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Warning: This story contains shoujo ai (girlxgirl romance). So if you don't like the idea of romance between two girls then please stop reading now.

Author's Note: This is a project I've wanted to work on for a while. Where I make a lot of one-shots in which KonoSetsu is already established, and the short story will instead of focusing on them admitting their feelings, revolve around them having regular, sometimes humorous or romantic, days. Depends on the fic.

So remember that each story has KonoSetsu already established, and most likely all of the stories will have all the characters know about it.

And so now I present to you the first one.

Chapter Summary: Setsuna has three days left before Christmas, and she still hasn't figured out what to get for Konoka!

Christmas Time: Secchan's Gift.

Setsuna tapped her fingers on her desk in a repetitive manner. On the outside she looked she wasn't listening the lecture Negi was giving out, and she wasn't. But that was mainly because for the past few days she had been contemplating on a gift she could get for her beloved Konoka.

Christmas was quickly approaching them, and Setsuna still didn't know what she could possibly get. Konoka probably already has her gift wrapped, while Setsuna was still wondering what kind of item it should even be!

Setsuna closed her eyes and imagined Konoka with various gifts and imagined her reaction to each one. All of them had Konoka smile as she always does, but none ever actually made her smile. Setsuna wanted to get her the one gift that Konoka would be most satisfied with, which only made it harder for Setsuna to decide on something.

What would Kono-chan want the most? Setsuna thought.

Her train-of-thought was halted when the end-of-school bell chimed and an energetic Konoka came bursting from her seat. She rushed to Setsuna and attacked her with a strong hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Secchan! Secchan! The day's finally over."

Setsuna blushed a fierce red, as she weakly attempted to remove her Konoka off of her. "You shouldn't display such strong affections while in public, Konoka-ojou-sama."

"Secchan, I don't want you calling me that." Konoka pouted. "Go back to Kono-chan like before."

"Sorry. It's a habit I'm having trouble to break. I'll be sure to keep practicing 'Kono-chan'."

Konoka made a genuine smile.

"Hey Konoka!"

Both Konoka and Setsuna turned and saw that Asuna was at the classroom door, waiting for her friend to follow.

"Oh that's right. Me and Asuna were gonna go shopping today. Do you wanna come too Secchan?" asked Konoka.

"Shopping?" she paused. "Alright. Just wait a moment." Setsuna left the company of her Konoka briefly to catch the class's gun specialist at her desk packing up her books.

"Tatsumiya I have a favor to ask of you."

"You want me take over your rounds on the school grounds today." Mana stated, already used to having Setsuna ask this favor of hers.

"Yes, that's right."

"No problem. I'll just add it to your tab."

"Thank you very much." Having taken care of her patrol duties, Setsuna bowed to Tatsumiya and returned to Konoka, who was outside of the classroom with Asuna.

I could get rich if I ever call her tab. Mana thought. She watched the raven-haired girl as she slung her wrapped-up blade on her back and dashed out the room. Love-struck girl…


After Setsuna caught up with Konoka and Asuna, the three went to a nearby mall. They explored the stores, but would always come out with nothing.

It was clear to Asuna that Setsuna wasn't shopping for herself today. She was most likely looking to buy something for Konoka in one of the stores, Asuna assumed. She could easily point her out to some things that Konoka would love to own, but didn't get a chance to talk with her until Konoka wanted to go into a clothing store and Setsuna declined. Asuna also declined when she was asked, and watched the young healer enter the store by herself.

"So how're the stores here?" Asuna asked after Konoka was out of earshot.

"They each have their own unique items for sale, but none of them were selling anything that I was looking for," replied Setsuna, keeping her eye on Konoka as she spoke.

"So what are you looking for? Is it be a gift for Konoka?" she asked with a perky, knowing smile. Setsuna stole a quick glance at Asuna, slightly unnerved by how accurate Asuna's guess was.

"Of course not. I got something long ago."

"Oh? Then what is it?"

"It's uhh…" Setsuna tried to say the first thing that came to mind, but each time she did she mentally rejected the item, thinking it wasn't suitable for her Konoka.

