Leader: Midnightstar- a noble leader with jet a black pelt and white paws and tail tip- rugged paw

Deputy: Whitefur- a highly respected well Known he cat –Raging Paw

Medicine Cat: Burningcold- a determined but well tempered she cat-Frost paw


Mistyheart- a warm friendly she cat always up for the job -Articpaw

Frosteye-a he cat with a green and a white eye famous for his Ice cold stare -Bluepaw

Shimmeringheart- a she cat who always thinks of herself last -Little paw

Icecap-A strong, considerate highly respected he cat - Glacierpaw

Snowflurry- a fluffy white positive she cat - Sunpaw

Fierceclaw-a strong muscular he cat -Drapeaupaw

Darksun- mysterious secretive he cat with a glossy black pelt- Moonpaw

Lunar Light- A beautiful pale yellow she cat with sleek fur an unusually long tail-Sandpaw, Snowpaw

Willowbrook- a cat from river clan who came with her brother to Ice clan and is extremely jealous of Shimmeringheart.

Swiftcreek- a river clan cat who fell in love with Shimmeringheart at fist sight

Golden heart- a stunningly beautiful young warrior


Snowpaw- a determine, ruthless in battle, icy- white, yet slender he cat

Littlepaw-a courageous, risk taking and reckless he cat; the runt who wants to prove his worth

Bluepaw- an attractive yet shy tortoise who's only optimist is the clan

Ruggedpaw – a charming helping merciful he cat who has pity for any cat, in or out of clan, but is merciless in battle

Glacierpaw- a she cat with light bluish clear sleek pelt and is envious of Sandpaw because she want snow paw al to her self (long story) she cat

Sunpaw- a dreamy thoughtful warm and friendly she cat

Drapeaupaw-a blue Icy color he cat determine to be deputy of Ice clan some day

Moonpaw-a dreamy, starts to like rugged paw, secretive/Moody moon white she cat whose feelings a re all locked inside, yet she has a smile for every one

Articpaw- a white he cat whose favorite season is Leaf-bare and likes the snow

Ragingpaw- a strong fierce ash he cat

Frostpaw- a he cat who is never sure of himself and stutters around elders the deputy and the leader, also burning cold's apprentice other wise the future medicine cat.

Clearpaw-a cat with a pure white pelt who is friends with sand paw

Sand paw- a beautiful sleek light brown-red she cat with extraordinary hunting skills

Queens Mates:

Silverfrost - Midnightstar

Icecrystal - Icecap

Snowfall - Whitefur

Tundrafrost-Dark Sun


Frozenfoot-he cat-enjoys telling tales but hates getting cold

Rednose- he cat gets sick even during green leaf

Icesickle- a fast despite her old age she cat

LittleTail- she cat very small in size

Dewpatch-she cat retired queen with sleek blue fur