Hey people, this is my first fiction so hope ya like. So nobody asks me, this yes will eventually be DXS! And thats good news. Warning : CONTAINS LANGUANGE AND GUSHY MUSHY STUFF AND A SELF CONCIENCE! (Mostly Sam's) MUAHAHAHA!




"Danny, quit it!" said Sam shealding herself from Danny with her pillow.

"Danny, if you do something to Sam with that pillow...I'll see you in my afterlife" said Tuker.

"Don't you want to kiss me Sam?" said Danny pukering his lips jokingly.

"EWWW! GET AWAY YOU PERV!" screamed Sam.

Right now Danny, Sam, and Tuker were in Florida. Sam had payed a trip and they were in Sams room. (They rented a town home...just like I am doing next year.) Of course, Danny had to bug Sam...it was in his blood.

"How dare you call me that? Am I looking under your skirt or somehing? Now if I ever get the nuts to do that...you have the right to call me that!"

"Danny, Sam is not in this room anymore...she's in yours!" said Tuker

"Holy sh...crap! Shes gonna go thru my stuff!" They both ran torward Danny's room to find the door locked. Holy crap...even if it didn't sound manly...he had his diary in his boxer drawer. He had witen in it his deep affection for Sam. And he wasn't quite prepared for her to find it.

"OOOHHHH DANNY... I see london, I see france...I see your drawer with underpants!" wich of course followed by her craking up.

(Danny) (little head Danny )

What if she finds my you know...diary?

You keep that crap with you...? Dude you are a real ass!

Shut the hell up you thing...

At least im not so retarted to figure out that I can use my freaking ghost power to enter that room

OOOH YEAH! You really come in handy.



"Whats this Danny? A diary?"

'Probably has a bunch of crap about Paulina'

Of course she dared to open the first page and then saw something ...


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