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Epilogue: The End of All Things

The Sith fleet, scattered and heavily depleted by the combined efforts of the Mandalorians, the Onderonian Royal fleet and the remnant Republic forces could do very little when their homeworld was burned by their foes. Enraged, the Sith began a series of suicidal attacks that ended ultimately in the virtual extinction of what remained of their race. Several Sith ships tried to escape, but the Interdictor cruisers of the Republic forces kept them from escaping into the safety of hyperspace.

It was just a matter of a few short hours that brought those fleeing Sith vessels under the Republic's guns and finally into nothing but floating debris. In a parody of the close of the Great Hyperspace war, the Republic fleet closed along the side of the Onderonian fleet and began blasting what was left of Ziost into nothing. As it had been a thousand years before, the Republic and Jedi exterminated the Sith like vermin. What few Sith remained on the fallen worlds across the galaxy would die a slow death.

The Sith's death as a race would not go unmarked in history. Fleeing into the Republic that had once been their enemies, the Republic sought the countless fallen Jedi and former Sith that had been created by Darth Revan and Malak and taught them the sum of their knowledge in the Darkside of the Force. The final Sith died shortly before the rise of the fallen Jedi Knight that would adopt the surname, Darth Ruin. That Sith's final act would be to leave a lasting legacy in his teachings that would bring even more suffering to the galaxy that even his race had done thousands of years before. The Sith had a long memory and their hatred would escalate throughout the Force, poisoning it and destroying the fragile balance it kept in the galaxy. Darth Ruin's line of Sith did what Revan refused and Malak failed at. What the True Sith failed at and what even Exar Kun was unable to accomplish. They destroyed, completely the system of government that kept the Republic as a fighting force. The Republic never fully recovered from the Jedi Civil War and over the next three thousand years it collapsed even further, its borders and its reach shrinking to only the inner Core worlds.

In the ashes of the Old Republic rose the Brotherhood of Darkness. Started two thousand years after the Jedi Civil war and a thousand after the death of Darth Ruin, the Brotherhood of Darkness fell under the leadership of the Sith Lord Kaan after the final destruction of the Republic. While the Sith of Darth Ruin's empire turned on each other and ultimately destroyed themselves, Kaan saved what remained of his fellow Sith and led them on a campaign against a Jedi Order that was hardly as powerful as it had been at the time of the Jedi Civil war, let alone the Darth Ruin conflict.

The Light and Darkness wars would rage for only a year and meet its end at the head of the Jedi Army of Light led by the Jedi Master Lord Hoth and the Brotherhood of Darkness under Lord Kaan. Seven brutal assaults on the Sith stronghold of Ruusan would end with the deaths of all of the Jedi and Republic forces and all of the Sith, save one. Using the technique mastered by Darth Nihilus and passed on by the survivors of Ziost's destruction, Lord Kaan used a Thought Bomb and destroyed the Jedi forced along with his own. Only Darth Bane survived the cataclysm that engulfed Ruusan.
Darth Bane rebuilt the Sith Order in secrecy, adopting a new rule. The rule of two. Only a Master and an Apprentice could hold the title of Sith Lord. After the massive infighting of Darth Ruin's Order, Bane saw that the Sith would not survive in vast numbers as the Jedi could. Over the next thousand years the Sith would work in secrecy. The ancient knowledge of the Sith would be passed on from Master to apprentice as the apprentice would become more powerful or the Master too old.

The Republic, virtually wiped out by the Sith conflict had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Over the next thousand years with the apparent extinction of the Sith, the reorganized Republic would know only peace. A thousand years without war under the guardianship of the rebuilt Jedi Order would follow the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.

The Jedi Order, having been a military organization during the Light and Darkness war disbanded, reforming and rebuilding. Over the three thousand years since Exar Kun's attack on Ossus, the Jedi Order had been nearly unrecognizable from its old form. Rebuilding the Order, the Jedi fell into a period that would be known as the Golden Age of the Jedi. A thousand years of slow growth that would leave the Jedi greatly respected by the newly formed Republic in those early centuries.

