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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Guardians

As they emerged from the apparation/teleportation transport in front of Wandemort, Harry's eyes narrowed at the sight of the creature before them.

He knew that it was partly unfair to blame the wand for the sins of its master- it wasn't like the wand could control what purpose it was used for after it was purchased, after all-, but that didn't mean that he couldn't feel angry at the idea of the weapon that had killed its parents and committed so many sins being given the gift of life itself, no matter how twisted or basic that life might be compared to what it could be.

"Ah, there you are!" Wandemort said, grinning as he looked at them; Harry thought that the creature looked slightly thicker around the chest compared to what it had been in their previous fight, but it was hard to be absolutely certain given how long it had been since they last fought. "I was wondering when you'd show up!"

"What, you're already tired of being back?" Sylvia asked, glaring at the wand-based monster.

"Hardly," Wandemort said, brandishing his stick-like arms with an unnecessary flourish. "I'm just eager to finish what I started."

Before any of the other Rangers could react, the Patronus Force had charged at Wandemort en masse, their Patronus Sabers drawn and ready to strike, only for the wand-based enemy to casually summon a Shield Charm that prevented even one blade from striking him, his other hand firing a blasting hex a split-second later that sent all of the local Rangers flying into the air; Alan experienced a particularly violent collision with a nearby wall before anyone could help him.

"NO!" Sylvia yelled, charging into action before her teammates could stop her, slashing at Wandemort with her Guardian Blade before he ducked under her latest blow and struck her in the chest with a powerful kick, sending her staggering backwards gasping for air.

Taking advantage of their foe's momentary distraction, Jason and Tommy ran towards the living wand, Saba and the Brachio Staff outstretched in front of them as they struck Wandemort's bone-like shoulders. The force of the impact was only enough to send Wandemort staggering for a few moments, but that was enough for the two veteran Rangers to launch a series of rapid attacks at their enemy, close-quarters initially preventing Wandemort from doing more than parrying their blows with his own arms until he managed to duck under two simultaneously blows and deliver a swinging kick that knocked both Rangers off their feet.

With Tommy and Jason down for the count, Wandemort lunged forward as though he was going to stab them with his sharpened hands, but the tables were swiftly turned as they rolled to the side, leaving Wandemort's arms temporarily trapped in the ground. As Jason and Tommy continued to roll out of harm's way, Harry, Conner and Alan fired their weapons at Wandemort, but only succeeded in blasting him out of the ground without actually causing any obvious damage.

"Nice try," Wandemort said, looking scathingly at the Rangers as he shifted back into a combat stance, "but as you can see, I won't go down that easily."

"Yellow Lioness Claw Strike!" Elizabeth yelled, charging towards Wandemort with glowing fingers, leaving surprisingly deep gashes in Wandemort's chest.

"Howling Moon Slash!" Alan yelled, raising his own blade and charging it with red energy before he thrust out at his opponent, striking Wandemort's mid-section and forcing him to the ground. Their foe temporarily downed, Sean leapt forward to strike him on the head and shoulders with his bare hands, only for Wandemort's enraged counter-attack to send all three Patronus Force members flying.

"Expecto Patronum!" Harry and his three fellow Hogwarts-trained Hogwarts Guardians yelled, the four Patronuses hurtling towards Wandemort, the four glowing animals knocking him off-balance and sending him hurtling into the air on the antlers of Harry's stag, Ron's Jack Russell nipping at the sentient wand's heels while Hermione's otter and Ginny's horse did what they could to attack the monster as it rose into the air.

"Yes!" Hermione said, grinning at the sight of the monster being lifted into the air. "We've got him now-!"

"NO!" Wandemort roared, swinging his arms in a massive burst of energy that seemingly disrupted all four of the Patronuses, the four creatures vanishing like smoke before he landed back on the ground.

"Our turn, guys!" Conner said, the five Dino Thunder Rangers quickly assembling the expanded Z-Rex Blaster before they fired it at Wandemort, the motion so well-practised that they launched the blast before Wandemort could strike back. For a moment, the sheer force of the power sent their enemy staggering, but he swiftly regained his balance and charged towards the Dino Thunder Rangers, only a slight chip in one shoulder suggesting that he had taken any kind of damage from that attack.

