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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Guardians

As he sat on the head of the Red Lion zord as it stood silently in the zord hanger- Harry still wondered how this place could accommodate so many zords on such short notice; was it naturally large or did it expand like the Room of Requirement?-, he once again found himself wondering what was happening back in his world.

On the one hand, it wasn't like Voldemort would know that he was missing- he'd banished the Hogwarts Guardians, but Voldemort had no reason to know that Harry Potter was the Red Hogwarts Guardian, and would therefore assume that he was still somewhere to be found-, but that didn't mean he'd just stop looking, to say nothing of the risk if he found out about the horcruxes they'd already destroyed; if he worked out a way to shield the remaining horcruxes from the methods they'd used to find them so far...

It was one of the burdens of being a hero, when you got down to it; your own desires had to be put aside in favour of the greater good- even if Harry would never believe in the idea of sacrificing others, ignoring your desires was another matter-, and right now, with Psycho Rangers active in this world solely because Ivan Ooze took the idea from Jason's memories, they all had a responsibility to stop at least the immediate threat before they returned home. Hermione and Amanda had spent some time going over the plans for the zords to try and work out a few extra tricks they could incorporate in case the situation called for it, and the rest of them were working on some additional combat skills to ensure that they all knew how to work together in future fights, but they were still essentially stuck until their enemies struck against them, given that they had no way of knowing where Ivan's Psycho Rangers actually were...

Looking at Alan as he hit at the bag Jason was holding in position in front of him, the elder Red Ranger wondered if he'd ever been this angry when he was the lead Ranger back home. He acknowledged Alan's foresight in purchasing this old dojo for training purposes- they'd never had that kind of financial background back home, so it had never been an option-, but the guy was so focused on training for the fight that was awaiting them in the immediate future that he didn't even seem to particularly care about their more long-term future.

OK, it wasn't like he and his friends had ever given much thought to what awaited them after the Ranger period of their lives was over back in the day, but they hadn't exactly had Alan's resources available to them; he'd gathered that Alan's family was fairly well-off, but that didn't exactly mean that he considered it a sign of a healthy world-view for Alan to spend this much money all at once.

"Alan," he said, looking uncertainly at his fellow Red, resisting the urge to rub his arms to ease the discomfort he felt after Alan had spent so long kicking that bag, "you really need to calm down; keep punching like that and you may not need to morph to fight Psycho Red, but you won't exactly be in your best shape either."

"I just wish Ooze would quit messing around already and do whatever he's planning to do," Alan said, apparently deciding to ignore Jason's attempt at advice. "I'm sick of waiting around..."

"Trust me, I get what you mean about not liking it when we have to wait around for a while- it was almost easier when we had the kind of villain who'd just hit us with the latest monster after giving us time to catch our breath-, but that's the way things are," Jason said, shrugging slightly as he looked at Alan. "All we can do is take it as it comes."

"I just can't believe that I survived one war just to end up having to go through another," Alan said, groaning in frustration. "And to think that I thought Voldemort was bad..."

Jason was about to say something, but was cut off when Alan's communicator beeped, the younger man glancing around to confirm that they were alone before he activated the device. "This is Alan; go ahead."

"ALAN," Zordon's voice replied (Jason wondered if he'd ever get used to hearing his dead mentor again). "AMANDA REQUESTS THAT YOU AND THE OTHER RANGERS REPORT TO THE COMMAND CENTER."

"On our way," Alan said, nodding briefly at Jason before the two of them teleported away.

As he studied the portal he had created to Ivan Ooze's lab, the Dimen-Walker was almost disappointed; considering some of the defences that magical locations possessed even once you were inside them unless you were authorised to be there, based on his Lord's experience with such wards back in his world, the protections against this place being infiltrated were almost laughably easy to penetrate.

Even the lab itself was fairly straightforward; some assorted consoles, both around the edges and scattered around the centre of the room, along with at least two medical observation tables. Before any further action was taken, the Dimen-Walker had hurried over to the nearest console and deactivated the security systems, ensuring that all record of his presence here would pass unmarked; even if it was inevitable that Ivan Ooze would know that something had happened, they'd never be able to identify how he'd come here.

With that task completed, the Dimen-Walker turned his attention to the centre of the room, where he could see exactly what he was looking for. On a table in the centre of the room were two large crystals, each about the size of a man's forearm and as thick as a man's palm at the top, held up by a series of simple metal bars. Physically they were virtually identical in structure, but each one was also a different colour, with one glowing a light yellow while the other glowed a darker blue. Reaching out with a satisfied smile, the Dimen-Walker picked up the darker crystal, grinning in satisfaction as he felt the power of the crystal in his hands surrounding the air around him.

