Screwing Destiny

Part II: Of Screwing and Surprises

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It was a day from her birthday, two days before she had to report back to her superior, and three days before she had to go back to work that Tenten woke with a blinding hangover.

"Oh, son of a bitch..." she mouthed into her pillow. Slowly, she rolled so her face was to the ceiling. In that process, she gently bumped against a definitely warm, definitely naked, definitely masculine body.

With a gasp, Tenten shot upwards. Looking around frantically, she realized the terrible truth–no way was this her hotel room. From the looks of it, she was in someone's bedroom–someone she didn't quite know.

Hearing the steady breathing coming from next to her, she assured herself that whoever she had a wild night was still asleep. Checking him over, she quickly recognized the dark, silky hair, and the tiny white scar on his back.

Fuck. Her eyes wandered the room; she saw her dress and his jacket thrown carelessly onto the chair. Various other clothing littered the floor, including, Tenten noticed with a terrified moan, her lacy black bra. All of these signs clearly pointed to one thing: last night, she had had wild, drink-induced sex with Hyuuga Neji.

Closing her eyes as she tried to remember just what had happened the night before, Tenten barely stifled a groan as the memories came rushing back.

It was Tenten who broke the kiss, eyes curiously searching his face for any sign of emotion. Neji's face was red and his heart racing.

"What are you doing, Tenten?" She was pleased to hear the unsteady edge in his voice. His eyes had moved away from her face and were currently fixated on the ground.

Giving an uncharacteristic giggle, Tenten lazily wound her slim arms around his neck. "Since you wouldn't take advantage of me, I've decided to take advantage of you." She was close enough to see his thumping pulse, jumping out from under his skin.

Unexpectedly, Neji pushed her away. "Stop it, Tenten."


Taking a deep breath, Neji looked at her with expressionless eyes. "We can't do this. I'm taking you home. Where are you staying?"

With another laugh, Tenten made the motion of zipping her lips, locking them, and throwing away the key.

"Goddamn it, Tenten! This isn't a joke! You're going to hurt yourself."

The alcohol raging in her blood, Tenten found herself again doing the worst thing possible. "I'm not telling you... But I'll go home with you, Neji-sama." Her eyes were demurely cast so she looked at him through thick lashes, but her voice was coy and teasing.

"Fine. Anywhere but here."

Tenten cocked her head, confused. She hadn't expected him to give up so quickly, but who was she to complain? With a warm smile, she uncoiled her arms from his neck and linked arms with him. "Let's go."

Somehow, they arrived at Neji's apartment with Tenten only 'accidently' putting her hands places they shouldn't be in a few times, and even then mainly under his jacket, caressing his chest.

Neji visibly relaxed as they entered his small, but very clean and organized apartment. "You take the bedroom."

"Where are you going to sleep, then?"

"The couch. I'll be fine."

"B-but... Neji..."

Looking at her with an almost soft expression, he lead her to the door of his bedroom. "I'll be fine, Tenten. Go to sleep."

Suddenly nervous, Tenten nodded and turned the knob. "Neji... I'm sorry."

He gave her a hint of his trademark smirk. "At least you're not as hard to handle as Lee when he has something to drink."

Tenten smiled, her lust temporarily forgotten. "Goodnight..."


She went into the room and quietly closed the door behind her. Plopping herself down onto the bed, Tenten heaved a great sigh. What was she thinking when she kissed Neji? The alcohol had cleared a little, but she was still quite dazed.

With a grimace, she wondered what in the world she would say the next day, when she could no longer pin the blame on the gin and tonics. She would have to... Ugh...

Deciding that the only way she could get out of the situation with any sliver of her dignity left was to leave after he fell asleep. Tenten waited, carefully listening for any sounds, until she could leave the apartment, and hopefully, Neji's life, forever.

An hour or two later, when she heard no noises coming from the living room, Tenten sneaked out of the bedroom and made way for the door. Tiptoing past the couch, she was almost to the door when she noticed the light coming from the kitchen.

Curiosity got the better of her, and as she peeked from behind the corner, was met by the most shocking and unexpected site.