"Nice try," the sentient wand said, grinning as he looked at his foes, "but I was designed to take far more punishment than that."

"HEY, WANDA!" Nathan yelled, Wandemort turning around just in time to be struck in the chest by the Black Patronus Force Ranger's Patronus Axe, the blow penetrating the area that had already been damaged by Elizabeth's previous attack, taking away a chunk of wood to reveal something glowing inside Wandemort that was definitely not just the wand's pre-existing phoenix feather core.

"Hold on..." Jason said, his eyes narrowing under the helmet as he looked at the shape visible underneath Wandemort's 'skin'. "Is that... the Zeo Crystal?"

"No," Tommy said, his greater experience with the combined crystal of his world allowing him to quickly identify the differences. "That looks a lot darker..."

"Precisely," Wandemort said, grinning at the Black Dino Thunder Ranger despite the hole in his side. "Thanks to my master's discovery of that idiotic Ooze-thing's projects, I have been provided with the power to accomplish something far beyond what I was capable of on my own, even when operating at my peak!"

"Wait a... are you telling us that Ivan created his own Zeo Crystal?" Alan asked, looking at Wandemort in shock.

"That idiotic- did you steal that?" Hermione asked, her eyes widening under her helmet as she considered the implications, indicating the visible Crystal fragment with an urgent wave of her hand.

"Naturally," Wandemort said. "Why should my master have to work with a sentient slime when he can simply take what he wants?"

"So... you're in another world, and the first thing your master does when attacking is stealing something from the only guy who even might have been willing to work with him?" Ethan said, looking at Wandemort in surprise. "I knew that the guy wasn't exactly the sharpest tack in the box, but doing something that will get the bad guys gunning for him as well as the good guys?"

"He can handle it," Wandemort said, looking firmly at Ethan before he raised another arm. "But let's see you handle this!"

Even as he spoke, Ethan had already raised his Tricera Shield to block Wandemort's attack, the green energy emerging from the sentient wand's arms striking the shield before it was sent hurtling back towards its source, triggering a small blast as Wandemort was sent reeling back, clutching his apparently injured arm.

"Did that just-?" Trent asked, looking at their foe in surprise.

"Hurt him?" Kira finished, smiling at what they'd just seen. "I think it did..."

"NO!" Wandemort yelled, launching another series of spells at the Rangers. As though it had been discussed rather than just being an instinctive idea, the Patronus Force stepped forward and raised their wands, Alan leading them in creating a powerful Shield Charm that deflected each and every one of Wandemort's spells back at him, the creature that had once been Voldemort's wand only able to shriek in rage as he was knocked off his feet by the backlash.

"He's vulnerable to his own spells?" Sylvia said in surprise.

"The one thing you can never protect yourself against is yourself..." Hermione said, smiling in understanding as she looked over at the other Rangers, each of them clearly coming to the same conclusion.

"Mass Shield Charms?" Amanda asked, raising her wand curiously.

"Go for it!" Tommy said, raising his Brachio Staff as he looked at the rest of his team, Jason and Sylvia already falling into position alongside the Dino Thunder Rangers. "We'll focus on hitting him; you guys get ready to deflect whatever he's got!"

"Understood!" Harry said, the Hogwarts students among the Hogwarts Guardians drawing their Guardian Blades as they turned to face Wandemort, who was glaring at them with as much anger as a sentient wand could display.

"Do you really think one fluke will prove a pattern?" he asked, glaring at them indignantly. "I am the greatest weapon of-"

"Brachio Orb!" Tommy yelled, generating and hurling a large ball of energy towards their foe, the attack striking Wandemort full-on before he could do anything to get out of the way.

"Let's turn this creep into firewood!" Alan yelled, pointing at Wandemort as he looked at his own team. On cue, the Patronus Force charged at Wandemort, whose attempt to attack Alan with a purple spell was neatly deflected before the Red Patronus Force Ranger ducked aside to allow Tommy to launch another energy orb.

