Prologue- The Gorillaz Story

'The Gorillaz story is now something of a legend. The tale of a world-storming band born out of the sick mind of a foul-smelling bass player named Murdoc Nicalls. Satan-loving mastermind Murdoc assembled the exceptional band members out of his own unique style.

The good-natured pretty-boy 2-D was made singer after Murdoc's car crashed through the window of the shop 2-D was working in, almost killing him in the process.

Hip-hop hardman Russel Hobbs had been sent to England for his own safety after all of his friends were killed dead in a drive-by shooting. Unfortunately he was quickly tracked down by the unscrupulous Murdoc and recruited as drummer.

And finally Noodle the ten-year-old Japanese kid with no past- a Zen master of guitar. She arrived hand-delivered to the door of Kong Studios in a Fed-Ex crate.

The story of their whirlwind ascent to stardom was controversial. The media frenzy that was their first gig at the Camden Brown house, the sick-figure record deal, drafting in superlative collaborators to record the award winning debut album 'Gorillaz', a fantastic collision of dub reggae, punk and hip-hop and then the subsequent release of a relentless array of top-notch videos. Gorillaz won countless awards around the globe. Then followed by the gob-smacking Brits performance and that trawl of shame that was The Gorillaz American Tour. Like Dresden on ice.

THEN SCILENCE…' -Gorillaz 2005 Pressbooklett