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A Christmas Present

Beast Boy sat at the edge of his bed , Day dreaming about Terra. They had revevied her a couple days before and now it was Christmas eve. Beast Boy couldn't stop thinking about her and was depressed like heck. You'd think that He would be as happy as a school boy, but he wasn't. Ever since Terra was revieved , it seemed like she was trying to avoid him as possible. Beast Boy didn't know why , He thought that they'd be hanging out every single minute of the day, but he was wrong. Maybe she's mad at me He thought. But why ? She liked him again before she stopped the volcano ... maybe she forgot , She could've lost some of her memory when she was stone. If that's why then ... maybe I should avoid her too .

He sighed and laid on his bed . He didn't know what to do, he just wanted to be friends with Terra again. What can I do ? What can I do ? He thought over and over again. He then got a great idea ! Of Corse ! I'll get her a present for christmas and maybe then we can be friends again... and if not ...At least I gave her something Beast Boy thought .He smiled to himself and reachedfor his piggy bank . He shook it franticly and finaly a couple of coins came out from it. Beast Boy frowned , they were only Pennies. He sighed , he didn't have any money to buy her something special. Now what ? he thought . His eyes then widened and then eyed his Game Station 2 that Cyborg got him for Christmas , it was an early Christmas present. He still wondered why he didn't replace the GS1 instead of giving it to him. He smiled and unhooked it and with that left his room

It was Christmas morning , The titans were all sitting on the couch , exchanging presents.

" WOW ! MONSTER CANNON 5 ! THANKS ROBIN ! " said a very excited Cyborg

" Your welcome " replied Robin

Everyone continued to open their presents , then Starfire noticed something.

" Friends Beast Boy and Terra , you have not given your presents to eachother "

Beast Boy sighed and said " I know Star " while Terra on the other hand said nothing.

Starfire gave him a confused look , then continued to open her presents. Beast Boy eyed Terra before leaving to his room. Terra sighed and frowned. a couple minutes later she felt a tap on her shoulder , she looked up to find Beast Boy.

" Terra come with me " he whispered , Terra did as he said and followed him up to the roof of Titans tower. Snow was falling lightly from the sky , a snowflake fell on Terra , it felt cool and refreshing.

" Terra "

" yes "

Beast Boy reached into his pocket and took out a little velvet box .

" Here " he said and handed it to Terra " It's for you "

Terra sighed and opened the box. inside was a beautifu necklace. It's Collar was made of gold and a Diamond was ingraved in the middle. Terra gasped . That gasp turned into a smile .

" BEAST BOY IT'S ... How did you afford it ? " said Terra

Beast Boy didn't say anything, he just stared into her ocean Blue eyes.

" I traded my Game station 2 for it " he replied

" You did that for me ? "

" I'd do anything for you "

Terra then frowned " But , I didn't get anything for you "

" I don't need anything, as long as I have you around "

Terra was going to respond but Beast Boy kissed her passionetly on the lips, he then broke the kiss.

" Merry Christmas Terra "

Terra smiled

" Merry Christmas Beast Boy "

They then kissed again.

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