Sea of Tranquility or something like that

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A/N: This will be a little bit of a sequel too, All's Fair in Love and Hate. This will also give a better perspective of the sometimes flighty water guardian. I hope you will enjoy this tale. I'm not sure if I'm going to write any romance in this story or not.


After the whole incident with me being in Meridian and taking down Keno, things died down somewhat. I begin to get a little bit of the loneliness somewhat controlled and I am back on my mischievous ways. Still the thought of all that happening and it could be avoided still burns deep in my mind. After four weeks of being grounded, I am here at the silver dragon with my great friends and I crack jokes. I will not think negative while I'm here with my friends. Cornelia as usual is sitting on Caleb's lap.

"Gee Corny if you get much closer to him you'll know him better then a Siamese twin." For once she ignores me giving Caleb the loving look of the century or at least in her book. I just eat and unfortunately my professional stalker walks in like he owns the place.

Corny smirks and says, "Oh Irmy your knight in shinning armor is here."

I scoff and say, "Corny you got that backwards I'd be saving his skinny butt."

Martin hugs me almost instantly and say, "Yes and I'd die a happy boy if you were to come to my rescue oh brave Irma Lair."

I roll my eyes and say, "Martin please let go you're fungus is getting on my good arm."

Corny snickers and say, "Aw but Irmy he loves you be nice to him."

I pout and say, "You just pay attention to your Snuggle Bear and leave me alone."

She smiles and says, "Ok but don't forget to invite me and Caleb to the wedding."

I stew and let Martin dot on me for a little bit then I sort of perform a disappearing act. He looks for me but doesn't find me. He sighs and says, "I love girls who are unpredictable." With those words he left and I reappear. Will, Taranee and Hay Lin just all clap.

"Oh thanks guys it's not like I planned on doing that." Suddenly I see Hay Lin's dad looking fierce like I did something wrong. I look over at the big mess I made. I let out a sigh and bow while saying, "I'm sorry Mr. Lin I'll stay and clean it up."

He doesn't look at sever then but just hands me the mop, broom and pan. I get straight to work. What seemed like hours of making sure the spot was spotless. Mr. Lin inspects it and my friends just look at him waiting for the verdict. At least I do have loyal friends. He gives me a smile and says, "Very good it's spotless now can you please try not make a huge mess like that again miss Lair."

"Yes sir I won't be pulling anymore disappearing acts anytime soon."

He nods and walks back to his living room with Hay Lin's grandma and mom. I feel really tired after I eat and talk a little more with my friends. I go home and oddly mom and dad's room light is on. I look in and see people sleeping on their bed. 'What is my family coming to?'

I hope this fic is just as interesting as my All's fair in Love and Hate. This is my Christmas present to all fellow Irma fans out there. I'll update on my Of Fire and Ice probably in the next couple days.