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Rin sat on the ground drawing circles in the dirt with her finger. She used to do this when she was traveling with Lord Sesshomaru. Her hands were filthy. Father would hate that. Not like she cared. A real father wouldn't slay her foster dad just because he happened to be a demon. Despite Rin's pleas, this foolish warrior had killed Sesshomaru using great power and taken Rin to his castle to live like a princess, not something she wanted. She felt like a captive, not being allowed to leave the castle or its huge yard. Even her safe haven, the courtyard leading from her room where she was now, felt confining. Her father knew that she would run if given the chance.

"Your Highness Rin, your father wishes for you to get dressed," a castle guard said dryly as he approached. Rin nodded and stood up. Her raven black hair was covered in dust. Her father would be furious if he saw her like this. Rin dismissed the guard and walked into her room. A pink dress was

lying out on the bed. Pink. The dress she had made for today was dark green. Obviously her father had objected to the dark color.

"It's not a proper color to be wearing when you meet your husband-to-be" Rin said in a mocking tone. She took off her black shirt, the simplest piece of clothing she owned; it had intricate golden patterns all over it. Her father thought she deserved the very best. After taking her black, flowing, skirt off, she slipped into her dress. It was uncomfortable and itchy. Worst of all, the sleeves and bottom of the dress had lace.

"Ah, you look magnificent," Rin's father said as he entered the room. Her father walked into the room, crown on, and ready to impress. Rin scowled. The guests weren't ready to arrive until late this night. It was early morning and father was sure to have Rin practicing her "I do"s before long.

Rin stared at her father without commenting. Her father knew that she hated him but he still put on this perfect family act. It made Rin sick. Her freedom had been taken away from her at the age of fourteen, and now, six years later, he was trying to seal away any chance of freedom Rin had.

"Take that ridiculous ponytail out of your hair," her father finally said. Rin smiled. Her famous ponytail she never got rid of. It was how her hair was when Sesshomaru died. Rin slowly took her clump of bangs out of the tiny ponytail. He slid her hair tie onto her wrist.

The king stood up, "Lady Sango will be arriving shortly with Master Kohaku. Don't mess this up," He turned and left without another word. Kohaku, Sango, those names sounded familiar but Rin couldn't place them. It was strange. Rin lay back on her bed. Tears welled up in her eyes. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't.

Kohaku stiffened as he climbed into the cart. His sister paid the driver and the horses began to trot. He was silent. Why did the king insist on attacking the Demon Slayer's village? There were no demons except for the half-demon Inuyasha who visited occasionally. It was because of this that his sister had made an agreement with the king. Kohaku had been dumb enough to agree. Now he was stuck marrying a prissy and flaky princess.

"Kohaku, please. It's what's best for the village," his sister, Sango, pleaded. He turned away. She was lucky. She got to marry the man of her dreams and settle down and have five kids. It wasn't what Kohaku wanted but at least she got to choose.

Sango sighed. The journey to the castle would take only a few minutes but already the cold weather was getting to her. A harsh wind had picked up as they had started their journey. Clouds were settling around the castle, big and dark. Rain would be coming soon. A storm even.

The cart neared the castle and Kohaku shuddered. What kind of girl would this princess be? She was sure to be weak and delicate, as all princesses were, but how so? He jumped off the cart and watched as his sister stepped down off the cart gracefully. She was getting into the proper thing. He scowled at the guards who led them up the path.

Rin looked down at the people who arrived. They weren't rich. Her father appeared at the door to welcome the guests. That was her cue. She turned and floated down the stairs just like her father had instructed. She stopped at the end of the stairs, not looking at the guests. She hoped this would go smoothly, too. Maybe he would be nice. Maybe.

Kohaku looked up and stopped. She looked so familiar. Who was she? The girl approached him and they stood there, a foot away from each other. He was older than her by maybe four years or so. Kohaku lifted his hand up and gently clumped some of Rin's bangs in his hand. Rin slid the hair tie off of her hand and put up her small, classic, ponytail.

"Rin?" he said in disbelief. Rin was no princess; she used to travel with Sesshomaru before he was killed. Suddenly Rin stepped forward and hugged Kohaku tightly. Tears welled up in her eyes and she let them fall. Finally someone who knew her from "before". Someone who didn't calculate how much her used napkin was worth while she was sitting right by them at the dinner table. Even if they never loved each other, it was still a great relief to know how much easier this was going to be…

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