With Wandemort's defences down, Jason dived forward, striking at Wandemort with Saba, the enchanted sabre sending more slivers of wood flying through the air as it struck home. As Wandemort was sent reeling from the attack, Jason stepped back to allow the still-charging Patronus Force their chance, allowing them all to strike Wandemort with their own blades.

As the last of the Patronus Force ran past their enemy, Jason rotated Saba into position to blast Wandemort with the weapon's eyebeams, sending Wandemort flying backwards just as Nathan charged towards him, the Black Patronus Force Ranger using a Shield Charm as a large battering ram to increase the damage his attack caused to his enemy. The sentient wand apparently still off-balance, Amanda pulled out her Patronus Bow and launched a Blasting Hex at the exposed crystal, only for Wandemort's sudden Shield Charm to black the attack. As he prepared to launch another spell, Harry automatically stepped between the White Patronus Force Ranger and Wandemort to establish his own Shield Charm, only his eyes to widen in horror as the Shield Charm and Wandemort's subsequent hex created a sudden connection between Harry's transformed wand and Wandemort's remaining arm.

Shit, Harry thought to himself, as the faint trill of phoenix song began to fill the air around him, just like it had in the Little Hangleton graveyard almost three years ago.

He'd been so focused on protecting Amanda, he'd forgotten about the Prior Incanteum effect that still defined his wand's 'relationship' with Voldemort…

"Potter..." Wandemort said, his voice practically dripping with anticipation as he looked at Harry.

"I don't-" Harry began, automatically attempting to deny Wandemort's assessment even as he remembered that the monster had already deduced the truth once; it might have needed reminding this time around, but Harry had a feeling Wandemort wouldn't accept the best lie ever right now.

"He would never surrender the wand that empowered him against me to another, and you would not take up such a weapon against me unless it was an automatic response," Wandemort said, still smirking in satisfaction at the Red Hogwarts Guardian, clearly confident in its memory of the identity under the red helmet. "So... the Red Guardian is Harry Potter... my master will want to know this..."

"Didn't he already know that?" Jason asked, looking over at Hermione in confusion.

"Maybe him getting blown up last time made him lose a few bits of his memory; this isn't the time to worry about that kind of thing!" Hermione yelled, staring in horror as Wandemort raised his left arm and began to generate a glowing blue thing that put the Rangers in mind of the portal that had sent them to this world in the first place, simultaneously raising his left arm in an obvious attempt to prepare for whatever attack his foes might attempt.

"He's trying to take Harry back to Voldemort!" Ginny screamed in horror.

"HIT HIM WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!" Alan yelled, the various magical Rangers launching assorted spells while Tommy, Jason and Sylvia fired their own weapons at Wandemort, only for all their efforts to be countered by the Shield Charm Wandemort effortlessly erected despite both hands being occupied. For a moment, Harry wondered if this was it, but just as Wandemort was turning back to face the portal he was creating, its growth was suddenly cut short as Conner suddenly charged forward, demorphing as he ran to activate his superspeed, grabbing Saba from Jason's belt, and cutting off the tip of Wandemort's arm before their enemy could react to Conner's new method of attack.

"Sorry, Wanda," Conner said, smirking as he looked at Wandemort, Saba in the Red Dino Thunder Ranger's unmorphed hand as Harry scrambled to safety in the momentary distraction caused by his Dino Thunder counterpart, "but while we can neither confirm nor deny Harry Potter's presence here, we definitely can't have you tattling back to your boss."

"NO!" Wandemort yelled, thrusting out at Conner with his splintered arm, only for Conner's superspeed to once again take him neatly out of harm's way as he ran back to the other Rangers and morphed back into action once again. Outraged, Wandemort fired a spell at the Rangers, only for his instinctive use of his damaged right arm to trigger a magical backlash that caused his arm to essentially explode, splintering up to the elbow.

"Nice job," Jason said, nodding in approval at Harry's immediate predecessor as the Red Ranger before he took back his sword. "Our turn now."