The spirits of the ancient Sith, though, cried out for revenge and a thousand years after the supposed disappearance of the Sith, they openly challenged the Jedi on the small world of Naboo. The Naboo conflict would leave the Sith apprentice, Darth Maul dead at the hands of the Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn felled by the Sith's blade. A decade of uncertainty would pass before the Sith again came out in Force. The First Battle of Geonosis would expose the former Jedi Master Dooku as a Sith Lord and begin three years of the bloody and destructive Clone Wars.

It should be noted in the history texts that the Chosen One of the Jedi prophesy and the Sithari of the Ancient Sith's legends were one and the same. The Jedi would train the Chosen One for thirteen years, giving the young man a life beyond what awaited him on his homeworld of Tatooine. In return the Chosen One betrayed the Jedi Code and the Order, falling so far into the Darkside that even his Master had lost hope for him.

The betrayal of the Chosen One, the rise of the Galactic Empire and the Jedi Purge would all culminate at one point. What Supreme Chancellor Palpatine would refer to as an attempt on his life by the Jedi Order. What followed was the revenge the Sith had waited for over five thousand years. The virtual destruction of the Jedi Order. Only a few dozen Jedi would survive the Jedi Purge and rise of the Galactic Empire.

Under the teachings of Darth Sidious, Anakin Skywalker would become Darth Vader. Darth Vader would lead the assault on the Jedi Temple and kill many Jedi there with the aid of the 501st Clone Trooper Legion. None of the Jedi were spared, not even the infants or the children. All would meet their fate at the end of Vader's lightsaber or a Clone's blaster.

The Republic, stagnant and weak after the Clone wars widely accepted the events related to them by Chancellor Palpatine, who would announce himself Emperor in the same speech. Few know the reason Darth Vader chose to betray the Jedi. The secret was lost with the death of himself and of his former Masters. Vader, in the end redeemed himself by slaying Darth Sidious and some would say, fulfilling the prophesy of the Chosen One.

The Sith did not die with the destruction of the Second Death Star, they were merely weakened. Over the years that followed the return of the Jedi Order under the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, many Dark Jedi would rise and challenge the Jedi with the aid of the Imperial Remnants. Some would even go so far as attempt to resurrect the Ancient Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos on Korriban. The actions of the Jedi Master Kyle Katarn and his apprentice, Jadyn Kor would destroy the threat of the Sith, if only temporarily.

An old enemy, forgotten would return, however and rain destruction on hundreds of worlds. The Yuuzhan Vong, weakened by the actions of Revan and the True Sith millennia ago returned to the galaxy from which they had fled and would kill billions upon billions of sentients and bring a darkness to the galaxy that would seem hopeless to battle. Many, many lives were lost before the Vong were defeated. The New Republic would be forced to unite with the remnant Imperial units to even hold off the Vong and in the end, it appeared peace had been reached.

This story is not about the legacy of the Jedi and the Sith's actions on the galaxy, however. It is about the former Jedi Knight Revan.

Revan was saved from certain death on Ziost by retreating deep within a massive labyrinth beneath the city. There, Revan found vast stores of Sith holocrons and even more valuable were the ancient Jedi holocrons stolen three thousand years before by the Dark Jedi that were exiled after the Battle of Corbos. Revan would follow the actions of the Jedi Master Atris and isolate himself in the underground fortress. Here, Revan was tortured by his memories of his actions against the Jedi and the Sith. Here, Revan would lose his sanity and leave behind detailed records of his understanding of the Force and the visions that plagued him in his life and his first death. It took weeks for Revan's friends to find him and when they had, he was hardly recognizable.

Atris would be the one to find Revan and for the rest of her life she would wish she hadn't. Starved from being sealed within the tombs with only the glow of the holocrons to shield him against the darkness, Revan looked to be more of a corpse than a man. What would have been a simple effort of sustaining his body with the Force had become impossible for Revan. The Force was lost to Revan with the destruction of Ziost, some say it was the last act of the Sith to draw his power from him, others that it was simply the will of the Force. His punishment for his actions against the Jedi.

Unlike Ulic Qel-Droma and later the Exile, Revan was helped through his loss of the Force by his friends. Leaving the Sith knowledge buried, the Jedi Master Atris sealed the labyrinth with her lightsaber and returned to the Republic as a Jedi once more, having turned her back on the evils the holocrons could teach.

