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Avery's POV:

Avery leaned over the rail and took in the pink and orange water, The sun was just getting to rest beneath the horizon and soon the moon would take it's place in the sky. 'This is how it's supposed to be.' Avery thought as she looked towards the sky... A memory stuck in her head.


Avery's head bopped up and down with excitement. "We're finally getting out of here!" she whispered. Avery looked at the sky through the boards to the sky. She could tell her mother's twilight visits with the governor were about to start... Avery heard footsteps above her head. They were in between the floorboards and the ground. She silently counted in her head, "3, 2, 1." and the door opened and slammed the door closed. The light from the lantern revealed a smirk painted upon her face. She whispered to Chris, "Let's go." They crawled towards a wooden crate, and inside were things that each had been gathering up just for this occasion. Avery pulled out a pair of scissors and started cutting her hair... Short. Real Short. Short enough to pass off as a boy, she handed them to Chris. Chris secured the scissors in her hair, closed her eyes and cut. Her golden locks hit the ground with a soft pat. Avery placed the scissors in a canvas bag.

Chris pulled out 2 pairs of boy's clothing. They were her brother's, Charlie who had grown out of the last summer. She hugged them against herself and said, "We're really going, we really are!" she handed Avery a pair and starting changing. Each put a dagger in an ankle sheath and both put a sword on a belt/sheath. Avery pulled out 2 canvas bags and start counting up some gold coins that were in the bottom of the crate. They finally had enough coins to barter passage on one of the ships in port, live off it a while. Avery slung one of the bags onto her shoulder and put on a hat, Chris did the same. Avery slid a couple boards to the side and crawled out from underneath the floorboards. Chris now lead the way through the streets and then they finally arrived at where they were to retire for the rest of the night. A half-burned down Cathedral underneath 2 pews.

Avery rolled over on her elbow. She was too filled with anticipation to sleep. "Chris, you awake?" she asked hoping that she wouldn't have to be up alone. "Yeah." Chris answered back. "What are you gonna do once we're out of here?" Avery asked. Chris smiled through the darkness and said, "Exactly what you want to do, I'll live freely, doing whatever I please, and live richly." "Even the seafaring part?" Avery asked knowing how much Chris hated the sea. "Temporarily, Temporarily the sea part." "What will you do after the sea?" "I don't know... Maybe marry a rich nobleman and find my place in society." "How is that living freely?" "It Would Be My Choice." Chris said agitated "Which you'd lose." Chris groaned, "Ugh. Not that stuff again!? Why can't you change your way to the way of the world...Why do you try to change the world to your way... that's a fool's battle." "I'd rather be a fighting fool, then a fool following the foolish." Chris winced, "Why do you have to make my head hurt?"

The Sun soon rose and with the newly started day, She now knew, would begin a newly started life.

Avery looked at Chris and smiled, "Why are you smiling at me like that?" Chris asked suspicious of what Avery's sudden intentions were. Avery's smile widened, and she laughed. Making Chris cower away in fear. There was a wicked gleam in her eyes and she didn't want to find out why...

Avery said loud and clear. "Promise not to tell Marcus— Okay, you remember Jack —That guy who you stole the hat from... Well... He's just so dreamy.." Avery sighed as if thinking further about Jack's greatness.

Chris pushed Avery and Avery just laughed at her.

"Cheater!" Chris said jabbing her finger accusingly into Avery's side. Chris cleared her throat and lowered her voice, "Well I just want to be free, free to drink, free to what I want, free to finally live on what so many sailors call the 'SEA'!" she smile cheekily. As if to say "What can you do about that?"

Avery laughed and said "I did it better!"

Chris looked horrified (eyes wide, mouth agape) "You absolutely did not!"

"I'm afraid so." Avery said gravely.

"Your wrong."

"Whose to say I am?"

"The Fox."

"You would not turn my own ship against me!"

"Oh, I would and have"

Avery narrowed her eyes and then focused her hearing. "Liar."




