Title: A Sacrifice
Challenge Set: #2
Challenge: Possession (#18)
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,118
Pairings: Flattop/Pursuit
Summary: Giving something up in order to gain something more.
Other Notes: Takes place right after Fever.

He wished the femme would hurry up. More time left to his thoughts left more time for going back on his plan. The trophy was a comforting weight in his arms, one he knew he was going to miss terribly. So that femme needed to hurry before he regretted giving his prize up.

When the small lavender-hued Neutral came back to the storefront, she wore the same perplexed look on her face that she had when he first told her his intentions. "I've asked my boss," she said, explaining where she'd been. "He said we have the equipment to do it… but are you sure?"

Flattop wasn't surprised that she was so unsure. The trophy was incredibly valuable; the crystal used to make it hadn't been seen in such amounts in a long long time. It was, perhaps, the last of its kind. No one would offer it up as willingly as this mech was.

"I have a thousand credits," he assured her, "and I'll give an eighth of the crystal for payment. Is that enough?"

The femme nodded, optics wide. They both knew it was much more than enough. "Y-yes, it's fine."

"Then see to it." He handed her the priceless trophy, fingers lingering on its smooth surface before surrendering it completely. It was first place for a planetary race. It seemed so long ago now… form another age. Back when they could afford to reward a young hot shot flier from Iacon. "I want the crystal to be exactly like I specified in the diagram, understand?"

Another nod.

"I'll be here to pick it up tomorrow before evening watch."

"Tomorrow? But to get it done in time, I'd have to…"

He tossed the creds on the table and turned to go. "Then you'd better get started now. Tomorrow."

If she responded he did not wait to hear it. He had things to do, too many things. The shuttle for Earth left in two days and he had to be on it. If all went well, his mate would follow him in a year following that.

Pursuit… he hadn't been away from her for more than a month since they were bonded. That had felt bad enough, but now he had to somehow last a Cybertronian stellar cycle without her. Well, so long as the femme in the workshop did what she was supposed to do, Pursuit would have something to remind her of him for that time.

He hadn't meant to destroy her crystal bauble. Were he in his right mind, he wouldn't have ever touched it. Yet in his rage following the unexpected meeting with his creator, he had destroyed everything within reach, including his bonding gift for her.

She deserved better, really. Flattop had never really been able to control his temper, and too often left for missions without any warning. The grey and black was patient though and didn't complain much about it. Not even about this new transfer. She just made the best of things and planned around it.

That was why he'd taken his most prized possession and sacrificed it to be melted and reformed into an identical of the shattered gift. Hopefully she would approve of it.

"Where have you been?" Pursuit asked when he walked in the door.

"Nowhere special," he lied. "The guys wanted to go out and do something before the big send-off."

She nodded and went back to work. With his transfer in only a few days, Pursuit wanted all their things packed and ready to go. Not that they had much by way of material possessions, but it all had to go. This apartment would be given to some other bonded couple now that Flattop no longer lived there. Pursuit had intended on finding her own place in the city, but her mate knew better than to allow that. Until she joined him on Earth, she would stay in a single's apartment not far from Acer's and within easy distance of his other three teammates. The Wing would take care of her whether she liked it or not.

"It's nearly finished," Pursuit told him when he handed her a mug of energon. "I can't find that teru crystal trophy of yours though. Where did you put it?

"Oh that," he shrugged, a little surprised at how easily he could fib to her when needed. "I lost that in a Sarek Cube match days ago to Joyride. And you know Joy, he'll have traded it in for a keg of moonshine by now." There, that should keep her from trying to track it down just in case. He'd have to warn his third-in-command about it and train him on the story though.

His flippant attitude to his most prized possession, however, was what tipped her off. "But you loved that trophy," she frowned. "Why would you be so careless and bet on that?"

"W-well it was a high stakes bet…" he explained, voice taking a more teasing tone. "It was either that or your little novels…"

"You wouldn't dare!" she growled, crossing her arms. "Those were signed by Fusion Eclipse herself! I'd remove your wing with pliers first!"

Good, she'd stopped questioning about the trophy… but did she have to get so graphic? Though she did look so cute all fired up like that…

"'Top, are you even listening to me?"

"Yes of course. Pliers. Right. That's what I figured too, so I didn't use them."

"And you'd better not." As if to further prevent her precious twelve-volume set from her bondmate's slight gambling habit, she went to their room and packed the datapads straight away.

"Oh love?" he called out a she hid away her belongings. "I thought we could go out tomorrow night and move you into the Red Towers the morning I leave."

"Go out? But 'Top…" she poked her head out with a concerned frown.

"Hush, I haven't spent any money on you in a whole week and I won't be able to again for another year while I'm gone. Indulge me for one night. Besides, it's my last night on planet and I want to do something nice. I have a surprise for you there." Yes, he'd give her the crystal then. He couldn't wait to see her expression when she sees it come out on the tray with the overpriced energon. It would truly be worth it!

"But how did you get the credits to afford all that?" she couldn't help but ask, flustered that he'd go so far to pamper her yet again.

"Well I may have lost my crystal," he winked. "But I won it big when I bet your old rifle."

Yup… very cute all fired up.