AN: I do not own Naruto, Inuyasha, or any of the techniques that will be described in this one-shot. But I do own some names of the techniques, and the names only. And excuse me if any of the characters act OOC.

I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You

Requested by Tenshi-Battosai

(Pairing: Kagome/Sasuke)

Summary: So far, Naraku is already dead with the help of Sesshoumaru. Kagome adopted Shippó as her son and became a Fox demon. And after saying their goodbyes, just in case, Kagome had fused all the shards of the jewel (she had already collected Kouga's and Kohaku's) only to have her, along with Sesshoumaru, Rin, Shippo and Kirara (Sango gave her to Kagome for protection) transported to Naruto's world. After finding Souta not too far from their current location, they soon meet up with Kakashi and Team 7 and are taken to Konoha for questioning. After winning the Hokages' trust (the third Hokage and Tsunade work along side each other), Kagome and her friends are given permission to train as Shinobi and live in The Village Hidden in The Leaves. Uh… just read the one-shot and you'll get the plot (hopefully). Enjoy Part I – How it Began

Bliss… pure bliss. That was the phrase Sasuke could use to describe what he was feeling as he lay comfortably on his side, gazing lovingly at the woman sleeping beside him. Listening to her steady breathing while he traced imaginary designs on her naked stomach. (Hint, hint)

Sasuke's P.O,V.

Kagome… It had been three years since I had first met her. At first glance, she seem like an ordinary raven-haired, blue-eyed girl who traveled with a silver-haired lord (Sesshoumaru), an eleven-year-old boy who kind of looked like her (Souta), a ten-year-old cinnamon-eyed girl (Rin), an auburn-haired boy (Shippó), and a two-tailed cat (Kirara). But as the days passed, I couldn't help but feel… connected to her, somehow.

Her love, kindness, as well as her purity were what drew me to her. But, during one of the missions my team and I were assigned, the display of her chakra, her strength, and strategic skills were what peaked my interest in her; made me addicted to her. Hell, she was even more cunning and clever than Naruto and Shippó combined when pulling pranks and traps on enemy ninja. She even managed to outsmart Kakashi and the Hokage!

(AN: I know Tsunade becomes the fifth Hokage later in the series after Orochimaru appears, but since I don't know very much about her she's not going to make an appearance in this One-shot)

Her speed, swordsmanship, tai-jutsu, and gen-jutsu were impressive to say the least. When hearing that the silver-haired lord, Sesshoumaru who we were also told was a demon had trained her, we were pretty much speechless. Her skills had put even our best ANBU ninja to shame, despite that Kagome wasn't a ninja.

Two months after her and her friends (who were also her family) arrival in Konoha, we had all gained each other's trust and formed an alliance giving Kagome, Sesshoumaru, Rin, Souta, Shippó, and Kirara their own place to stay at, close to the Uchiha Manor. And also told the Hokage, along with my team and I about where they came from, who they truly were, and what they were. Finding out that she was a human turned fox demon and that she and her son were nothing like the nine-tailed fox from all those years ago.

(AN: Meaning everything from first being pulled down the well to where they are now. Sesshoumaru, Rin, Ah-Un, Kagome's mother and grandfather died in an accident, four months after Kagome's sixteenth birthday leaving Souta under Kagome's care and leaving for the Sengoku Jidai after selling the shrine.)

When the Hokage heard Kagome's last name, he said that that was the name of one of the first and oldest clans, next to the Hyuuga clan, to have lived in Konoha. A Noble Clan that had also died out a year after I was born, the same time the Nine-Tailed Fox had attacked.

It was rumored that the Clan Head's youngest sister and her husband was said to have survived. When they were about to label them as missing-nins,they found out from the Hospital's medic-nins that she was pregnant, so the Hokage didn't bother to send out any of the ANBU to search for her and her husband. I mean, they had found proof from a scroll that it was for the survival of the clan's future so what was the point. The Hokage and the elders decided they should just label the clan extinct until the members and/or their child returned to home.

It was concluded that Kagome was the Heiress to the Higurashi Clan. Kagome did tell us that she had lived with her true family until her younger brother turned four. And that she was trained a little with just the basics along with Souta.

