Emm, you my be wondering why an A/N on this story after years of inactivity.

Well, I was rereading through it trying to modify the first chapter so that I didn't have a story basis to be embarrassed about and I finally decided to cut it here.

Many aspects about meditation and self-development techniques that I have been trying to tie in with the Potterverse were greatly misunderstood by me at the start of writing, and also I had been way too enthused with writing it that, at the time, most things seemed ok with the plot.

Unfortunately, rereading it now is like watching a car-crash in slow-motion. It's that bad. With audio and everything. And I couldn't have gotten in more clich├ęs if I tried.

So I'm killing the story. At some time I may reuse some concepts, but this story is effectively DISCONTINUED.