Disclaimer: I do not own Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'.

(A.N: This was a piece of coursework I did for English class. Please tell me if I made any mistakes with the middle-English I used.)

By Silver Sailor Ganymede

One: Romeo

The fates have indeed blessed me upon this night. why, had anyone told me of what would occur, even upon this very morn, I would have thought him a princox who knew not of what he said. However, it has occurred, this thing which I would not think to have come even from the mind of one such as Mercutio.

On this morn I felt as though mine heart had, in truth, ceased to beat; for it was as though blind cupid hath struck me, but she, my intended love, had the wit of Diane and thus avoided it. Yes, my love had Diane's wit, Diane's beauty, Diane's coldness and the aloofness and inconstancy of the Moon. Indeed it seemed that it was not so much my unrequited love as the Moon itself that caused my household to worry for me. They were concerned for my health as I paced in the fathomless darkness as though I was damned, with only the mocking Moon and cursed stars to light my way and taunt me in my sorrowful state. Indeed it seemed to me that night and day were not merely akin to one another; ne, the two were one, for darkness plagued me in both.

Alas I was afraid that my torment would never end, but the stars must have wished for my unrequited infatuation with Rosaline to end; the fates, the moirai, the four daughters of Jove and Themis, did indeed smile upon me. By sending that servant across my path and thus leading me to the household of mine father's enemy I have found one whom I truly love. Rosaline? That name doth not grace my lips ne my mind; no, she is not Rosaline, for to my love, this swan, doth seem but a crow. My love has beauty that far outshines that of Rosaline. Why, were Rosaline Diane, then my love would be fairer even than Aurora. Even fair Venus would seem a daughter of Nyx were she in her presence. My lover's name is Juliet, a name so fair as to fit a beauty such as she. Yes, Juliet is her name, but alas that she is a Capulet and thus an enemy of mine.

The Fates indeed smile upon me, but it remains to be seen how long we will be able to remain together, for when fate smiles upon you once she shall frown upon you twice more.

The hours grow long; I must abed. Goodnight.