Slowly, Revan began to regain his strength and with the support of the bond he shared with Bastila and the Exile's knowledge he was able to reestablish his connection with the Force. Revan and Bastila would go on to rebuild the Jedi Order with the aid of their companions and friends. They would also have children after years of what Revan would later refer to as wasted time. In the end, Revan's final words to his wife and his friends were simple. They were also the words heard by the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker when he uncovered the Sith knowledge and Revan's confession.

"You cannot control shadows, you can only become part of them. Wield the light with honor and it will stem off the darkness. The Jedi were right... The Jedi were always right... Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force..."

The holocron of the former Dark Lord of the Sith flickered with an insane smile and Luke cringed as he could sense the lingering madness within Revan that seemed to permeate his once prison.

"The Force will set me free..."

Luke watched as Revan's image was replaced by a woman of similar age with white hair and clad in white robes.

"I am the Jedi Master Atris. I also have a warning to any who would find this place. I lacked the strength of mind and heart to destroy these devices. Some hold the knowledge of the ancient Jedi others... the darkest secrets of the Sith. Look into Revan's eyes. Listen to what he has said and I pray to the Force and all of the gods of he galaxy that you destroy this place. Forgive me, I cannot control my emotions in this dark place..."

The holocron flickered and died and Luke Skywalker looked to his comrade.

"What do you think, Kyle?"

Luke asked the man who had uncovered the cache of knowledge. Having seen the decay of Revan in the light of the holocron over the weeks he had been trapped there, Kyle shuddered and turned to his constant companion on these types of missions.


Kyle asked the only Force-blind present. Jan eyed the room with a frown, bending over and lifting an ancient mask from the floor. The paint of the obsidian mask was dulled with the decay of time but the blood-red lines were still visible within the fearsome mask.

"My say..."

Jan Ors tossed aside the mask of Darth Revan and pulled a Thermal Detonator from her belt in answer to Kyle's question. Kyle nodded his agreement and turned to Luke. Luke crossed his arms and frowned, his eyes seeking his wife's. Mara Jade knelt down and lifted the mask Jan had discarded and frowned as she saw what appeared to be a mechanism within it. Touching the device, a faint glow emanated from the mask and the holocron in Luke's hand flickered back to life. A younger and healthier older image of Revan appeared, translucent and shimmering with blue-white light. At his side stood a young woman and behind several Jedi, shrouded in their hooded cloaks. Luke immediately realized what he was seeing and bowed deeply.

"Master Revan."

Luke began, not knowing what title to give the man who's life he had listened to play over the holocron, warning of the remnant Sith, the Vong and the corruption of the Darkside.

"Your friend there just activated our security system. I suggest you run before-"

"Eager Threat: You have violated the Master's sanctuary. I am under agreeable orders to exterminate any meatbags or mechanics that would use this knowledge."

Two crimson eyes flashed in the darkness of the ancient structure as a rust-colored droid appeared, a repeating blaster in his hands.

"Eager Inquiry: Please help yourself to the holocrons."

HK-47 pleaded, his ancient assassin protocols coming back to life for the first time in four thousand years. Luke, Mara, Kyle and Jan were speechless and turned to the apparitions of the ancient Jedi. A tall figure lowered his hood and scowled at Revan.

"You left that thing here? When did you come back to this hell-hole?"

Another figure removed her hood and scowled at Revan.

"Enough with the theatrics, Revan. I am in agreement with Malak on this."

Luke recognized the woman as the Jedi Master Atris and frowned in confusion. Could spirits argue amongst themselves? The young woman beside Revan smiled at the appalled look on Revan's face.

"Destroy my beloved creation? Why would anyone ever want to do that?"

HK beamed at Revan's praise of his ingenious engineering.

"Pointless threat: I am still functional enough to terminate you, meatbag. Your lack of a physical form does not change that."

Malak scowled and raised his hand, sending a wave of Force energy through the ancient structure.

"I have been waiting for this for a very long time."

Beyond anything Luke expected, red-orange lightning shot from Malak's transparent fingertips and engulfed the droid.

Revan began to Luke, ignoring the blaster bolt that passed through Malak's spiritual form and the laughter of his friend as HK dropped to the ground, never to plague him again with the name, meatbag. Revan and a figure behind him shook their heads at Malak's display.

"Kenobi, restrain him."

