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Everything was quite peaceful at the Uchiha Manor… well if you could count the sounds of fighting and metal clinking and clanking, sounds of cursing from a blonde blue-eyed Jounin accusing the daughter of his friend for cheating, than yeah, it was pretty peaceful.

Out in the back of the Manor, a little celebration was taking place. It just so happened to be Kagome and Sasuke's seventh anniversary and their daughter's seventh birthday. Yes, you heard right. Kagome and Sasuke had a child on the day of their anniversary. Kisa Uchiha, they had named her. From her features, if you only had a glance of her, she would almost seem look like Sasuke when he was younger with the way her hair was styled the same way Sasuke's is still styled. As for some other physical traits, Kisa was Sasuke's spitting image with black fox ears and a small slightly puffy tail. But what had set her apart from her father was that she had her mother's eyes and personality.

Sasuke had been so scared yet excited that the daughter he had dreamed of having was finally born. Although the tail and ears were a bit of a bonus, he didn't mind that she was a hanyou. He could playfully tease and embarrass about her appendages. Just like he had also teased his wife countless times before they got married, he thought. When showing Kisa off after Sasuke and Kagome had left the hospital, Sasuke was practically glowing with fatherly pride when introducing his child to his friends and old classmates.

As this was happening, everyone had thought the Uchiha to have gone and turned himself into a freak just by holding the little newborn bundle. Even Itachi began to worry about his younger brother when the said younger brother was reluctant to let anyone hold her.

Anyways, right now, seven years later Sasuke was sitting while enjoying the sight of his now seven-year-old daughter playing around with her Jounin sensei, Naruto who was also her Godfather. Sitting along side of him, Sesshoumaru, Souta, Kakashi and many of his other male friends were enjoying the sight the blonde Jounin getting outsmarted by his own goddaughter. It was such a funny sight that even Sesshoumaru and Itachi, who had just made an appearance, couldn't hold their laughter in.

Like Kakashi when he was young, Kisa had graduated from the Shinobi Academy at an early age and was the top Genin rookie in her class like her father was. On her missions, she still got the job done even though she didn't really get along with her team because they were older than her by five years. They also believed her to be spoiled and such because she was their Jounin sensei's goddaughter. Not that Kisa minded she had many friends who were adults and the elderly folk. She was also a bit taller and more slender for her age, making many believe that she was probably nine or ten years old.

Again, back to the present. Kagome and the other girls were in the kitchen getting the food for the Anniversary/Birthday party ready. Hinata (who was married to Naruto and glowing with pregnancy) and Sakura (now was married to Lee for a year) were working on the anniversary cake while Kagome and Ino (who is now Neji's fiancé) were working on Kisa's birthday cake. The anniversary cake strawberry flavored with white and red icing and Sharingan and Ryuugan eyes on it and the birthday cake was a chocolate-vanilla swirled cake with white and baby blue icing and designed with light pink roses. And for last, Tenten and Chouji were cooking the barbeque.

After all the food was done, the festivities began. They first celebrated Kisa's birthday with praise, as well as presents from everyone. Then they had celebrated Kagome and Sasuke's anniversary with music and dancing. The gifts for the young married couple were to be given before the end of the party. And all throughout the celebration, Sasuke couldn't stop smiling at the sight of his family having fun with their friends.

Soon, the young Uchiha began to get lost in thought as he watch Kagome scold his older brother for trying to teach his little Kisa how to use a certain forbidden jutsu. He chuckled with a smirk. It wasn't everyday that you were able to see your older brother looking helpless and getting an earful at the mercy of your wife's wrath.

It's strange how his life started out as ordinary to miserable from the Uchiha Clan Massacre to just perfect once Kagome came into his life. Now he was happy, contented with a beautiful loving Kitsune wife and an adorable hanyou daughter. To say that he was internally warmed with pride and delight couldn't do justice to how he felt now.

As time passed, the party came to a close all too soon. And the anniversary gifts were passed around. When it came to Sasuke to give Kagome his anniversary gift, he began to hesitate. Even after being together for as long as they could remember, the young Uchiha still got nervous and embarrassed when it came to giving Kagome presents, especially in front of all their friends.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder as he clutched the small velvet box that he had in his hand behind his back, Sasuke heard Itachi speak, "Well, little brother? Aren't you going to give Kagome her anniversary gift?"

Sasuke had asked Itachi what would make a good Seventh Year Anniversary gift three months ago after getting his little Kisa some new scrolls on Genjutu and Ninjutsu techniques. So technically, the Uchiha's older brother had helped him look for the perfect gift. After looking through so many stores (the lingerie store included, much to their unease and embarrassment), the Uchiha brothers decided to look around their old home within the Uchiha district.

Itachi, after hours of looking through his mother's belongings and treasures, he came across a gift that she had received from him and Sasuke's father on their seventh year anniversary; an heirloom that had been given by each Uchiha husband to his wife, throughout the generations. The older Uchiha insisted that Sasuke give it to Kagome for their anniversary.

After glancing at his older brother, Sasuke nodded. A gleam of renewed confidence shining in his obsidian eyes as he looked to Kagome giving her the velvet box he had in his hand, saying, "Happy Anniversary, Koishi." He smiled at the curious look Kagome had adopted as she accepted the small gift. Upon opening the lid of it, Sasuke smiled widely at the breathless gasp and look of surprised awe that Kagome gave.

It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, despite its simplicity. A blue ribbon choker with a silver medallion with a phoenix, with sapphires for the eyes, that was holding an Uchiha fan in its claws. "Sasuke…" Kagome spoke, breathlessly.

Taking the necklace out from its box, Sasuke spoke, "It was given to my mother by my father on their Seventh anniversary. It was also passed down from his father, as well as his father's father. Now to carry on that tradition, it's my turn to give it to you." Once it was tied around her neck, Kagome hugged him with happy unshed tears.

"Mommy, tell Daddy what you have for him this year." Kisa spoke excitedly. Her eyes glittering brightly with her mother's anxious smile formed on her lips.

Curious, Sasuke looked from Kisa to Kagome in askance. Kagome smiled gently saying, "My gift to you this year is nothing of material like that of a gold ring or brand new kimono… but something much greater. A gift that any married woman would happily give her husband." Taking a hold of her husband's wrist, bring it up to rest his hand on her lower abdomen before continuing, "Happy Anniversary, Sasuke."

Like a ton of bricks… actually like being on the receiving end of Naruto's Rasengan, Sasuke knew what she meant as he looked at the hand that was resting on her stomach. The young ex-avenger couldn't help but asked, "How long?"

His answer came with a soft, gentle smile as Kagome replied, "About three weeks. I just found out last week when visiting Sesshoumaru."

Unable to keep his excitement in and the happiness that swelled within him, Sasuke lifted Kagome into the air. After twirling her around while laughing joyously Sasuke brought Kagome into embrace only to bring her into a passionate kiss. Not embarrassed of showing how happy he was in the least as their friends and family cheered and gave their congratulations.

Sasuke Uchiha thought that his life couldn't be more perfect in his eyes. But after hearing he was going to have another child on the way with the demoness he loved more that anything, he couldn't help but know how wrong he was. Not that it was a bad thing.

A new baby that was slowly yet steadily within Kagome's womb… Sasuke couldn't ask for anything more from his loving mate and wife.

'Yes… this truly is the best gift I could ever hope for.'

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