"The Fox wouldn't even think of betraying me!"

"How can you say that? Can you honestly tell me that you've never thought about leaving the ship on some island and sailing away in something grander?"

"Why yes, yes I can." Avery said firmly. "Are you kidding me?"

"Obviously you've never listened to me when I've told you about this ship."

Chris groaned, "Obviously." She rolled her eyes.

"You see that helm?"


"That very helm was where my father stood conducting his crew. And this is the last place, he stood before those 'redcoats' took him in the Americas!" Avery screeched... her face red with anger.. Her eyes glistening, as if an actual tear might fall out.

Chris stood there mouth agape and she realized that Avery hadn't EVER spoke of her father. Chris always assumed that it was just some guy Avery's mother met in her line of work... She never thought that Avery might've actually known her father.

"You see this ring?" Avery asked, pulling a piece of rope from under her collar... "The rope is from the noose, that was forced over his head..." A tear slowly slid down Avery's cheek. "The ring was given to me as they pulled him away from me, by the very same hands that laid lifeless the very next day... This ship and this ring is all I have left of him... They didn't even burry him... They sent him to a man of 'science' to study the human body... who actually burned him later on... I watched the only man, I've known who saw women as equals, who I had known to call 'father'... Die. On the end of the hangman's noose."

Avery held her head in her hands... "I was to weak to do anything about it... I watched him die, helpless, afraid to move, fearing I might be next... It was all my fault." Another tear slid down Avery's cheek... "The only reason he sailed into dock that time... because I complained that I didn't like rowing... and I just wanted to see what's it like to sail in like a normal ship... My father just laughed, Shaking his head at me... patted my head and said to himself, 'My little Angel...'And walked off. Never did I once think about, how dangerous it could be, or what my father would do to solve that...Never. No, I was only think of myself. Me! Me! Me!" At this point Avery broke out in a full string of tears... she wiped them, trying to cover up... she still had them streaming down her face... "That's why I couldn't EVER leave this ship...It's all I have left of him..."

"I'm sure it wasn't your fault..." Chris said, smiling sadly.

"Well, if I hadn't –" Avery argued when Chris cut her off..

"The world is full of 'if's... If we all would've done something else...Would the world be different?... Would it be better? Would you give up every ounce that you know, felt, and own to find out what would've happen? That's exactly what you'd do had you the chance to go back and do something else...Think about how it would change... We cannot change what has happened... we can only decide what's to come of it... Are we gonna sitting around moping at how it was our faults...or are we gonna forgive ourselves? Besides, it was your father that docked, not you. You didn't make him, it was only his decision, his consequence. You couldn't of known."

"But if I had just shut my big, selfish, bratty mouth...then it wouldn't of happened."

"Look at you!" Chris grasped Avery's Arms... "You're the most selfless person I know! Look at the articles...You don't get anything out of them...You don't care about what happens to you...You care about your men, your crew, and anybody else." "But..-."

"No, buts. I will not hear it!"


"No!" Chris said stubbornly.

"So are you excited?"Avery said trying to get the subject off her.

Chris just waved her hand..

'funny how things change, we used to only talk about getting off of land..now I have to drag her to get off it' "Come on! It'll be like Old times!" Avery said trying to hype up Chris.

Chris groaned Over-Dramatically "Ugh. I hate old times! Why did you always insist on doing something that could've gotten us killed!?"

"Well...I never tried to...it just sort of happened." This is not at all what Avery wanted ...the old times were at least exciting... Maybe people surrender because of the name of the ship... maybe we should change the name of the ship...

"Y'know Ave, in a funny, stupid way, I almost miss the younger us, full of ideas and mischief."

"Well you're coming with me, right?"

"Well, I said I would until your name is cleared."

"Well good. I want to get out of this stink-hole called an Island."

"Hey! That's my childhood home you're calling a stink-hole!"

"It's mine too!"

"So? I just don't like people pointing it out!" Chris yelled.