(AN: Let's just say that, during their escape, one of the elders of the clan had performed a jutsu that had the ability to let the user travel through dimensions. Kagome was born a month after Yondaime had died sealing Kyuubi in Naruto. The reason why Kagome's parents had never returned was because they were never taught the Dimension Jutsu and were forced to stay in the dimension that Kagome and Souta were raised in. Eventually, Kagome's father died protecting her when she was eight. Her mother had died during childbirth two months later. And Kun-loon and her father soon adopted both Kagome and Souta a year later. Oh, and the Higurashi clan were distant cousins of Yondaime.)

The Hokage said that the Higurashi clan had always been true to the Village Hidden in The Leaves, since the creation of Konoha. And were also known as Konoha's Sacred Shinobi for their ability to purify anything with their chakra and fusing that chakra into their weapons without any trouble. Such a feat was said to be difficult, even for a Jounin like Kakashi.

Other than that, it was said that they had, not one or two but THREE Bloodline Traits. All very effect and strong, known to be legendary.

The first was a doujutsu (Eye technique), much like my Sharingan but very different. This doujutsu was called the Ryuugan or Eye of The Dragon. Also known as the Crystalline God of ancient China. Those eyes can see through anything, just like the Sharingan. At times, it can even project images of the distant past or future. Plus, it's said that not just humans, but non-living things also have the power to understand its will. To put it in Sakura's terms, Ryuugan can see through the opponents every move. Wood, fire, metal, earth, water… in other words, by turning these basic elements into data, Kagome can predict the future and view images from the past. Yet to put it into words that Naruto can understand straight up, Kagome will know your moves before you even make them.

(AN: I got the Ryuugan from Tenjo Tenge, a really good anime series. If anybody wants to see the Ryuugan in action, just tell me in your request and I'll send you the wed site to download the episodes and which episodes it's shown in.)

To describe what the Ryuugan looks like, the user's eye color stays the same but the pupil of the eye becomes slit, like a dragon's. The pupil of the eye also sometimes glows red when activated. The Ryuugan can be a blessing technique but can also be a curse. Those within the Higurashi Clan who've possessed the Ryuugan, as the Hokage said, usually lose their sanity in battle to the point where they become completely mad with the intent to kill. So far, the only one who's able to control the Ryuugan without going mad is Kagome.

And just for a penny on my thoughts about Kagome using the Ryuugan… I always thought she looked kind of sexy with it. … SHUD UP! If you were in love with her as much as I am, you would think that she's sexy too. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah…

The second Higurashi Bloodline Trait is quite effective for spying and gathering information without being detected. I think that Kagome called it the Akanbo Jutsu, or the Akachan Jutsu as Naruto and Shippó call it ("Akanbo" means "baby" or "infant." "Akachan" is an affectionate way of saying that"). This jutsu is able to fold and compress the tissues of their body, reducing their physical age to give them the appearance of their childhood self. Kagome told me that it was also a good way to preserve one's chakra supply. To put it in less confusing terms, it controls your body's physical age at will.

(AN: this is also from Tenjo Tenge, but I own the name. This is shown in episode 1, but is really called "Natsume Style Kouki Renpou 23." Hehe, The results of it are just as funny as when Naruto uses his Sexy Jutsu or Harem Jutsu.)

The third bloodline trait is of a tattoo that appears on her right arm. Since the Higurashi clan mostly worships The Phoenix as one of its most sacred creatures, next to The Dragon, the tattoo is of the legendary bird of love and rebirth. The tattoo kind of works a summoning jutsu, just without a contract involved. If fully mastered, one can absorb the phoenix to gain more power.

(AN: Like Hiei's Dragon of The Darkness Flame technique from Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm not really a genius when it comes to making my own techniques. Sad, I know.)

Well, enough of the history lesson on Kagome's family. Anyways, a month or two after Kagome and her Family/companions came clean, I soon asked her if could be my girlfriend. Not before I had to confront her Aniue - Sesshoumaru (AN: a respectful yet affectionate way of saying "Big Brother), Souta, and her son, Shippó. As "Lord" Sesshoumaru had put it, it's demon tradition to prove to the male family members of the female you intend to court that you are worthy of supporting her and strong enough to protect her. Though all I had to do was answer a few questions truthfully and do a little spar with Sesshoumaru, I had gained their approvals and was now Kagome's boyfriend. Not that it was bad; it's just the fan clubs on both our parts that were a big problem.

Was it good? Bad? Please tell me. It's late and now I'm in need of a well-earned rest. Part I – How it Began up, And Part II – The Celebration is in progress.

Merry Christmas, Tenshi-Battosai! This first part of the one was your Christmas present to you for being so patient.