Here is 8 years later!

EightYears Later


AHH Florida

"Honey! I'm home!" said Danny as he walked through the door. He put his keys on the table and took his coat off. In case you are wondering, he is one of those persons that help astronauts go to space. He also trains them.

"Hi sweetie. Jesse got all A's today didn't she?" said Sam looking at her daughter. She had short hair and wore a pink and purple skirt. She also had a pink top. Her name is Hannah and is currently 6.

"Yes I did!" she said.

"That's my girl! Good thing you didn't end up in daddy's end of the brains jean pool." He said smiling and picking her up.

"No daddy, you are smart!" said Hannah.

"Aw thanks sweetie. Do you know what mommy is cooking?" asked Danny as he watched Sam go back to the kitchen.

"Hamburgers!" she said. (Sam's is veggie.)

"Okay let's go!" he said kissing her and letting her run to the kitchen.

"Danny, your mom called and said she would be back from Costa Rica in a few days. Oh and how was work?" she asked lightly kissing Danny and looking at the burgers. She slipped it on to a bun and put ketchup, lettuce, pickles, and avocados. (Mom makes um that way)

"Jorge wanted me to be the director of NASAS next space shuttle. And you will never guess what it's named. Before I tell you, I did not tell them to name it that way." Said Danny holding his hands up to his shoulders.

"What is it named?" she asked. She knew Danny had enough power to do anything he wanted to.

"The S. Manson…" he said.

"Danny! DID YOU NAME IT LIKE THAT!" she said. She was laughing and walking towards it. Hannah was kind of freaked out.

"I told you I DID NOT NAME IT!" he said. Great…if she found out he overshadowed his boss he would have to sleep in the couch today.

"Off with your head Daniel!" said Sam.

"Before you kill me can I have a cookie." He said noticing the smell of fresh baked chocolate nut cookies. He got his baby blue eyes in a pity position and frowned. She could not help but give him one. She leaned over and kissed him and said:

"Like father like son."

"Its in my birth certificate." He said smiling. Hannah smiled.

"Is Daddy going to sleep on the couch today?" asked Hannah. Danny made a shush sound and saw that Sam was looking at him.

"Maybe…" she said.

"No…first she needs to feed me." He said smiling.

"Didn't I just give you a cookie?" asked Sam.

"But she got a hamburger." Said Danny smiling. She laughed at how stupid and cute he was acting.

"Fine…here it is." She said giving him one.

"And here is mine." She said sitting down eating her veggie hamburger.

"So sweetie, how was your day?" said Danny still eating.

"Bob wants me to work on the case of Vernon VS Herons. I might take the gig." She said. Sam was a lawyer and a mom, but mostly mom.

"Hope you do. So how was your day Hannah?" asked Danny. She smiled.

"I want to go to the father daughter dance with you!" she said. Danny smiled.

"Of course I shall, but when is it?" said Danny.

"February 15." She said rocking on her chair.

"Okay, it's a date." He said.

"YAY! I'm going to pick out what I am going to wear!" she said happily.

"Go, fast!" said Danny rushing her daughter.

"So Danny…I went for my yearly check up today." Said Sam.

"What did they say? Nothing wrong right?" asked Danny.

"No…" she said.

"You are not telling me something." Said Danny.

"Well, Danny, you better sit down before I tell you this." Said Sam.

"I am sitting down." He said nervous. Maybe something went wrong.

"Okay." She said.

"Okay what?" said Danny.

She took a deep breath.


"Excuse me? Sam, calm down…I can't understand." He said.

"Okay…we are having a new baby!" she said exclaiming baby.

"Oh my god." He said.

"I know. The doctor just came up to me and said I was going to give birth and I am just so exited!" she said.

"Sam…you're having a baby!" he said smiling and lifting her up.

"I know!" she said as she started laughing.

"WE'RE HAVING A BABY!" said Danny enough for Hannah to hear. She went down as fast as she could.

"We're having a baby?" asked Hannah. Danny turned away from Sam still holding her and smiled.

"Yes we are." Said Danny. He let go of Sam and kneeled down to hug Hannah.

"Can you tell it to be a girl?" said Hannah.

"I'll do my best." He said. He smiled. He was the luckiest man on the face of earth.


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