With that order, the six Guardian Rangers charged towards Wandemort, drawing their respective swords and slashing at the monster as they ran past, their blades tearing through Wandemort's already-battered hide, taking even more splinters out of his form without demonstrating any sign of significant damage.

"He's still standing?" Tommy said, looking incredulously at Wandemort; he'd been through a lot as a Ranger, but there was only so much that the average monster could take in his experience, and Wandemort had already passed the limits of most monsters' endurance.

"Seriously, how much damage can this bastard take before he goes down?" Trent asked, glaring at the sentient wand.

"There's gotta be a way to stop him!" Alan said, glaring in frustration at the monster before he activated his communicator "Zordon, we're having a time here! Have the scanners picked up any weaknesses on this creep yet?"


"Uh… Zordon?" Jake asked, looking in confusion at his communicator. "I'm all for stopping this guy, but don't we need that crystal to get the other guys home?"


"In other words, it's useless to us and we're still going to need to fight this 'Ooze' berk," Ron said, rolling his eyes. "Just when I thought we'd have an easy one…"

"Never mind about that; we've got more immediate priorities right now," Ethan said, looking over at the rest of the Rangers. "Come on, let's take this creep down!"

Just as the Rangers were turning to look at their opponent, Wandemort pointed his remaining arm at himself and yelled out, "ENGORGIO!" Before any of the Rangers could take action, a dark glow engulfed Wandemort's body and he grew to giant size, his damaged arm fully repaired and the previously-sustained scars now gone as he glared down at them.


"Oh no…" Sylvia whispered, her eyes wide with horror as Wandemort threw out his hands and launched a Blasting Hex, the blast demonstrating a size that could have annihilated several buildings if it had struck an actual target.

"It's zord time!" Alan said, as he and the other Patronus Force Rangers raised their wands to the sky. "Patronus Zords! Expecto Patronum!"

"Guardian Zords, attivare!" Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny cried out.

"White Dragon Guardian Zord power, now!" Jason yelled.

"Black Guardian Zords, power up!" Sylvia cried.

"Shogun Zords!" the Dino Thunder Rangers yelled, summoning their new zords for the first time. "Power up!"

As the small army of zords began to advance towards their position, Harry smiled at the sight.

It might be an unprecedentedly complicated situation, but the sight of the five humanoid Shogun zords and the assorted animal-based zords gave him a sense of hope that he hadn't felt for a while.

"OK, guys," Alan said, looking over at his fellow Rangers, "let's show Wandemort what happens when you mess with the Power Rangers!"

With that cue, moving as one, the Rangers all leapt into their respective zords, the subsequent role-call being almost automatic as Harry and the other Rangers moved their zords into position around Wandemort.

It was time to see just what these zords could do as individuals rather than always relying on the Megazord formations…

As he sat in his throne room, contemplatively staring at his staff and the map of magical Britain detailing the progress of his forces, Voldemort wondered how things were progressing in the other world.

The more he heard about the world that he had sent the Guardian Rangers to, the more intrigued he became at the possibilities it presented; he would have to see about sending a group of Death Eaters there once he had properly established himself in this reality. The idea of acquiring the other-dimensional counterparts of some particularly rare artefacts was intriguing on its own, but when added on to the possibility that there would be artefacts in that world that didn't exist in his

With such a potentially abundant amount of resources available, he would be foolish not to take a closer look at that world later on.

Recreating Wandemort had taken a fair amount of effort, and he had been required to use that crystal that his creation had acquired for him to ensure that the resulting recreation was worth the effort- the wand was capable of recreating old monsters, but they were never capable of operating to the same standard as they would have been when they were 'new'-, but he was fairly sure that the results would be worth it.

Even if the Rangers managed to somehow destroy Wandemort with their new allies' aid, the resulting backlash as the crystal detonated would make their 'victory' a pyrrhic one at best…

"Nice place," an unfamiliar voice said, prompting Voldemort to turn around and glare at the sight before him; a tall man, around Voldemort's height, dressed in a long black robe with purple trim, with purple skin and a head-covering that put Voldemort in mind of an insect's exo-skeleton or an external bone structure.