This might be the more complicated crystal to use, given its relatively new nature, but it would be the better choice for his upcoming scheme; even if he could restore his intended subject, without a suitable power source to provide it with greater dark magic, it would make no difference to send this adversary out against the Rangers again.

With this 'Dark Zeo Crystal' to provide it with power, the creature would be truly unstoppable.

All he needed to do now was plant a little bug in Ooze's equipment to stop him trying to create a new version of this particular toy- there was no point taking this thing if Ooze was going to create a new one; only his Lord deserved to possess power of this magnitude-, and he could be on his way...

As he arrived back in the command centre, Jason smiled slightly at the sight of Billy waiting for them along with the other Rangers; it might have been a while since he'd worked his the original Blue Ranger back home, but whenever he saw Billy in the Command Centre in this world, he could at least be reasonably sure that they weren't about to face an imminent threat of some kind.

"What's going on, Zordon?" Alan asked, beating Jason to the punch. "And why does my sister have that goofy grin?"

"RANGERS," Zordon said, smiling slightly as he spoke- Jason briefly noted Amanda sticking her tongue out at Alan, but didn't bother commenting on it; they had other matters to deal with right now-, "BECAUSE OF THE RECENT RETURN OF IVAN OOZE, AS WELL AS THE THREAT POSED TO US BY HIS PSYCHO RANGERS, AMANDA, BILLY, ALPHA, AND MYSELF HAVE BEEN HARD AT WORK PREPARING NEW WEAPONS AS WELL AS MODIFYING OLD ONES TO ADD TO YOUR ARSENAL."

With that statement made, Zordon turned to look at Jason's current teammates. "GUARDIAN RANGERS, YOU NOW HAVE COMMAND OF THE GUARDIAN CANNON."

"What-?" Ron began, before the holographic image of a large bazooka-like weapon appeared in the air above them, prompting him to look up at the object with an impressed expression. "Nice..."


"Because, since it relies on our magic, use of it could weaken us to the point where we can't do much afterwards?" Hermione asked.


"The Shogun Zords?" Ethan said, grinning up at Zordon. "Cool!"

"Those were... the last ones you got as the White Ranger, right?" Conner asked, looking curiously back at his mentor.

"Yeah, that was them," Tommy said, a slightly wistful expression on his face at the memory of the zords in question back in his world.


"Actually," Billy said, as he addressed the assembled Rangers, "since these next weapons were created by Amanda- with some input from Hermione, apparently-, I'll let her do the presentations."

With that, Amanda stepped forward and activated a control box she was holding in one hand, one wall subsequently sliding apart to reveal six large motorcycles, styled in the colours and animal motifs of the Patronus Force Rangers.

"These are the Patronus Force Battle Bikes," Alan's sister explained. "I've been working on them for the past two months. They're fast, powerful, and include quite a few surprises that could come in handy during a combat situation."

"Nice..." Alan said, running his hand over the red wolf-themed Battle Bike before he wrapped an affectionate arm around his sister's shoulders. "Sis, you just keep taking each and every one of those 'Dumb Blonde' jokes and sending them down the tubes!"

"And that's not all!" Amanda added, ignoring Alan's brief joke as she pressed another control, another wall sliding away to reveal a massive six-wheeled armoured vehicle with visible armaments, including what looked like laser cannons and two missile racks.

"This is the Marauder," Amanda continued, smiling as the Rangers stared at the white vehicle with golden trim around the edges. "I had originally designed it as an assault vehicle, but after the hospital attack I made some alterations; it's now a combination assault and rescue vehicle."

"Sweet!" Ron said, smiling in approval.

"I even managed to make a few things for you guys while I was at it," Amanda said, smiling over at the Hogwarts Guardians as she raised the device once again, a third wall opening up to reveal a set of three sleek-looking motorcycles in white, black and blue, with three aerial vehicles that resembled a strange cross between broomsticks and motorcycles.

"For Jason, Sylvia and Hermione- based on their lack of magic for the first two and Hermione's own lack of flying talent for the third-, I made the Guardian Cycles," Amanda explained, the smile on her face removing any possible sting from her words. "For Ron, Harry, and Ginny; I built the Guardian Flyers. They're easier to control than a broomstick and are capable of leaving a Firebolt in the dust!"

"Very nice..." Harry said, nodding thoughtfully as he examined his Guardian Flyer.

"You're welcome," Amanda grinned, smiling as the Guardian Rangers inspected their new vehicles.

