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Song of the Sea
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

There was only one thought in her mind as she wandered away from her quarters; she'd failed. Or at least she'd failed by her own standards and her family's; the mark had been a pass, but only just, and that's what had infuriated her. After all, who had ever heard of a Kaioh not getting perfect marks on a music exam? Well, there was a first for everything, and unfortunately for Aya, she was the one who had to bare the shame of that.

The piano exam itself had been out of one hundred and fifty, but you needed at least a hundred points to pass. Everyone had told her she'd get a high score, but what had she got? One hundred and five points, and average mark, if not below. She didn't know where she'd gone wrong; she'd known all the pieces and done fine aural tests, and yet she'd got that poor a mark. It was a pass, yes, but not a good one; just barely a pass, nothing remarkable, unless you counted the fact that she came from a family whose scores had been the highest in the country for generations and yet she had still nearly failed.

Aya shook her head as she entered the music hall of the palace, truly looking at it for what must have been the first time. She sat at the piano that stood in one corner of the room, covered in dust and cobwebs from lack of use. Sighing, she lifted the lid and began to run her hands up and down the keys.

She played the same as she had ever done, the tune dancing around the hall in the same why it always did, and yet, for some reason, it sounded wrong and different. For her entire life she had been raised to believe that the music was a part of her, something which she naturally had a gift for, but they were wrong, all of them, and now she knew her family probably thought less of her, no matter what they said. After all, Grace had had a prefect score when she had done the exact same exam; but then again, Grace was perfect, wasn't she? Hell, she didn't even seem human at times, but then again, Aya reminded herself, Grace wasn't exactly human, and neither was her mother.

The song came to a close, and Aya sat there in silence and felt… nothing. She could feel nothing at all; and that's when it hit her, when she realised what was wrong. The music that she had been raised to believe was a part of her was no longer there. The music no longer lived in her soul. She stood up, shook her head and turned around to look around the empty hall. No, the music had gone from her, and she could never get it back.

Aya stood up, closed the piano lid with a bang and left the hall in sorrow at her realisation. And as the echo faded, the hall was left in silence; the song of the sea would play there no more…