Crap! She's gone, and it's all my fault.

He ran after her, trying to find Lexi.

Where is she?

Anger filled his senses as he ran faster, cursing the one who had caused all this.


He would get his revenge on her, that's what he'd do!

He was going to break her apart piece by piece, limb by limb. She wanted to get revenge on males did she? Well, allow him to show her how them males THINK about that!


Lexi is gone because of her, all because of her! He wouldn't be able to tell her that he loved her since she was too busy running away from her.

Just to get to Redvenge?

No, he wouldn't stand for this. Something had to be done.

Someone had to die.

And he knew just the perfect person.

I know you're laughing now, but watch, when I'm done with you, you won't even remember HOW to laugh!

I am going to kill you for what you did to her.

What you did to Lexi.

What you made her to do my friends.

She thinks it's all her fault and I'm going to make sure she understands that it wasn't her fault. It was yours!

You won't get a chance to rot in jail because I'll never let you get there.

You'll be dead before you know it Reddy.

And I tend to keep my promises.

How could I do that to them?


So much blood.

Everywhere. Here, there.

All because of her.

Her and her only.


It was her fault he was in the hospital.


It was her fault they were in danger of losing their lives.

She was such a moron! How could she have fallen for that?

No... she'd never make that mistake again.

No... she wouldn't.

She'd stay far away from them. She'd keep them safe from her.

I don't want to hurt you guys ever again.

She stopped running. She was lost as it is.


She froze, not knowing what to do.

No... she found me.

"Stilletto, the moronic Loonatics are here. Finish the rest of them off!"

She nodded, smirking as she realized Redvenge hadn't figured out her mind control was no longer in effect...

"My weapon is missing Mistress."

"Ugh! That idiotic, crazy, male Loonatic. Fine, here. Use mine for the time being." She smiled at her. "You deserve it after all the good work you've done."

Lexi nodded, knowing her next move would keep her from the Loonatics forever.

She turned around, only to be stopped by the sight of a bleeding Redvenge, a sword cutting through her body.


She was shocked.

There was Ace.

There was his sword.

There was a nearly dead Redvenge.


"I'm sorry you had to see that Lexi." He said quietly, not looking up. "But it had to be done. She has done too much to hurt everyone, especially you... and I'm sick of it."

He did it...

For me?



"But..." She dropped the dagger that Redvenge had given her, and kicked it away. Even though she was shocked she knew Redvenge wasn't dead yet.


She walked up to Ace and hugged him in a comforting gesture.

He did it for her.

She could do it for him.

"I'm sorry Ace." She began crying, annoyed that she did so. She was supposed to be strong for Ace, not cry like a two-year-old!

He hugged her back, digging his head into the crook of her shoulder. He breathed, allowing warm air to flutter over her neck.

"It wasn't your fault Lexi. It never was. And I did what I had to do to make sure no one ever took advantage of you again."

He did it for me?

"I did it for you Lexi." He whispered, using his finger to lift up her chin. "You're my main reason for everything, ya know? I'd do anything for you like I did tonight."

She smiled, reaching up to give him a kiss on the lips.

"Thank you Ace."

An hour later Redvenge was in an ambulence, with police and medics everywhere, trying to save her life but they knew she would die soon.

There was nothing anyone could do.

The sword had cut near her heart, punctured her lung, and a variety of other injuries.

She knew that if Redvenge didn't make it, Ace would be in jail.

Ace would be captured.

Ace would be killed.

They knew that. The two of them knew that consequences of his actions.

She smiled anyway.

It didn't matter. They left a holo-message for the team.

They had said goodbye to their lives as the Loonatics.

After all, he said he'd do anything for her.

So why couldn't she run away with him?




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