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Note: Sequel to A Casualty of War. I suggest you read that one first. If you are about to close the book on Revan and Bastila... let me just say they haven't seen the last of each other.

Prologue: Shattered

"That was low, Bastila."

Cringing, the Jedi allowed her tears to finally fall.

"I know, Carth. But... I could not face him and watch him leave again..."

The Republic admiral scowled.

"Don't make me lie for you again. I know the Masters think you should close your relationship with Revan if you are to be a member of the New Council... but hasn't he been through enough?"
Frowning, Bastila sighed.

"It was the truth... from a certain point of view... He had been through enough though..."

She finished sadly. Mical, who had been silently watching the argument, following Revan's and Atris' disappearance, chose that moment to speak.

"It will never be enough for him. Revan was once noble and believed in a certain code of honor. If he is to atone for his sins, in his mind it will never be enough. He could save the galaxy again and again and it would still not make up for the countless lives he's destroyed."

Bastila closed her eyes, covering her face.

"He has no one now, Carth. We've betrayed him, how can we do this?"

Carth lowered his head, crossing his arms tightly over his armor.

"You know Canderous is probably going to kill us if he finds out Revan was here and we didn't tell him. If he knew how close he was to him on the Ravager... He'd never forgive himself."

Bastila shook her head.

"He never forgave himself for being wounded all those years ago and being left behind. All of us would have followed Revan but he only brought Malak. And now Malak is dead and the Sith are finally ready. If the vision the Masters had was true, Revan must fight them alone."

Mical frowned, his brow furrowing in confusion before it shot up in alarm.

"There is a bit of a problem with that. He took Master Atris. Master Atris fell to the Darkside... Oh Force what if- what if he takes her as his apprentice and trains her..."

The silent fourth member of the room finally spoke, her emerald cloak falling away from her fiery hair.

"He will not fall to the Darkside. I saw what happened to Ulic and I know Revan will not want to live in the Darkside again. But he will need its destructive power to fight this war. Master Juhani and Master Bindo have returned from Ossus and the funerals for Knight Fayne and Knight Ira. When Master Oss returns, we will assemble the Council and find the Exile and his followers. We need to gather out strength and quickly."

Nomi Sunrider shook her head.

"Or wait for Revan to weaken the enemy enough."

Bastila closed her eyes, trying to picture the man's face. Trying to feel him in their bond, but it had been nearly snuffed out my Nihilus' actions.

"Why does the Force want Revan to be alone?"

The doors to the room opened and a young woman dressed in scarlet robes with a black leather overlay and a gold-lined scarlet veil entered.

"Because he may become the thing he hates most. My Master's actions against Revan may have... altered his mental stability. Now that Revan has seen what Nihilus can do, he may consider using it against the Sith. If that happens, anyone who is around him could die. It is a decision he must make alone. One I am afraid I am responsible for."

"Oh yes, walk into a private meeting. Carth, why isn't that door locked?"

Vima Sunrider complained as she followed the Miralukan. Several other figures appeared behind her as well, all strong in the Force save three. Two droids and a rather threatening looking man in silver armor.

"You and I have something we need to talk about, Princess."

Canderous hissed, glaring through his mask at Bastila.

"There is nothing to discuss, Mandalorian. Revan is a danger to all of us. If he does chose to use Nihilus' technique, he could become that creature and we must wait and prepare. If he fails, we must be ready to fight. If he succeeds, we must- we must be ready to do what must be done."

Canderous lowered his head, his anger draining away.

"I know. We should be there, at his side. Not here, waiting while he is bearing the full weight of this war."

Nomi Sunrider frowned.

"Be that as it may, Revan will always bear the burden of his power alone. It was the way he was taught and the way he believes is the only way. Our... subterfuge will only buy us the time we need to prepare. The Jedi are not so lost as the Sith think and Revan has bought us the time we need to stand a chance..."

The room fell silent aside from the threatening stream of menace coming from HK-47, whom all in the room ignored.

"But at what price?"

Bastila finished, holding her face in her hands and weeping.

Blood. The taste was always did something to a sentient when they tasted it. Especially when it was their own. Lifting herself from the stone floor of the ancient Sith cavern on Korriban, Atris held the side of her battered face and groaned as she stood. Even if she had touched the Darkside, this place, this cave Revan insisted she explore was terrifying. If there weren't the beasts of Korriban lurking around every corner, there seemed to be hallucinations brought on by the Darkside. If she didn't know more about the nature of the Force, Atris would have thought herself mad.

Less than a mile away, Revan was searching for the body of his friend. The former Dark Lord of the Sith had been preparing himself for this moment, but was growing more and more frustrated. Where the Force was Malak? The question was answered when Revan came upon a funeral pyre and the burnt casing of Malak's saber. Ian must have given Malak a proper funeral.

Kneeling beside the pyre, Revan reached into the ashes and pulled the saber from its resting place. It had been nearly a year since he had seen Malak and they had begun gathering other Jedi. All they had to show for it was a fallen Jedi Master and a pile of ashes.

"I swear."

Revan began placing the saber back amongst the ashes as a tear fell from his eyes.

"I swear my friend, this will not have been for nothing."

Turning his attention to a nearby Tukata beast, Revan held his hand out, in a similar way Nihilus had done to him and began pulling the life-force from the creature until it finally collapsed with a cry of agony and lay still. Opening and closing his hand several times, Revan nodded, his eyes gleaming with anger and grief and determination and a small, almost non existent hope.

"Now I finally have a weapon."

Author's Note: You got me, Jedi Emeritus. The question always remained, what ever happened to Nomi Sunrider and Vima Sunrider. We know they have descendants because of Vima Da Boda from the Reborn Emperor series and the New Jedi Order so... Bastila did return to the Jedi and chose to follow its teachings. So from a certain point of view she was married to the Jedi Order... having to leave Revan behind... to do what needed to be done. Sort of a parallel of Revan's treatment of her...