"Very Mature..." Avery sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Yeah I know, I'm proud." Chris said puffing out her chest, and on standing on her tipey-toes. She said walking toward the bow of the ship. She tripped over a barrel.. "Avery! I swear if that happens ONE MORE time, I'm gonna forget my words! You need to keep your ship clean!"

"And you've said this how many times?"

Chris nervously scratched her neck... "Um...3?" she said grinning.

"Hypocrite." said Avery laughing.

"Drunkard" Chris countered.

"Landlubber."Avery mocked.

"Sea dog" Chris mocked back.

"Thank you!"


"It's settled?"


"Well good."

"Alright." said Chris.

"So who will watch the bar in your absence?"

"Isabelle." She reached up her hand to be pulled up from the deck, Avery took a hold of it and pulled her up.

"Isabelle?" Avery chuckled "You've got to be joking..."

"What's wrong with Isabelle?"

"There's nothing wrong with Isabelle..."

"Then-." "But they're not gonna be afraid to rob her..." Avery said remembering the petite, redhead, who was very soft spoken... she was hardly old enough to be considered a woman.

"What do you think she can't do it? She's too young? I'll have you know I was just as old as she is when I first watched a bar."

Avery laughed remembering what had happened. "I was there! You got piss drunk and aimed and shot at anyone who came in, yelling 'Ye get away ye no good street scum!'"

"Well, I didn't get robbed!"

"You didn't sell anything, and you shot at me! I'm lucky that you're such a terrible shot!"

"Well...well... You are a Pirate!"

"What has that got to do with anything? Besides You'd trust me with your life!""

"Never Trust A Pirate. Maybe if I was suicidal."

"You did say that you'd trust me with your life."

"Says who?"

"You did."

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Alright, we're like peanuts and chocolate, we're meant to be friends."

"Alright which one are you?"

"Chocolate." Avery answered not missing a beat.

"You're sticking me with peanuts!? Besides you are SO not chocolate."

"What's wrong with peanuts? And how am I not chocolate, I'm adventurous and fun."

"There's nothing wrong with peanuts... I just don't act like peanuts And you're just not chocolate."

"What about strawberries and chocolate?"

"Ooo.. I love strawberries!"

Avery smirked 'Now, this is gonna work.'

"But they're not good with chocolate." Avery frowned. "And besides you're just not chocolate."

"Chocolate and Strawberries are like heaven. How am I not chocolate? I'm exotic, I've traveled the world, and everyone loves me–."

"Everyone loves you? I think not, everyone hates you... they're just scared of you! So they act like they love you so you won't hurt them."

"If everyone hates me, why do they act like they love me?" Chris hit herself...

"I just said."

"Alright it's settled then, we're like chocolate and strawberries." Avery said 'Matter-of-Fact-ly'

"No! We're not!" Chris screamed, then said calmly, "We're more like strawberries and bananas."

Avery looked towards Chris for an explanation. "We're good alone, okay together, and we come from entirely different places?"

Avery raised an eyebrow, "We grew up on the same street, and we're good alone and great together."

"I didn't mean location, I meant background!"Chris defended.

"Your mad."

Chris scoffed, "And this is coming from Captain Avery Jayee, the maddest of the madmen... So crazy she can't see the world in front of her for what it really is, so crazy she can't use logic."

Avery laughed. "You sound like some of the superstitious sailors that come to the bars to gossip like nobles."

On The Black Pearl

The next afternoon

The Captain did not look well... this morning. He looked... well... tired. Even the crew noticed, and they aren't the most perceptive fools.

"Excuse me, but– um, Captain... maybe I should take the Helm." Gibbs said in a clear state of worry. Reluctantly the Captain gave up his place.

"Haven't the best night..." he muttered under his breath, and nodded thanks.

Gibbs smiled and watched the Captain move unsteadily towards his cabin. Jack had been having some... interesting dreams... dreams he said, 'That I hadn't had like the early days of my youth.'

