This is a poem I wrote about Naota after Haruko leaves at the end of the series.

Disclaimer: I don't own FLCL.


I search the sky

Constantly scanning

As I lie here in the grass

Turning brown with the onset of autumn

The only thing that ever changes

And we live to fast to notice

Staring at the sky

Grey watchful eyes

I try to fly

I need to find you

But the universe is huge

Endlessly stretching everywhere

If I could fly I may still never find you

And I can't fly

Not yet



But I am afraid

It seems I will fall

And crash

And die

Will I take the chance and fly

Only time will tell

And we live too fast to notice

You were only here a moment

A moment of insanity

Leaving nothing behind you

But me

You left me here

All alone

Fighting for air

Amongst the smog and the crowd

But you were here

I just know it

I saw you

I remember you

And I choose to trust my memories

There is nothing else to trust

Amidst the lies and the calls

Of the people

In a town that never changes

In a town that's never true

You were never true

But I'll be true to you

Strangely naïve

Coming from me

But I want to find you

Even if you do not care about me

I need you

You are all that I have left to believe in

Even if it is all a lie

I'll let you lie to me

I can't be anymore broken

Than I am right now



In the grey

The smog

The people


They are nothing

I need you

I can see your face in the clouds

Smiling as only you can

Usually when something bad has happened to me

I smile

Laugh if you want

If you are happy

I will be happy

I have to find you

In determination

I clench my fists

But it is an empty gesture

I don't have to fight

I have to find

I have to fly

But I'm afraid

To leave the ground

Only to meet with it again

It may be impossible

But you can't love based on logic

You can't live based on logic


If I find you again

What would you say?

Would you want me to go away again?

I can't do that

I can't live without you

You left and now I'm alone


In a crowd

Will I fall again?

I've fallen as low as I can

There is nothing left but my



I will trust my


Gotta believe in something

And maybe I can't believe in you

So I'll believe in

Who you used to be

And hope you still exist

Will I fly?

Only time can tell


Only I can tell

What do I answer?

I don't know

But I will try




For you

The only one worth flying for

The only one worth trying for

Gotta believe in something

I can't believe in gravity

I can't even believe in me

But I believe in you