"Who are you?" Voldemort asked, glaring at the other man as he aimed the staff at the intruder; as surprised as he was at this intrusion, he would not give this man the satisfaction of seeing Lord Voldemort afraid. "And how did you come to be here?"

"I'm glad you asked!" the intruder said, grinning as he walked towards Voldemort with exaggerated slowness. "I'm the galactically feared, globally reviled, universally despised…"

He paused only a few feet away from Voldemort, his smile slowly vanishing as he glared at the wizard. "They call me Ivan Ooze."

"Ivan Ooze?" Voldemort repeated; he recognised the name from his creation's report of the situation in the other dimension that he had banished the Hogwarts Guardians to, but that didn't explain what he was doing here…

"What do you want?" he continued, relaxing his stance slightly as he lowered his staff, presenting a more relaxed impression even as he continued to glare at his foe.

"You've been playing on my side of the fence, Voldy!" Ooze said, jabbing an angry finger at Voldemort as he continued to speak, only to lower the finger as he looked at him in a more appraising manner. "But… well, I've come to give you a shot at talking this over."

"What did you have in mind?" Voldemort replied, contemplating and discarding the possibility of outright attack; if he could achieve some degree of balance here without needing to fight a potential asset…

"Simple enough," Ooze said, shrugging as he looked at Voldemort. "I'll do what I can to deal with the Guardians at my end- they're not exactly endearing themselves to me, after all-, but while I'm doing that, you can deal with a little problem for me."

"Which is?" Voldemort asked, his fingers tensing around his staff as Ooze continued to speak.

"Well, thanks to your little excursion, I had an interesting idea about how to deal with that little problem," Ooze said, smiling at the heir of Slytherin. "When the time comes, I intend to send three of the Patronus Force Rangers here to this dimension, where you can take care of them without any interference from their friends!"

"And in return, I will receive…?" Voldemort asked, looking curiously at the purple man.

"Well, if you manage to succeed in disposing of the Patronus Force Rangers that I send to this world, I will allow you to have a few more toys from my rather vast arsenal to play with," Ooze said, shrugging nonchalantly at the other man. "Do we have a deal?"

For a moment, Voldemort looked contemplatively at Ooze as he turned around to sit back down on the throne, his gaze giving away none of his inner thoughts, before he raised Rita's staff and fired a burst of lightning energy at Ooze, the force of the blast striking Ooze with such intensity that he was sent staggering back into the wall behind him before he could react.

"No," Voldemort said simply.

"Nobody-!" Ooze began, raising his hand to launch a ball of dark energy at Voldemort, only for a newly-generated Shield Charm to absorb the ball before it could strike its target.

"I am not your agent, Ivan Ooze," Voldemort said, glaring firmly at the other villain. "If you have yet to prevail against the Rangers, I have no interested in bothering to assist you with your problem when I have already dealt with mine to my satisfaction. I do not doubt that you know how to handle conventional wizards, but I am not a conventional wizard; with the power of this staff, and the knowledge that I have acquired since I discovered it, I am far more than that…"

"I am still far beyond anything-" Ooze began indignantly.

"And yet you have come to me for 'help'?" Voldemort said, looking mockingly at Ooze. "Lord Voldemort does not give help, Ooze; he sees what he desires and takes it for his own. In any case, why should I help you to defeat the foes that you cannot defeat yourself; if you are powerful enough to defeat the Hogwarts Guardians, than you can clearly handle your own enemies, and if you cannot accomplish that than you are not worth my time."

For a moment, Ooze simply glared at Voldemort, but then he shrugged and stepped back with a smile.

"Very well," the strange new arrival told the human wizard. "You want to do things on your own and in your own way, and I can respect that. Farewell."

With that, he turned around and waved a hand, a crackling energy portal appearing in front of him ta he subsequently walked through before it vanished again, leaving Voldemort alone in the throne room once more.

Voldemort wasn't going to believe for a moment that the other being would leave him alone after such a rejection- it was not what Voldemort would have done in such a position, even if he would never stoop so low as to ask another for help-, but he had brought himself time to strengthen his hold and prepare a new plan; that would suffice for now.

The only question now was what he should do next…