"You haven't gotten her anything have you, Setsuna-san?"

"No…" she conceded. "I want to get her something special. Something that she'll really want, but I don't know what's good enough."

"Maybe you two should do a Pactio," Asuna said in a sing song manner. Setsuna blushed a maddeningly red.

"W-What? There's no way I could such a thing to-

"Just a suggestion." Asuna sighed. "You know, I don't really understand why you're so opposed to doing a Pactio with her. I mean, she loves you and you love her right?"

"Yes but…"

"Alright fine, I get it. You don't want to do a Pactio." Asuna wasn't going to try and argue out the good points of having a Pactio with Konoka if Setsuna was going to keep trying to refuse the offer. "Then at least get her something that shows that you care about her. Something like jewelry with your names engraved would be nice."

"Hmm…" Setsuna thought deeply on this.


The rest of the time shopping went by rather quickly. Asuna and Konoka both ended up with a few bags full of clothes, but not much of anything else. Setsuna on the other hand, still hadn't bought anything.

They were walking back to the dorms when they saw Mana walking up to them. She took out a note from her pocket, and handed to Setsuna.

"The headmaster wanted me to give this to you." Was all the explanation she received before Mana left. All three girls looked at the piece of paper.

"What's it say?" Asuna asked curiously.

Setsuna read the paper. It was a short message so she replied soon after being asked. "It says that he wants to see me in his office immediately."

"You're not in any sort of trouble are you Secchan?"

"No, I don't think so," At least I hope not, thought Setsuna. She recurred all the times she asked Mana to take over her patrolling so that she could spend time with Konoka. She now regretted it."Well I guess I'll see you later."

"You're still coming for dinner right?" asked Konoka.

Setsuna nodded. "I wouldn't miss it. Goodbye Asuna-san and Ojou-sama." Setsuna took a step to leave, but then caught her error. She then turned back around. "I mean Ko-

Setsuna didn't finish her words, because Konoka had drawn her face onto hers and pressed her lips onto Setsuna's. Setsuna was initially surprised by this, but she soon began to enjoy it and lost herself in their kiss. After a few moments of their blissful time together Konoka pulled away.

Konoka leaned in by Setsuna's ear and whispered in a husky voice, "see you soon, Secchan."

Konoka then pulled back, and watched Setsuna blush furiously. Setsuna slowly turned around and began walking haphazardly away, drunk on the kiss they shared.

"You enjoy doing that to her don't you?" asked Asuna after Setsuna was from within earshot.

"A little." replied Konoka.


Setsuna entered the office of the headmaster, now feeling a pain of dread in the back of her neck. Worried about what the headmaster would call her in for. She felt her muscles tense as she waited by the open door. The headmaster was sitting in his chair behind his desk, and motioned for Setsuna to come in.

"Come, sit down and relax." he said in a gentle voice. Setsuna felt a little better, and sat down in the chair that was directly across the headmaster's desk. "Now Setsuna-kun, I've been wanting to discuss with you some recent 'occurrences'."

"Are you talking about the displays of affection that Konoka-ojou-sama and I have done?" She blurted out absent-mindedly. "I apologize greatly for the lack of restraint-

"Oh my no. No need to worry about that. If anything I welcome the affection that you two share for each other, but that was not what I was referring to. I was speaking of the substitute you've had that takes your place during your patrols."

"I apologize from the bottom of my heart, headmaster." Setsuna immediately shifted from her chair to a kneeling position on the floor. "I will return to my patrols with renewed resolutions."

"Thank you." he smiled at Setsuna as she stood up from her kneeled position. "Now on the topic of my granddaughter…"

Konoe Konoemon began to open drawers on his desk and shuffled through many papers searching for something. Setsuna wondered what he had in store for her, and for Konoka.

"I've been considering this long and hard." he spoke while still searching. "I've discussed this with her father and we both are in mutual agreement. Setsuna-kun, have you noticed the recent decline in suitors I've had Konoka meet?"

"Yes, I have. There haven't been any for the past few months."