The captain, in response to these dreams started acting... a little strange. He no longer paid attention to almost anything that was happening on his ship. The outcome, of this was of course... horrifying. The men, that were once friends would start grabbing at each other's throats over shares, food, women, and even stones on occasion. The end result of these arguments, were obviously disorder and even... plans to mutiny. The Captain was becoming a lesser... can you say? Man. He sweat when ships came into view, he cringed when he heard rats move across the hull of the ship, he couldn't even stay up deck during a storm anymore, and in the bedroom, let's just say his guest left unsatisfied. It was as if the Captain was reliving his boyhood... Little known, to those around him... he was.

Avery's POV:

"But why Ave. Why do I have to do this?" Chris whined.

"Because, it's tradition... and if everyone went around breaking traditions for anybody... How would the world be today? And besides, it gives everyone an excuse for drinking a little more rum then usual... And I won't go without my rum, Chris. I won't." Chris threw her hands up in frustration and literally, (And I mean quite literally) growled. "Give me a real excuse, Avery." Chris commanded.

"I'm bored Chris!!!! I mean really, really, really BORED!!!!! Besides the crew hasn't had any good entertainment in a while..." Avery said walking off.

"Oh, you've go to be kidding me! So, you are using me... because you're too lazy to find yourself entertainment?" Avery chuckled and said, "No. What I intended to do, was to give you an actual welcoming to the crew."

"Not buying it." Chris muttered.

"Who said it was for sale?" Avery questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"It's an expression!" Chris yelled and Avery stared at her blankly... "To say I don't believe you!" Chris cried.

"Oh. Oh, yes! I've hear that one! You ever heard the one about water... eating a bridge?"


"Excuse me?"

"Water under the bridge..."

"But that doesn't make any sense..." Avery said trying to put together this puzzle helplessly. Chris groaned and made an attempt at educating Avery, an attempt that did not bear any fruit...

"Okay, now it's called an expression... expressions are to say normal things, but in a different way." Chris looked up to see if Avery was understanding this in any way...Avery nodded blankly.

"Oh. You mean like if you spill the last grain of salt." Avery grinned, proudly.

"No! Not at all!" Chris spewed.

Avery looked confused, and kinda irritated. "That's a superstition... something you believe in.., not a complex way to say something simple... like the expression. 'More then one way to skin a cat.' or 'Black cat crosses your path.' that's a superstition...or even...if you think about it could be an expression for a bad patch or rough time in someone's life..."

If Avery didn't look confused before... she sure did now.

"Huh?" Chris groaned and said, defeated.

"Never mind we can celebrate... if you really want to.."

"Yes! We're going to party to Par-tay Par-tay!!" Avery sung. Her plan had worked.

Jack's POV:

He had the dream again... after he went back to bed that morning...

Her eyes still held that cold stare.. The stare of guilt and regret. Her limbs went limb and with her last few breathes she said, "Jack, I'll miss you. Don't worry...everything will be fine." She said reassuringly. Nothing could've prepared him for what was about to come. Even now, it hurt just the same... if not more... because last time he had hope. But not now...now he just knew... and he knew it would play back in his head over and over again every time he closed his eyes. And with that, tears streamed down her face, her chest stopped rising and falling, then her tears stopped. He still clasped her hand. Hoping that by some miracle she had just fallen asleep and would soon wake up... just fine. He held on until her hand was cold...so much that it hurt him. Her hand was big compared to his... he was just a boy... 6 or 7. That had been when he first witnessed death. He remembered every detail, from the smile on her dead lips that made her look like a fallen angel, to the brown hair and the blue watery, still, cold eyes.

He had but one memory of her, but he knew that he loved her with all his heart, and she the same.

He's seen many people die since her... Some went face and other's carried on, just waiting for the suffering to end. But they all had those same eyes those same... watery, cold... dead eyes.