Harry had to admit, it was definitely going to be interesting to see these things in action when they got the chance to use them; after so long relying on his feet or Jason's car to get anywhere- the zords weren't practical as long-term transports-, it would be nice to have some more options when it came to getting around.

"And you are certain that this plan will be successful?" Voldemort asked, looking critically at the Dimen-Walker through the small 'rift' he had created to communicate with his dimension of origin. "I had faith in this creature before..."

"He possesses significantly greater power thanks to the power source I have acquired for him; considering that he was only defeated through an unanticipated weapon last time, I have faith that he will be capable of significantly more damage than he was then," Dimen-Walker said, looking solemnly at its master. "And even if he should fail... well, I have taken steps to ensure that the power source I have acquired will not fall into the hands of others."

"Indeed?" Voldemort said, looking at the Dimen-Walker with new curiosity. "What steps are these?"

"I am... preparing my own assault on them," the Dimen-Walker said, smiling grimly at its master. "Even if my assault fails, the Rangers will not have the chance to enjoy their victory before I am upon them..."

"Good," Voldemort said, before his eyes narrowed. "But remember one thing; I wish enough of them to be left behind so that I may inform this world of the loss of its heroes with no fear of disbelief."

The Dimen-Walker nodded in understanding before it sealed the rift allowing it to communicate with its master, leaving it to grin in anticipation of what was to come.

Even as its new weapon began to manifest, all he needed to do now was sit back and enjoy the sight as his stolen power source prepared to provide the Rangers of this world with a true challenge...

Further examination of the new vehicles was suddenly cut short when alarms started blaring throughout the Command Centre, drawing their attention away from the relatively leisurely activity and forcing them back to action.


As they gathered around the monitoring device, the Rangers could only observe in shocked silence as they witnessed a strange cloud gathering over the centre of downtown Angel Grove, firing off strange multi-coloured bolts of lightning at the ground around them.

"That is one weird cloud..." Jake commented grimly.


"Created in the cloud?" Sylvia said in surprise. "What could do...?"

Her voice trailed off as the cloud lowered itself down to street level before dissipating, revealing a monster that the Hogwarts Guardians recognised all too clearly; it might be larger and bulkier, but its distinctive thin form and bone-like shoulders weren't something they'd easily forget.

"Is it just me, or does that creep resemble a wand?" Nathan asked, looking at the image curiously.

"Oh, it's a wand, all right..." Harry said, shaking his head in exasperation at the sight before them.

"Wandemort?!" Hermione said, her eyes widening in terror.

"Didn't we already kill that sod?" Ron asked, groaning in frustration as he looked at his friends.

"Hold on; did you call just call this thing 'Wandemort'?" Alan asked, looking at the Guardians in surprise. "As in, you know this thing?"

"It was actually our first major opponent as a six-man team, although it took Sylvia a while to reveal who she really was even after that," Harry explained, shooting a brief glare at the Black Guardian Ranger before he continued his explanation. "Wandemort was the result of Voldemort infusing his wand with sentience and sending it after us; not much in terms of hand-to-hand combat, but its magical potential made up for that."

"Tell me about it; bringing the Superzord together like that was a long shot, and I'm still feeling tired after the effort needed..." Sylvia said, shaking her head at the memory.

"Right..." Alan said, his expression becoming a grim mask as he looked back at the Viewing Globe before he spoke again. "Harry, I want you to do me a favour."

"Which is?" Harry asked.

"When you get back to your world," Alan said firmly, "I would like for you to snap Rita's wand in half and then shove both pieces up Voldemort's ass."

"I'll... keep that in mind," Harry said, glancing awkwardly over at Ginny out of a lack of other appropriate responses to such a violent request. "But, right now, can we focus on why someone would bring back a monster we already stopped once before?"

"And one from another universe, at that," Ethan added, looking around at the rest of his current teammates. "I mean, I'm not the only one worried about that, right?"

"Trust me, I don't like the implications either, but we've got more immediate priorities than how this guy's back to worry about right now," Tommy said, looking grimly at his friends. "We have to assume that whoever brought Wandemort back didn't just bring him back the way he was before, which means that he could be packing more power than last time."

"More power?" Ginny repeated, looking at Tommy in horror. "But... but we barely stopped him last time with the Superzord?"

"So we're going to have to hit him harder and faster than he can adapt," Jason said, looking grimly at his friends. "Come on, guys; we don't get him fast, he's going to cause real damage."

"Right," Harry said, nodding grimly as he activated his morphers before looking over at Alan and Conner. "Ready?"

"Always," Conner said firmly.

"Try and stop me," Alan said.

"Good to know," Jason said, grinning around at his strange new collection of teammates. "All right then, guys; as we said in the day, it's morphin' time!"