A/N: Before I start, here's some info on what this is. On live journal, there is a challenge in a community titled fanchar100. You pick one of three sets of themes and you must write 100 fics on these themes or draw 100 pictures. They must all be centered around one of your fanchars, in any fandom. For this challenge I have chosen Flattop from my story 'Nurture vs. Nature.' Be warned that this challenge will cover points from his entire life and will include spoilers for the story. At the beginning of each 'theme' I will label in the 'other notes' section whether or not it has a spoiler, so please check there first before reading if you don't want to be spoiled. All these stories will be one-shots. That's all I can think of for now. Here is his profile done in the challenge format so those who don't know who he is can follow the stories without being confused. For those who do know who he is, his Description does contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.


Name: Flattop

Age: 2 million years (when the twins are created; I will write him at different ages)

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Dark blue

Height: 46 feet

Weight: 3.1 tons

Gender: Male

Species: Cybertronian/Autobot

Demeanor: When faced with a situation he doesn't like, rather than bend under it, he will blow it aside with some smart comment. Witty and playful he is generally a friendly person. He has a fondness for organics that comes from working with them for so long, especially the Kikri on Rashim III. However, as soon once someone he cares about is threatened, he stops playing and gets down to business. Very efficient at his job (military Intelligence) he can be a hard person to figure out, often elusive and misleading to both friend and foe. Due to being raised by an unpleasant perfectionist, he also holds himself and others to very high standards. He is not easily intimidated, but his respect, that borders on fear, for his creator ensures he never disobeys him.

Description: Flattop is the first creation (son) of the engineer Triggerpinch. Brought up to be a military bot, he was always urged to be perfect at everything he did. As such, he holds a resentment toward Pinch who did not show much affection, if any, toward him. As he got older, this resentment turned into rebellion and eventually a sort of constant competition between the two mechs. Flattop will do nearly anything he can to push his creator's buttons through smart remarks, and Pinch constantly tries to put his rebellious child back in his place. With the creation of his younger sister, he tried to protect her not only from the harsh outside world, but of their harsh creator as well. Flattop is very protective of her, a trait she finds both comforting and stifling. He refuses to acknowledge any real feelings for his twin brothers, as he feels they are too dangerous and unpredictable. He also develops resentment for them as they grow older for various reasons.

Flattop works in Intelligence in the Autobot army, mostly near the planet of Rishim III in a recon outpost. There he learns to appreciate the native species and gains some affection for them, choosing to take on a few of their terms. He often uses these terms to further annoy his creator. Eventually he was transferred to a teaching position at the War Academy due to his creator's meddling. Even though he dislikes the job, he is an effective teacher and gains much respect for it. Being forced to do this increases his resentment and rebellion toward Pinch, however he still remains loyal to his family for his own reasons. His alternate form while on Cybertron is that of a Kikri fighter plane which is a sleek jet capable of high speeds and limited stealth ability. On Earth his alt. mode is a SR-71 Blackbird jet. He is colored red and blue with a sleek robotic design. His internal design is a more simplistic kind than his other siblings, and therefore tends to have more problems. His main weapon is a medium-sized rifle, though he is capable with most melee weapons and good with smaller guns.

Fandom: Transformers (G1)

Relationships (with others in the series): Triggerpinch (fanchar/creator(father)), Triage (fanchar/younger sister), Sideswipe (canon/younger brother), Sunstreaker (canon/younger brother). Other characters (fan and canon) used as needed.