How can it be that his words still resonate in my head?

"You are beautiful…"

So clear. So confident. So natural.

I look out of the window facing east.

But my eyes never go further than him, clad in black, standing with his back against a tree.

I make myself look towards the Black Land, towards its cloud of darkness. I remind myself fiercely that there is no possibility it can be swept away.

I see him suddenly turn his head and glance my way, gravely and calmly; a pillar of quiet, unimposing, sad, yet unbroken strength.

"Perhaps…" I think.


A slight smile is sparkling in his eyes rather than on his lips.

"How fare you today, my lady?" he asks.

He looks pleased to hear I am well.

"I shall have to leave the Houses of Healing on the morrow," he says as we are walking along the alley.

I simply nod to that.

He talks animatedly about all the work he has to do…

"But I am certain I shall find time to call upon you, Éowyn."

I want to keep this sudden lightness his presence fills me with. He has awakened something I thought I had lost…


I watch you from our window, sparring with little Bergil.

Your movements are not those of a warrior. You are like a dancer, so graceful and elegant.

How silly I was to value men of war above all! But I did not know you then.

The mock fight is over. You ruffle the lad's hair, saying something that makes him produce a delighted grin. One day, I shall see you thus with our child.

My chin rests on the windowsill, my mind drifting to you…

The door opens, and you smile at me.

It is so easy to love you.