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Of Angels and Demons
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Ever since I was a child, the nuns at my school have told me about devils and angels. I never used to believe them, but now I know that they were right; devils exist in many forms: forms too numerous to count: forms that I have been chosen to vanquish and destroy. Angels too exist, but angels are far rarer than the devils. Serenity, with her pure soul of love and light, is an angel. Hotaru, though she would at first appear a devil, is an angel in the sense that she will, like the angels of stories, sacrifice herself for the good of all. However, no matter how pure they are, there is only one true angel in my mind. That angel is Minako, and she is not just any angel; she is my angel.

I had admired her as Sailor V, even before I knew her: and now I know her, I do not admire her anymore; no, I love her now, I feel more deeply for her than just admiration.

I did not admit this, however, until I was possessed by a devil (1). I denied my feelings for her even after that, but eventually I came round; eventually I admitted my feelings to myself. It was a devil that showed me my true feelings for my angel; life is indeed ironic is it not?

Angels beget devils and devils beget angels. Life is in itself a paradox, but nothing of that matters to me now. No, life may be unbearable at times, but I know that I can never give up. No, I must keep fighting, just like the warriors of ancient stories. I must keep fighting the devils, keeping them at bay. I must fight off the devils in order to keep the world safe inside its rose-tinted bubble. But most of all, I must keep fighting so the angels remain alive; I must keep fighting for my angel… my Minako.

(1) This refers to the SuperS manga volume 2, Exam Battle chapters, Episode 3.