There was Neji, his tie loosened and his shoes kicked off, sitting at his kitchen table with a bottle of sake in front of him and a small cup in his hand. From the look of his unsteady hands as he tried to pour himself another shot and the bleary redness she wasn't used to seeing around his eyes, he was just as drunk as her.

She bit her lip. She had two choices–to sneak out and run for her life, or to stay and help him like he helped her. Neji didn't seem like a drinker, and usually when he had a problem he usually just trained. This time, however...

Hating herself for knowing that she was most likely the cause of his problem, Tenten tried to redeem herself by answering to the second choice. She stepped into the dim light of the kitchen, and walked to his bent form.

Snatching his cup out of his hand much like the same way he had snatched hers, Tenten snarled at him. "What are you doing?"

Neji blinked. "Tenten?"

"Glad you can still recognize me," she growled. "What do you think you're doing, getting drunk like this?"

"I was taking a leaf out of your book," Neji muttered.


"Nothing. Why aren't you asleep?" It was just like Neji to ask her how she was when he himself was just as drunk as her.

"I-I was planning to leave." Suddenly stuttering under his intense gaze, Tenten turned away, releasing his arm. "You can have your bed back."

If she had been looking at him, Tenten would have seen the forlorn look in his eyes. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why are you leaving? Why did you leave?"

Tenten furrowed her brow. "What?"

"Why did you leave Kohona? Why did you leave... us?"

Frowning, she turned back to him. "Because. It was my mission."

"You could have refused." He mirrored her frown. "We could have been in an Anbu team. Tsunade would have let us."

"No, I couldn't have. We... It was different. I needed time to myself. I needed time to be alone. You and Lee are both geniuses in your separate fields, and I'm just throw weapons around. I wanted to train a little while."

"Bullshit. You could have trained with us, like we always have. What's the real reason, Tenten?"

"T-that is the real reason..." The lie was obvious even to herself.

Wobbling slightly, Neji grasped Tenten's shoulders, bringing them as close as when she kissed him. "Tell me the truth." He forced her chin up–she could not run away from him.

With what could have been a shadow of a sob, Tenten shook her head, eyes closed tightly as she tried to keep the tears from coming up. Alcohol always did make her a lot more emotional than usual. "Don't do this, Neji. Please don't do this."

Her eyes flew open as she felt a feather-light kiss on her lips. "N-Neji?"

He pressed his forehead against hers. "Don't leave."

Somehow, instead of picking up her feet and tearing the hell out of there, Tenten had ended up tearing the hell out of Neji's shirt as they tangled themselves together.

She found herself memorizing the scars and muscles she had long imprinted into her memory, only now with touch. The frustrations they both seemed to barely contained roared to the surface, and they ended up taking it out on each other.

It was passionate, it was furious. It was a dream fulfilled and a problem made bigger by a single night spent in Hyuuga Neji's bedroom, because, after all of that, Tenten knew that Neji still didn't love her.

Now she was in even more trouble. She knew she couldn't stay here, not in Kohona at least, now that she had slept with Neji. It would be awkward when he woke up, and it would make things even worse between them. Her only choice was to leave while he was still asleep, and run back to Lightning Country before the rumors started leaking out that Tenten had left the Rokudaime's wedding with Hyuuga Neji–drunk and all over him!

Tenten slowly slid out of bed, taking care to be as silent as possible. Stepping out onto the carpet, she looked around hurriedly for some clothes. After all, she couldn't exactly walk out into the street with messy hair and a dress she had worn the night before. Doing that would be like yelling out to the world, 'I just had wild sex with Hyuuga Neji after getting drunk at a wedding because I was feeling alone', even if it was true.

Luckily, there was a pair of casual pants slung neatly over the chair and Neji's white shirt from the day before. Sliding into the clothes and quickly finger-combing her tangled hair, Tenten picked up her clothes, stepped out of the room, taking one last glance at Neji's sleeping form, and walked out of the apartment.

