantly, before starting towards her slowly, cautiously, as if she would lung at them at any moment.

And chances were they were right.

Kagome, uttering a string of feral profanities, shot up from her crouched position and leapt at the two men. Her first made contact with Hojo's broad jaw before she was restrained by Suikotsu's strong arms.

"Please Kagome," Suikotsu grunted into her ear, "control yourself."

Kagome complied, satisfied with the tender bruise forming on Hojo's features.

Suikotsu released her cautiously.

Kagome glanced at the two, her withering glare planted on Hojo's apologetic gaze. He shifted uncomfortably under her gaze before opening his mouth to speak.

"Kagome, please, you have to underst-"

"Save it." Kagome hissed, before turning on her heel and blindly making her way through the darkness, back to the secluded cottage Kaede and she had once shared.

From a distance, a pair of molten eyes regarded the scene curiously, before darting in the direction the mystifying girl had taken, following her hasty path with unveiled interest.

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