Helloooo everybody! It's Christmas, yay! I love Christmas, so I decided to make a fiction about...Christmas! haha! I read the W.I.T.C.H. books series 1-18. For all of you W.I.T.C.fansthat haven't read them, I sooo suggest you go get them right now and read them. Even though Cornelia is so out of character (in a control freak kinda way...which is so sad), it's still so awsome! Well anyway, enjoy this story!


"Good morning everybody! It's December 20th, 7:24 A.M. and everybody is rushing towards the stores for their last minute shopping! It looks as if it's a big snow day for Heatherfield on this beautiful Tuesday morning! Today, there will be no school for anyone today, so get out there kids and have a beautiful white day!", a man said on the radio, as Cornelia Hale woke up. "Well, I guess that-", RING RING! her cellphone rang. She looked at who was calling from the screen, "Well, I guessIrma read my mind", she said to herself. She picked up the phone.

"Hello", Cornelia said. "HI!", Cornelia put the phone away from her ear. Will, Irma, Taranee, and Hay Lin were all on the other end of the line with big spirits...and apparently loud voices, too. "Whats up, Corny? Ow! Hay Lin! I'm trying to talk here!", Irma yelled. "Sorry!", you could hear Hay Lin appologize. "Anyway, Corny, the girls and I just wanted to ask you if you were busy right now, so you can come over to my house. We're baking cookies and stuff. You wanna come?", she said at normal voice, yet you could still hear the other girls giggling. "Yeah sure, I better bring my earplugs while I'm at it", Cornelia teased. "You will join us! You will become one of the noisy girls! Beware!", Hay Lin giggled in a possesed voice on the phone. "Hay Lin! Give me the phone! Ok, Corny, see ya here in a while!", she yelled. "Yeah ok guys", Cornelia smiled and hung up.

"Dang, even at 7 in the morning those girls are already awake and seem like they drank coffee", Cornelia smiled to herself. Cornelia quickly got dressed and fixed her hair. "Ok, mom, I'm going to hang out with my friends!", Cornelia yelled closing her door behind her. "Did you clean your room?", she yelled back. Cornelia made a face and opened her room. Her room was a complete mess; there were papers everywhere, her clothes were on the floor, her skating medals and skates were on the floor, and in her bathroom, all her hair accesories were out of place. "No problem", she said with a grin. She snaped her glowing green fingers and a gust of wind came in through her window. It began to fix all her papers and put them neatly on her desk. The clothes were put on their hangers in the closet, her shoes were put in a neat line, her skating medals and trophies were shined and put on her desk, her skates were tied together and hung on a pole. Then the wind went towards the bathroom and put all of her combs and accersories back in the drawers. "Ha! I love my power", she giggled.

"My room's all fixed, mom! I'm gonna leave now!", Cornelia yelled leaving her room. "I'm on to you, Cornelia", Cornelia looked down to see her little sister, Lilian, with her hair messed up and in her pj's. "What are you talking about, you little monkey?", Cornelia said turning away from her sister. "You can't clean your room that easily!", Lilian yelled. "What makes you so sure, I mean, I'm not a little messy monkey like you are. Now go back inside your cage, Lilian", Cornelia said bending down to her. She walked downstairs, leaving a very angry Lilian in front of her door. "Bye mom!", she said leaving the front door. "Bye sweetie! Have fun", Mrs. Hale said from the kitchen.

A Few Minutes Later...

Cornelia was still walking towards Irma's house. Irma's house was the furthest from all of the girls. "It's so cold!", Cornelia said clinging on to her light jacket. She felt her body become heavier, "Well, then let me keep you warmer", the voice was so familiar. "Caleb!", Cornelia's face lit up. He had put his jacket -well, one of his jackets- on Cornelia. "Oh, but won't you get cold?", she asked. "Nah, it's alright, I'm not so cold anyway", Caleb replied. They walked side-by-side. "So where are you headed? Irma's house, right?" Caleb asked. "Yeah, are you going there too?", Cornelia said. They both stopped in the end of the sidewalk to wait for the right moment to walk to the other side. "Yeah, about an hour ago I was in Meridean fighting a huge slug monster! But I caught him by suprise and-", Caleb started. He could see the little face Cornelia had. She had an eyebrow raised with a small grin on her face to go with it. "What?", Caleb smiled putting his hands on the back of his head and looking up to the sky. "Oh nothing...you were saying?", Cornelia blushed. "Oh right, anyway, when I came out of the portal, I saw Will walking at the end of the passage. She came and said that she saw the portal on the map and came to close it. Then she said "By the way, the girls and I are going to go to Irma's house and you should come"", Caleb said.

The light on the other side turned green, so the two continued walking. "Hey Caleb?", Cornelia asked. "Yeah?", Caleb responded. "I'm just curious...why would you want to come to Irma's house. You usually always refuse to come whenever we ask you if you want to come and hang with us", Cornelia asked. "Oh well, um...Will told me...oh I don't know. I just wanted to see what this cooking thing is", Caleb quickly said, blushing. "Oh really?", Cornelia said with a grin looking at him. "...Yeah", Caleb said trying to hide his red face. "Well, then how do you cook foods in Meridean", she said with a wicked grin. "Well, uh...we don't have...ovens!", Caleb said. He looked to see Cornelia's reaction. She was still looking at him suspiciously, but then she said, "Ok, just curious", Cornelia smiled looking foward again.

"Hey wait...why did YOU want to know anyway?", Caleb said leaving his redness behind. "Oh come on, really, I was just curious...", Cornelia responded with a confident face. Caleb put on a face that said "sure whatever you say". "I'm not joking! I was just curious why you wanted to come to THIS hangout and not any of the others...I mean... you never come to any other one", Cornelia responded. "Fine", Caleb smiled.

"Wow, I guess time flies when we talk. We're already here", Cornelia said as they both stopped in front of the steps that lead to the door. They both went up the stairs and Cornelia rang the doorbell. Caleb looked down at Cornelia. She looked up at Caleb. They both smiled warmly at each other. "Yay! I guess Cornelia and Caleb came together, how sweet!", Hay Lin said said as she put her hands together next to her face in awe. Cornelia and Caleb both just smiled and blushed. "Hay Lin! You know they don't like it when you tease them. Come on in!" Irma smiled, giggling. They both entered the door to see Will and Taranee were both in the kitchen laughing while getting out pots and pans. "Well, now that our whole crew is here, let's go to the kitchen and start those cookies!", Irma said running to the kitchen with Hay Lin.

"Oh, and Caleb, I forgot about your jacket...", she took of Caleb's jacket from her shoulders and handed it to Caleb. "Thanks, Caleb. I really needed it", Cornelia said. Caleb took his jacket and put it back on. He was warm, but what happened next made him warmer. Cornelia had got on her toes and gave Caleb a sweet and warm kiss on his cheek. "You always seem to be there when I really need you", Cornelia said walking towards the kitchen with her girlfriends. Caleb put his hand over his cheek and whispered, "It's good to show up when she needs me...". With that he left into the kitchen.


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