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Queen of Diamonds
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

The Moon circles the Earth for eternity, seeming to be a shining orb that makes even the brightest of diamonds seemingly dull. The Moon's beauty makes all other words cower in shame, not wishing to show their marred faces in her presence.

The Moon is not vain, however. In no way is she vain, her beauty is on the inside as well as the outside. Yes she is beautiful, but she is so cold towards all but the Earth, refusing to show herself to them. She will not turn to anyone but the Earth; she wastes her beauty solely on him when indeed there are others who would treasure her so much more.

She will never turn towards Nemesis, the outermost planet, for the Earth has told her that he is evil, his land and air polluted by darkness. That is not true, for he would love her in such a way that the Earth never would. Alas that she refuses to see it; her love for the Earth has blinded her, much like Nemesis' love for the Moon has blinded him.

Indeed Nemesis' too is blind in his love for her. He sees her beauty and knows that she is indeed more beautiful than any other; the Moon, with her shining light would, if she were a jewl, be nothing less than the queen of diamonds.

But she shall never turn from her loveless Earth, and so she shall fade away, her beauty no less but her heart withered for her love is unrequited. Nemesis too will fade soon, for no matter what, his love for the Moon, the queen of diamonds, will remain unrequited.