The bright sunlight burned her eyes as Tenten stepped out onto the quiet street. Fortunately, the street was relatively empty, save for a few people walking down the sidewalk. Biting her lip and for all the world looking like a guilty criminal, Tenten cast two quick looks out onto the street for anyone she knew, and sped down the street, not stopping until she reached her hotel room.

Unlocking her door, Tenten hurriedly skipped into the bathroom to take a shower and change into clothes that actually fit. The warm, soothing water cleared her already passing hangover away and she got out of the bathtub feeling clean and satisfied. As she walked out of the bathroom with her hair let down to dry, she saw Neji's clothes strewn carelessly on the ground.

With a frown, she knew that she really should return them, but then worried again that she would accidently meet him outside his apartment, or even worse, on the streets. However... She did promise Lee that she would visit him... And Neji would never think to visit Lee...

That was her master plan. She would go visit Lee, make small talk and catch up a bit, then ask him to give the clothes to Neji. It was brilliant beyond brilliant–the perfect solution to her problem until she could think clearly.

With a newly lifted spirit and a plan in her head, Tenten skipped out the door, briskly walking towards Rock Lee's house.


She had forgotten how loud Lee could be. With a small since and a large smile towards her childhood friend, Tenten enveloped him in a hug.

"How have you been, Lee? The first Anbu ever to not know anything but taijutsu! How does it feel?"

Lee blushed and she could see the dramatic, sparkling tears in his eyes. "I could not have done it without you, Tenten-chan! Your help has helped me become strong! And though it has not won me the heart of Sakura-san, I am still Anbu!"

Tenten laughed. "Yes, and now you're tormenting every other girl in Kohona. Who is your latest victim of love?"

"There's so many beautiful flowers in Kohona, and though none of them can compare to the beautiful Sakura-san, I am still trying to find the one!" He beamed and turned on her. "What about you, Tenten-chan?"

Tenten choked slightly on air. "Um... Well, no one, really."

Lee flashed a 'Good-Guy' pose. "Well, I suppose we can't all be like Neji, getting the perfect one and not having to look for her."

Time stopped, and Tenten found that she couldn't breathe. Neji... Perfect one... What! "W-what did you say?"

"Oh, didn't Neji tell you? He's engaged! To the daughter of the Wind Daimiyo, too, that lucky guy!"

Tenten didn't know if she wanted to laugh or to cry. Neji was engaged. And she slept with him! And he was willing, even if it was the alcohol that lead him into that situation.

"Tenten-chan? Tenten-chan? You okay?" Lee's worried voice floated in from a corner of her subconscious. He grasped her hand, looking into her face. "You look kind of sick. You haven't overtaxed your youthful self, have you!"

She nodded slowly, her eyes glazed. "I'm.. Fine. I just... It's unexpected." She looked up to him and smiled. "Who would have thunk? Hyuuga Neji, the least romantic guy in all of Kohona, with a princess as his fiancee." The comment brought Lee to chuckle, the worry disappearing from his face.

Standing up slowly, Tenten kept that smile on her face, forcing herself to look happy. "I'm just surprised, that's all. Really." She looked to Lee and gestured towards the door. "Sorry I can't stay longer, but I've got to go."

"Where are you going?"

"Well, I did promise some other people I'd visit them, and I wanted visit the cemetery before I leave tomorrow."

"Tomorrow!" Lee pouted. "But tomorrow's your birthday! Don't think I forgot, Tenten-chan!"

Her birthday. She had forgotten about that.

Tenten smiled, turning because she didn't think she could keep the tears from her eyes there any longer. "It's fine, Lee. I'll be sure to visit more often. It was nice to see you again!"

Without further ado, Tenten barreled herself out of Lee's apartment and into the street. Standing on the doorstep, regaining her composure, Tenten couldn't help but want to burst into tears, or at least hurt something.

A particular quote sprang to mind, one so true she could scream.

'When you screw with destiny, she sends fate to fuck with you.'

She, Tenten, had screwed Neji, Mr. Destiny-is-Everything, and now she learns that he's already engaged, to the woman he's fated to be with forever.

Great. Really. Perfect birthday gift, wasn't it?