Disclaimer: Don't own Prison Break in any way. Sequel to Old Memories. In this story Lincoln still has a week left.

Have to Fight the Truth

Anger and frustration filled Michael Scofield. His brother, Lincoln Burrows was sent to solitary confinement for hitting one of the guards. Michael didn't know what to do and felt that there was no way to get him out. He kept poundering over it in the infirmary when Bridget walked in.

" Hey," Bridget said.

Michael just looked at her, still with a look of anger on his face.

" Are you okay?" Bridget asked, " I heard what happened."

Michael looked away. Bridget Carson was an old friend who stumbled upon his plan on accident and now she was right in the middle of it.

" I don't think were getting out of here," Michael said, " I don't have much time left."

" You have a whole week," Bridget said softly, " I'm sure Lincoln will be out of solitary by then." Bridget then just walked up to him, " Is there anything I can do?"

" You can go away," Michael said, " The last thing I need right now is you."

" Michael," Bridget said sounding hurt.

Michael then got up, " Why did you have to know?" Michael asked.

" Excuse me?" Bridget said, " Where is this coming from?"

Michael said nothing and Bridget turned to leave when Michael stopped her.

" Don't you walk away from me," Michael said grabbing her wrist, " I'm not through with you."

" Michael let go," Bridget said, " No physical contact."

" I should just get rid of you," Michael said.

" What?" Bridget said trying to get out of his grip.

" I think you heard me," Michael said tightening his grip.

Bridget felt tears swelling up in her eyes, " You're hurting me," she said.

Sara then just walked into the room and saw what Michael was doing.

" Michael let go of her," Sara said.

Michael did and Bridget just sat on the ground. Sara went up to her.

" Are you okay?" Sara asked.

" It hurts," Bridget said, " I feel like I can't move it."

Sara then just looked at Michael and so did Bridget.

" I'm sorry," Michael said softly, " I didn't mean to."

Bridget then slowly got up, " I forgive you," Bridget said, " It's not your fault. It's mine."

Bridget then just went out the door and Michael sat down again.

Sara didn't expect any answers but wanted them anyway.

" What just happened?" Sara asked.

" I guess I took my anger out on her," Michael said, " I didn't mean to."

" You might of sprained her wrist," Sara said.

Sara just gave Michael his insulin shot and then summoned for the guard.

Outside Michael felt guilty about what he did to Bridget and didn't know how to apoligize.

Back inside the infirmary, Bridget just sat in the office trying to control her tears. Sara then came in.

" Don't blame Michael," Bridget said, " I shouldn't of been in there. I shouldn't of come here in the first place. I'm going to have this checked out. Would it be okay if I left?"

" I'm sure Michael didn't mean to hurt you," Sara said, " But it would be a good idea to have that checked and you're fine to leave."

" Thanks Dr. Tancredi," Bridget said, " And I don't blame Michael."

Bridget then just left the office and shortly after that left Fox River.

" The truth is hard to fight," Bridget thought, " Michael hurt me, but I'm not going to lose my faith in him. "

Bridget then just went on to her doctor's office only to learn the painful truth, her wrist was sprained and the only person she blamed was herself.