"Exactly. Ah-here we are." The headmaster pulled a bag from one his drawers, and handed it to Setsuna. "This explains the reasoning behind that."

Setsuna opened the bag and pulled out a piece of paper with a short and simple message. Setsuna read the message and her eyes widened in disbelief. She was completely shocked.

"There's also something in the bag that I'd like you to give to Konoka. Do make sure she receives it." Setsuna merely nodded. "I understand that this will change the dynamics of your relationship, but rest assured that this will be in the far future. I was merely…giving you a notice in advance." The headmaster winked, and Setsuna smiled weakly, the shock slowly loosing effect.

"Are you sure about this headmaster?" Setsuna asked, excitement building up inside of her, lifting her spirits to new heights.

"I already told you, both Konoe's father and I are in agreement on this. And we both support this. What about you, Setsuna-kun?"

Setsuna rushed past the headmaster's desk and gave him a strong hug. "Of course I do! I am most honored. Thank you headmaster."


Since the meeting with the headmaster Setsuna had felt like she could do anything. As if a great burden was lifted from her shoulders. She felt as if having a Pactio with Konoka was no big deal anymore. She was no longer embarrassed about showing her affections for Konoka in public, although she still had some restraint.

Setsuna kept her word with the headmaster and stopped asking Mana to take over her patrols, and apologized to Konoka every time she asked if Setsuna could come with her. In which Konoka would always kiss her on the cheek and say that it was alright if she had patrol duties.

The days rolled on by, and now Setsuna knew exactly what she was going to give Konoka. She had the perfect gift.


It was Christmas day and Setsuna could barely contain her excitement. Setsuna and Konoka had agreed to exchange their gifts in the evening. So they spent the morning and afternoon enjoying each other's company as they went around the school.

They chatted, they kissed, and at one point Konoka watched Setsuna display her swordsmanship. Which Setsuna received a large amount of cheering and clapping from her audience after finishing.

Evening approached and Konoka volunteered to give her gift first. She said hers had to be given at her room so the happy couple walked hand-in-hand to her room. They entered her room, and Setsuna was soon stopped by Konoka in the middle of the room.

She pointed up and Setsuna realized that there was a mistletoe above them. Setsuna let go of her restraint, and kissed Konoka passionately on her warm, sweet lips. The two were lost in their passionate kiss when a bright purple light erupted from underneath them. Setsuna pulled away and found that a card had appeared in Konoka's hands.

"Kono-chan is that…"

"Yup, our Pactio card." Konoka flipped the card around, and showed Setsuna her picture in the card. "Chamo-kun's present to me was a Pactio circle. Sorry that I had to trick you into it Secchan. I'll get rid of it if you don't want me to keep it."

Setsuna shook her head. "No, it's alright. I'm willing to be your trial partner if you want me." Setsuna received a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Of course I want you as a partner. Although, I'd also want you as my permanent partner…"

This was the perfect opening for Setsuna.

"Are you sure about that? Do you really want me as your partner for life?"

Konoka nodded.

"Then how do feel about this?" Setsuna pulled out a small box from her pockets. She then got down on a single knee, and presented Konoka the box. Setsuna opened it, and Konoka's mouth dropped in surprise.

"Secchan this is…"

"Both your grandfather and father said they approve of this and gave us their blessing. Of course it'll be a long while before it happens, but I'm asking you now: Konoe Konoka, will you marry me?"

As Konoka saw the ring in the box case, she flung her arms around Setsuna and tears began to stream down her face. "Of course I will. I love you so much Sakurazaki Setsuna." Setsuna took out the ring from the box, and placed it on the finger of her beloved. Setsuna saw exactly what she had been hoping for; she saw the genuine smile of Konoe Konoka.

"Actually…" Setsuna rummaged through her pocket until she pulled out a piece of paper. She handed it to Konoka and spoke as she read. "…it's Konoe Setsuna now."


Welcome to the family, Konoe Setsuna.

Konoe Konoemon and Konoe Eishun

Author's Note:
This one was written just in time for the holidays. So I hope you enjoyed reading it, and season's greetings!