Summary; Van wants Billie to help out in a case by going undercover with him but she remembers the last time he wanted her help in a case.(after season 1, and after asslane)

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She turned, her heels clicking on the floor.But when she heard that annoying tone again, that tone penetrating through her ears eventhough she didn't want it too she stopped.She turned on her high heels, her blue eyes looking at one of the beautiful cars, before looking in the eyes of the man, who the tone belonged to, his voice.

'Please Billie.'Van said.

She sighed inwardly, feeling irritated.

'I said no.'She said in a permanent voice.

Deaq couldn't keep the grin away that crept on his face.He put his arms across his chest and leaned against the wall.Looking at the two; Van who was standing with his arms in the air, his hands falling to his sides now, his grey-green eyes on her, his mouth sligthly opened in irritation and that determined look on his face.And Deaq knew what that look meant, it meant that he wouldn't give up.Not very soon.Or not at all.And his boss, standing there, her arms folded before her chest now too, she stood there, straigth and powerfull in a black trousers and high heels, her white blouse unwrinkled.In contrary to her face, the little wrinkle above her brows started to appear.

'What is the problem!'Van said irritated.

'The problem is..'She began, letting her hands fall to the side.'Do you remember last time I went with you on a job?'She asked him, looking him straigth in the eye.

He tougth quickly, not remembering much so far but then he heard Deaq laugh.

'Ooo, I remember.'Deaq said, smiling widely, laughing out loud now, holding his hand quickly in front of his mouth to hide his smile when he saw the angry and warning glare Billie sent him.Okay, she was his boss, maybe he shouldn't laugh about a thing like this...Luckily enough she looked away from him to Van again.He didn't have to hide his smile any longer.

He shook his head, putting his hands in his jeans trousers.'No I don't, please enligthen me.'

Deaq remembered how,- no-, make that 'where' he had seen Billie positioned in front of Van when he came in with some criminals that day on that perticular job.He smiled again.

She smiled a vicious smile and shook her head.She was sure Van knew what she was talking about.

'You forget that you wanted me to offer myself up to play in a sex film?'

'As a kindergarten teacher.'Deaq chuckled out loud when the memory came up fully again.Both Van and Billie looked at Deaq again.

'O..That, yes I remember that.'Van shrugged.'That was different, new times now.'He was talking to Billie's retrieving back now.He quickly followed her.She walked up the stairs and went to sit behind her desk, turning on her computer like nothing happened before, like there wasn't a discussion going on.Van hated this about her.

'I am sorry, I can be mistaken, but I thougth we are here to help other people, and that means...Hmm...Let me think...' He stopped talking shortly and pretended to think shortly, his finger under his chin.'Yes, that means that you are here too to help people.'

She still didn't look at him.She just pulled some papers from under her mouse and put them on another pile of papers and then focused on her computerscreen.

'Okay, so this is what I so hate!'Van spat out.'You just looking at that stupid screen like I am air or something?'

Billie looked up at him now, her eyebrows arched up a bit, she looked surprised.'Where you saying something?'She said, pretending to not have noticed that he was even standing there before.

'Look..'Van said, stepping close to the desk, leaning on it with two hands.

'No, you look.'Billie said suddenly very stern.Looking up from her papers.'There are enough undercover agents to ask, so if you need someone for tonigth, I suggest you hurry.'She said emphasizing these words by looking on her watch, after what she turned her attention to the screen again.

'You know that will take a lot of time and trouble..'Van said angrily.'While you are here...!Just...Sitting!'Van spat at her.

She looked up, her lip twitching up a bit in anger.'Time is ticking.'She said while trying hard to controlher anger.

He shook his head in anger.What was the problem?'It isn't like you have anything better to do..'Van said.

She looked up again from her desk, her blue eyes piercing angrily at him.'I have work to do Van!Something you should do too, like rigth about now for example!'She snapped standing up now, her hands in her sides.

Van made an irritated noise and walked down the stairs defeated.

'And?'Deaq asked, although he knew the answer already.

'She still hasn't gotten over that little thing that happened then.'Van mumbled angrily.

'Well man, I wouldn't either.'Deaq said, chuckling again, stopping though when he received an angry glare from Van.

'This isn't helping the case man!'Van spat angrily at Deaq.It was already hard enough that Billie was giving him a hard time with her stubborn behaviour and now his own partner was giving him a hard time too.

'Look, you just have to learn by this that you shouldn't make promises that you can't keep.'Deaq statedsimply.

'Yeah, well that's not a lot of help rigth now!'Van said angrily walking away.He had work to do.


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