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Summary: This (shortish) story is set time-wise roughly about 150 years after what in real-life would be the end of both real-action series, Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. I am assuming that Stargate SG-1 will end after ten seasons (2008) and Atlantis also after ten seasons (2015). Rating: T/PG.



And so it proved.

Brigadier General Georgiana Hammond was 182 and commanding the Tau'ri Alliance flagship the Janet Fraiser on her final deep-space mission before she retired from active service to take up her new posting as the Chair of the Joint Chiefs. Admiral Barclay Pendergast of the Prometheus IV had first detected the massive alien vessels of unknown configuration on a direct route to Earth.

Sending a broad-spectrum greeting in all known languages, a three-word reply had been received: Hammond of Texas. The Virthda were a bipedal but non-humanoid amphibious species who managed to convey the visit to their world by four glowing beings who assumed another form and who told of wonders beyond the stars. They were long gone from Virthis, but the Virthda had made these massive multi-generational ships to seek out the world and the species of the Glowing Ones. The Glowing Ones had consisted of three males and a female, and one of the males was much larger and a different colour to the other two. The Virthda promptly identified historical footage of SG-1 as the Glowing Ones shortly before they became the most recent members of the Tau'ri Alliance.

As she settled into her comfortable new desk job with a relief that vanity wouldn't allow her to acknowledge, Georgiana couldn't hold back a grin as she looked at the holograms on her desk of her own horde of assorted grandchildren: two sets of twins, Georgette and Georgia, Kayla and Kyjara, Janet, Jack, Cassandra, Daniel, Samantha, Teal'c, and finally little Viridian, who was unfortunate enough to be born eighteen hours after the historic encounter with the Virthda. Her hunch had been proven right; there were now blossoming a whole new set of legends about SG-1 to add to the originals, new chapters in the exotic mythology of their story. She had no doubt that while this might be the first occasion, it was far from the last…

And so it proved.

The spread of humanity to the stars that the Ancients began had of course been inadvertently helped by the Goa'uld scattering 'slave-worlds' like confetti through out the cosmos, or like Supreme Commander Cassian O'Neill of the Tau'ri Alliance flagship the Jon Sheppard put it, an overturned bucket of popcorn on a movie theatre floor.

Once freed, they had been ready made colonies and Tau'ri Alliance members. The Alliance expanded as far as they could, once again populating the Pegasus galaxy and beyond as the Wraith were eliminated, finally brokering a peaceful accord with the human-form replicator species.

On many worlds they were a marvel, a wonder, but on some worlds, the explorers found themselves to be at least not a surprise and on one memorable occasion, chided by the planetary Empress for being late. The stories differed in detail, but the theme remained constant: glowing beings that took on another bipedal form and talked of wonders in a galaxy far, far away. Sometimes the glowing beings would arrive together, sometimes a lone creature would appear, but always was joined sooner or later by three more. Always there were three males and one female, and always one male was much larger and of a different colour than the other two.

It quickly became a formality to show new worlds the historical archives of the Tau'ri Alliance Mother World, for invariably the same four figures would be identified.

It became the secret dream of every Alliance Cadet training for command of a starship to one day reach a planet and upon its surface encounter four humans dressed in ancient Earth clothing…

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