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Silent Screams
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

In this silence, no one will hear you screaming. No matter how absolute this silence, nothing can penetrate it and nothing will. Of course, you will hear your screaming, but no one else will. There is no one left, and even if there was, what would they care? Others forever turned away from you in life, and even now they refuse to acknowledge your pleas. But then again, there is no one left to answer your pleas now, is there, Messiah? You destroyed them all, made all life fall with one sweep of your glaive.

Yes, one sweep of the glaive and everything ended. There is no one left to share your pain… and yet you know that, even in life, there was no one to share your pain with. No one except for her, the Guardian: but the Guardian was never there for you because her bloodline had condemned her to a fate that was, indeed, as bad as your own. You weep now, Messiah, not for the millions of lives that you destroyed but for the loss of your one true companion, the only one who ever understood you… and yet she too is gone now, isn't she, Messiah? The Gates collapsed, didn't they, Messiah? The true end finally came, for when you swept your glaive to reap the souls of the living as you were condemned to do not only did all life die but the Gates of Chronos, which the Guardian guarded, fell also.

You are alone now, Messiah. Alone in a way that no other has ever been; for now she too, your advisor and your lover, is finally gone. You are alone now, Messiah, alone forevermore. You are alone and insane, screaming, screaming in terror, in bitterness, in sorrow and in madness.

You scream now though no one can hear you, your screams the only sound in a universe that is now in sheer desolation. You scream in sheer, utter sorrow for a love that was lost and that was never acknowledged. You are insane now, Messiah, insane and damned. You scream eternally, but in this silence no one will hear you screaming.