Hark the Herald Shamans Singing

This is about they wanna do in this Christmas and the next new year:

Asakura Yoh

-Santa, don't tell Anna about this….Promise me…but I've been wanted it so long….can you bring me please just one….just one….Anna's bra? Wanna see what type does she wear…and how big her 'things'? Uehehehe….

Tao Ren

-It's easy. No more hair wax as the present…You know… people always give me the hair wax every Christmas…they think I have to use it much to make this tongari! I hate that present! If you give me the hair wax too, I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich! Feel my houraiken!

Kyouyama Anna

-Christmas present? Not much that I want…just about eating as much as I can, because…you know.. .that stupid Yoh usually just makes a little rice…and says "hehehehe, I'm sorry Anna. I woke up late this morning," I'm gonna kill him

-Manicure, pedicure, cream bath, hair spa, body scrub, facial, new hair cut, sauna etc. Shaman king's wife needs a lot of beauty cares, right?

-Expensive and classy things like…Prada bag maybe? Or the new jacket from Esprit…And I'm also captured by the beauty of the FCUK t-shirts…but I'm sure Yoh won't buy it for me…He is too sucks and too poor, so, just give me those stuffs…okay, santa?

Oyamada Manta

-Still don't get it? I mean…80 cm! That's not a normal height for a thirteen year-old boy like me! Send this prayer to the angels, Santa!

Lyzerg Diethell

-Why is my hair still green? And look ! My eyelashes are too long, like the girls! I've got enough with the new people that I meet always talk about the pink polkadot underwear with me, and the silly sugar daddies always wave the money at me with playboy smile. Hey…I'm a Boy! Boy! Ohh Santa….

Horo Horo Usui

-Christmas? Really? Is there any playboy magazine Christmas edition? Do you have it?


-I want a huge hall to show them an amazing moment. Jokes for Christmas…um…what is green and big? The hulk? Wrong! Christmas tree, hahahaha! Uuups…got to run away… the audiences seem don't like my joke

Pillica Usui

-Dear Santa Claus, I do really want it so much…please make me happy in this Christmas….I want you to give me a picture of sexy naked Ren, thank you


-Santa Claus…would you give me please one of Yoh's underwear? I will place it on a frame as my best collection. Sincerely, Tamao


Santa, since I like fluffy things, I hope you will give me your reindeer, the red nose one…Rudolph…of course, I'm gonna take care of it, so Master Hao won't roast and eat him as the bacon. I promise…And I still want a barbie that looks like um…what's his name? Rain…no! Rinse…no no no…. Ring…no! Ah, Ren!


As a doctor, I think it's normal if I want to know more about Yoh's gain. So, send me his underwear to know how big his dick is, please. Thank you

This is all I got in my brain…Hehehe, I made it in the early morning of Christmas, about 1 am…Read it as your Christmas presents from me…Because I couldn't do anything better than trying to write this one shot story

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