Why am I having these dreams again... what could this mean? That was when Jack realized... he could do only one thing. See one person. Fueled by this revelation, Jack grabbed his coat and ran on deck. "Turn this Ship around and head Westward!"

Gibbs came up to Jack, "Why the sudden change of course?" Jack beamed,

"We're seeing a friend."

Gibb's POV: The Next Night.

"Are you sure about the free rum?" Jack asked nervously.

"Aye. Jack there be free rum."

"So who exactly is this friend of yours?" Jack said, suspiciously.

"Oh, just a gal... a person of the past... mutual friend." I answered. My mind bent on seeing Kenny again.

"Wait a woman on a ship, invites you on a ship and you take it? I thought it was bad luck." Jack said, apparently appalled. "Well... not all women... that would be ridiculous to try to follow... just... unrespectable women are bad luck... but... Katherine... that sounds respectable doesn't it?"

Jack's pace slowed in the sand. Jack grimaced at my words. Jack had met with a woman that went by that name... well... it wasn't a woman... nor was it a man... it was a... well to be honest Jack wasn't sure what 'it' was... but it didn't seem that respectable... then the thought occurred to him..

"You didn't think Ana Maria was respectable?" Jack asked.

"Do you know why it's bad luck to bring women on board?" I asked Jack.

"Not in so many words." he reluctantly admitted.

"Let's say a... an old flame -or she might become that way while onboard. Have you ever known a woman not hostile in that situation? Hostility means disruption, disruption means disorder, and for a caption disorder means mutiny. Not to mention the majority of the crew would be attracted to her, therefore causing just by her presence... disorder. No woman who the crew thought of any less then a lady would be able to survive very long... either that, or the captain gets mutinied when she's thrown off the boat because most of the crew would go after her... so either way women should not be aboard a man's ship." I looked at Jack to see if he was understanding any of this... it looked like he was piecing it together.. So I didn't bother him.

Jack's POV:

Sadly enough Gibb's words made sense.. But he ignored his question entirely, "Why did you think Ana Maria wasn't respectable?" I asked with total curiosity.

Gibbs sighed as if he was letting out a secret that he's had for a long time. "Well... I thought she was an old flame of yours... seeing how she obviously knew you... I figured she wasn't of the respectable and the like.. Seeing how you aren't the sort to be looking for the respectable type...so..." He looked down at his feet... all shamefully. I pat him on the back and told him thanks. Gibbs grinned wide enough it almost looked painful... "Well Glad that's settled" Gibbs said happily. "Follow me." He waved his hand towards me and I followed.

After walking a long the beach for a while...a Big Ship came into view... about as big as the Black Pearl. It seemed there was a huge bonfire on deck of it... and you could see people dancing, drinking, and singing. 'I wonder why I didn't see them before' "Looks like a party." I said stating the obvious.

No one seemed to notice our arrival... I looked towards the hull of the ship searching for a name... but it was too dark to tell if it even had a name. When we got upon the deck the crowd was still unaffected by us, except for a small, short woman with light, light, blond hair. She looked to be in her early 20s. She slapped Gibbs on sight, then played with his hair and said,

"Where have you been Joshababy?" She asked in a playful voice.

He messed up her hair and said, "I've been around...how are you Kenny?" Gibbs smiled bigger. Gibbs bent down and whispered in her ear.

She hit Gibbs playfully and stood up straight and circled around Jack.

Her eyes held a certain... well... knowledge..deeper then anyone he's ever seen. She smiled, and Jack wrapped his arms about him protectively, it felt as though she was undressing him with her eyes.

"Jack Sparrow, isn't it?" She said, more as common knowledge then an actual question.

Jack put his hands in his pockets and questioned, "Who's asking?" She smiled, a smile that matched that better a confident predator then a baby-faced teen.

"I'm called by many names... some I've gotten by pure reputation...and other's... just because." She sighed, over-dramatically. "So many names... So many people..." She turned towards him, and said, "You may call me Cat."