The figure behind Revan took hold of Malak and said something quietly to the former Sith Lord. Malak grumbled and crossed his arms turning to Luke.


Malak apologized. Luke and his companions looked on in confusion and caution.


Luke asked, realizing what Revan had said. The figure shook his head.

"No. Obi-Wan was a... descendant of mine. Lets just say our Order was about as liberal as yours is..."

Ian Kenobi left the statement in the air, smiling at Atris. Sighing heavily, Revan turned to the young woman at his side.

"Where is Obi-Wan anyways? We channeled enough energy for him to come along..."

Bastila frowned and shook her head.

"I don't know. I think he and Master Tachi were going to relax at little with the end of the Vong conflict. Force knows they've earned some time together."

Completely lost, Luke and the others watched the spirits ignore them.
"Okay, since my security system is now gone... as I was saying earlier. Palpatine tried to gain entrance here but thanks to Master Atris' foresight we sealed the structure against the Darkside."

Revan smirked.

"I talked to the maniac for a while and convinced him the knowledge was on Dxun. Lets just say my friend Canderous left some surprises in the jungle for Sidious."

Kyle chuckled to that, knowing well the dangers left behind on Onderon's moon from countless traps the Mandalorians that had used the planet left behind.

"Oh yes, he did not ask me where this place was after that."

Luke frowned.

"If you knew about the Sith, why didn't you warn the Jedi?"

Luke asked cautiously, beyond confused at the chain of events but accepting them as the will of the Force.

"I suppose you would have your father to thank for that. Don't get me wrong, he came through in the end and during much of the Clone wars and he was a good Padawan for a time but the man has done some pretty evil things that I will not speak of. I too have much to regret but I did not shift the blame to others as he..."

Revan shook his head, annoyed by the antics of Anakin Skywalker.

"He has earned his peace, Revan."

Luke warned, channeling his anger into the Force. Revan rose a brow at Luke in challenge.

"One act does not forgive a lifetime of evil. I did not warn the Jedi because I couldn't The Force was unbalanced and we were unable to connect fully to places that did not hold powerful connections to us. Jedi do not grace the ruins of Korriban or this place often... In fact."

Revan rose a hand to his chin, rubbing it thoughtfully as he focused on something no one but he could see.

"The Jedi Order needed to be changed."

Bastila Shan said quietly.

"Your relationship with your wife would be considered grounds for expulsion in the former Jedi Order. Like all things in the Force, nothing is small and the galaxy suffered the backlash of the Jedi's fall. The Jedi were arrogant and believed the threat of the Sith to be defeated. It was that arrogance and Revan would argue your father's actions that led to their fall. Just as Revan's actions led to the fall of the Jedi Order I upheld."

Bastila directed the last part of her statement to Revan, warning him to keep silent of his dislike of Anakin Skywalker. Revan sighed, shaking his head. They would have to have another long lecture with Anakin when they returned to the Force. Until then, he needed to control his anger. It was difficult to see a man kill children mercilessly in the name of love and then lead to the death of the one he loved and forgive it but it was not his place, as Bastila reminded him to be judge over that.
"Passion can lead to possession which is dangerous. Love should not be selfish."

Revan let one last shot to Anakin out before shaking his head.

"Destroy this place. There is little here that you cannot learn from the ruins of Ossus. We took the Jedi knowledge years ago and stored them away on Rakata Prime. Your wife has my mask and within it is the coordinates of that world. Be mindful of the Darkside and know that the future is not written in stone."

Revan warned, hoping that the visions did not plague the son as they had the father. Luke, seeing past his anger at Revan at the obvious affront to his father's memory bowed his head once in acceptance to the wisdom of his words.

"We will destroy this place and I will search Rakata for this knowledge. May the Force be with you, Masters."

Luke bowed and Kyle and Mara reluctantly followed his lead, bowing as well to the gathered spirits of the ancient Jedi. Smiling, Luke turned to the holocrons as the spirits vanished.

"There is a lot of knowledge here that can be of great value despite what they said..."

Mara added thoughtfully. Luke looked down at the Sith holocrons and thought over his wife's warning for a long time. The words of Revan rang in his mind as he echoed them to his companions and they destroyed the Sith knowledge once and for all.

"No, You cannot control the shadows. It only consumes you into its darkness."

The End...

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