Sea of Tranquility or Something like that

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Chapter 11 (Part 1)

As I am in the car on the way home everything seems different. My brother just looks at me like I am going to shatter as he turns his eyes away. Mom and Dad were also quiet. 'Ok seriously who are these people? What happened to my family?' Dad lets out a cough and asks, "So feeling better Irma?"

The fact that the voice of my fathers did not sound the same shocks me. "Yes, dad I'm glad to get out of the pri…I mean wonderful healing facility." Yes I know the word facility is a bit much but the atmosphere in this car is so thick. You could use a knife and still not reach the opening. I hear a chuckle from my parents and my brother even laughs.

'Now this is more like the family I know and on some level love.' The rest of the way is much more comfortable. Until dad brings up the subject of Mr. Royal pain in my behind and somehow it all seems so typical.

Dad smiles at me and asks, "So Irma I see Mr. Iruka has improved your attitude. Have you become friends?"

"Honestly dad I am not sure what to say about him. He is an interesting person but I think there is more to him then what meets the eye. I will say he fascinates me." I just look out the window wondering how the events will unfold. Once we get home. Everything seems eerie like life is snub out. Ok this kind of silence I do not like.

My brother asks, "Who died?"

"My exact question there demon child, maybe he got tired of us."

I faintly hear a sound behind me but I dismiss it. I walk inside and sneeze. All eyes seem to look at me like I am going to fall apart. "Relax it was just a sneeze really." Mom and dad have a strange smile on their faces. Christopher even looks like he knows something I don't. Of course I feel like a stupid person which again is nothing short of the ordinary. I throw my hands up and just go upstairs to my room. Well I'm so happy people have their own knowledge I would just wish they would clue me in. I must have fallen asleep between the last 5 minuets but it honestly did not feel like I did. When I sit up abruptly for no apparent reason everything seems quiet. I get up and look downstairs not a sound is made. Why is it so quiet? I walk around with a curious streak.

Maybe Mr. Iruka found himself a place. I hope he does find the happiness he is looking for. Still I would have liked to know more about him. NO I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN HIM AS A PERSON NOT A LOVE AFFAIR!

I continue on not sure what exactly I am looking for. I just shrug and go into the kitchen to make an interesting sandwich which is made of pickle ham and mayo. What I am not exactly conventional ok. Man Taranee has taught me a few big words, got to remember to thank her. As I make the finishing touches I hear footsteps so I go to investigate. Unfortunately the same conclusion is discovered that I have let the meridian experience get to me. Honestly Irma you are getting paranoid. Yes that incident was bad but you can't live with fear eating at your nerves. YOU ARE THE WATER GUARDIAN! THE QUEEN OF ANNOYING THE EARTH PRINCESS! STRAIGHTEN UP!

I hear a low chuckle from somewhere and I sigh choosing to ignore it as I eat. Then I feel something on my ear which makes me stop in mid bite. I am stuck in mid crunch for god only knows how many minuets. Then I hear a whisper, "You can't get rid of me Irmy."

I fall down on the floor and look up at the face of my torturer. "OH YOU ARE SO NOT FUNNY!"

Sorry this is so sort but trust me there is more. I hope you readers like this story. I am hoping to get reviews but I realize I must let a lot of you down. Anyway thank you all for reading all the same.