A Very Tonberry Christmas Chapter Three: Nice Bulbs!

By; Final Fanticizer

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"Aw, c'mon Painey!" Rikku's voice echoed from the bar in the cabin. "We're 'sposed to wear a costume for the party! At least let me see!"

"No." Called a voice from upstairs. Just then, Yuna walked in and her heart skipped a beat when she noticed Rikku's apparel. Dressed something like a naughty elf, Rikku was completely decked out; from the jingle-bells on her shoes and in her hair, to the fake pointy ears. Of course she dresses scandally clad the very night I need the most nerve to give her my present. Her thoughts were swirling by the time she crossed the room and took the seat next to the Al Bhed.

"Oooh! Nice bulbs, Yunie!" Rikku (who began blushing when she realized just what she said) commented. Of course, she was indicating to Yuna's costume: A Christmas tree! Dressed in all green, Yuna had accented her attire with hanging ornaments and a string of silver garland. Tied around her waist was a lit string of tiny flashing bulbs. She laughed nervously.

"Thanks...What's going on?" she asked.

"Well, I've been trying to get Painey-poo t' show me her costume for the party." Rikku shrugged. "But as usual, she's being a poopie!"

"Crid ib, Rikku!" Paine's voice shot out through the ship. "E's hud crufehk oui yhodrehk."

"Oui pek sayhea!" Rikku folded her arms across her chest and pouted, then sighed. "Bmayca?"

"No!" Paine said defiantly.

"I hate it when you guys speak Al Bhed around me." Yuna sighed. "I never understand you..."

"Well if Paine would stop being a party-poopie and just come out, I wouldn't have to pound it into her head!" The silence between the three of them was heavy until...

"Fine." Paine sighed, and made her way down the stairs and stood before them. Apparently their mouths dropped open because she sighed again. "Why did I have to be the reindeer?" A short brown skirt and tanktop didn't look half bad on the warrior. And Paine had accessorized pretty well, too: antlers on her head, hoof-like mittens, and (to top it all off) a large flashing red nose. Rikku smiled.

"Well," she started. "You're not just any reindeer!" She jumped up and threw an arm around her cohort. "You're Painey! The Red-Nosed…gray-haired reindeer!" Paine just eyed her evilly. Yuna smiled.

"C'mon girls…" She turned towards the door. "We'd better get down there or they'll think we're never coming."

The Calm Lands were set ablaze with Yuletide sprit. Randomly scattered bonfires circled around a giant tree kept the attenees warm and cheerful under the starry sky. Barkeep had even set up an area where he handed out various drinks. And Shinra had made it so some cheery music blasted from the Celcius. The party was in full swing as YRP finally made their appearance.

"Ok, so now that we're here..." Rikku started slowly. "Canweopenthepresentsnow! Can we, can we, can we, can we!"

"We're obviously not going to get to do anything else untill we do." Paine said, trying to diguise her own anxieties. ((A/N: Did I use that right?)) Yuna laughed.

"Let's get started handing out those presents now. It'll take long enough as it is." And the three women began their laps around the Calm Lands handing out colorfully wrapped gifts like Santa's little helpers. And when all the gifts had been given, and the presents presented, each one went their separate ways.

Rikku approached Paine holding the box behind her back. Paine looked to her and raised an eyebrow.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Here!" And Rikku held out the box. "I hope you like it...'cuz it took me forever to find." Paine took the box into her hands and slowly opened it, revealing the all too perfect necklace, and then she was silent. "Whatcha think?" Rikku tilted her head and Paine clasped a hand on her shoulder.

"Rikku," She paused. "You just gained twenty respect points."

Yuna leaned against the backside of the Celcius, enjoying her moment away from the hustle and bustle of the party. She inhaled deeply, trying to calm her nerves. I hope she likes my present...But what if she hates it? Argh! It shouldn't affect me this much! I shouldn't even do this. I'm just encouraging it...but at the same time I never want to lose this feeling. All these crazy emotions pouring into my head...it's like noting I've ever felt before...I think it's safe to say...I love her.

"Hiya, Yunie!" Rikku pranced up next to her. "I got your present!" And she held out another tiny box. Her heart skipped a beat and she felt the blood rush to her face.

"T-Thanks, Rikku." Yuna stuttered before even opening it. "You really didn't-" But her voice caught at the sight of her gift. Laying there on a tiny fluf of cotton, sat a ring. A silver ring embedded with a stone that shone with beautiful hues of blue and green. Slightly iridescent and polished to perfection, the ring shone like the stars against the night sky. Yuna looked up. "Rikku..."

"It reminded me of your eyes, Yunie...Do you like it?"

"Rikku, it's...beautiful..." By now, Yuna's nerves were on edge. Do it now. Now or never, Yuna. "My present to you isn't half as good as this..."

"Oh, Yunie. I'll be happy no matter what...It's the thought that counts, right?"

"Ok...I-I know it's not much and...well, I thought-"

"Stop explaining and just go for it!" Rikku said, making Yuna laugh. The perky Al Bhed, and held out her hands expectantly. Now. Yuna planted a kiss on Rikku's lips.

It was intresting. Kissing Rikku was alot diffrent than being kissed by Rikku. Just as stealing a kiss was diffrent than having a kiss stolen. And before Yuna knew it, she had broken the contact between them, and stared into the eyes of a very silent Rikku.

"Um, Yunie..." Yuna clapped a hand over her mouth and shook her head, like she had said something awful. Her eyes filled with tears.

"That was terrible! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" And before Rikku could reply, Yuna had ran off.

Yuna ran off into the darkness, pushing herself as far and fast as her muscular legs would take her. Running nowhere in particular, she wanted to escape. As far as she was concerned, her heart had been broken and she wanted to leave that behind. Her legs began to give and she was forced to stop. Her breathing heavy, she let her hot tears roll off her cheeks. She could see the lights and faintly hear the music coming from the party. Yuna sat down, right there in the middle of the darkness, and cried. For what seemed like hours, she just sat alone in the vast nothingness, till she heard approaching footsteps. And ho should plop down next to her but Rikku.

"Geez. I thought I'd never find you, Yunie."

"I'm sorry. I-I didn't-...I wan't trying to-" But she was interrupted by another quick kiss from Rikku, which greatly confused Yuna.

"Don't cry, Yunie..." Yuna's head was spinning as Rikku moved close to her ear and whispered softly. "You're the only thing I could've possibly wanted for Christmas."

"I love you, Rikku..." Yuna whispered. And for the first time, they shared a kiss, not as friends or even cousins, but as two people giving all they are to their love. And doing what could only be called inscest by some, Rikku gently strattled Yuna's hips and smiled.

"I knew this would be the best Christmas ever."

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