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Shortly after the long and tedious ceremony, the queen was finally united with her people. The coronation had gone on for a long time… much longer than she had planned. With all the bowing and kissing and congratulating… ugh. If the ceremony hadn't of ended when it did, Harmony would have died.

Now she was bored. She had her devious sister to contend with, but that could wait. The Genii radio sat in front of Harmony. The new queen slipped off into thoughts about Doctor Rodney McKay and disgusted thoughts that she had once considered John Sheppard as a suitable king.

A sudden sound made her jump out of her reverie. Over the creaking static and buzzing, Harmony heard jumbled words… or a message coming though the Genii radio. What Harmony didn't realize was that the Genii radios also could receive short data bursts. The queen called for her Chief Technologian and sent him on his way with the device.

About a half hour later, the little man came scurrying back with a transcript of the message in hand. He murmured "Your Highness" (which immensely pleased Harmony) and ran off. Harmony read the script and found that it greatly amused her. She put it up in the Hall of Importance along with the painting of that fateful day with McKay and Sheppard.

Harmony sat down in her throne and smiled. An idea was forming… and it was gonna be good!


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Pegasus Galaxy for Royalty

1. Always enlist in a savior.

... a. He can always become your king later, right?

2. Take forest survival lessons with Nolar Lumsbrik.

... a. You should only need three.

... b. Seeing that a princess can survive in the woods makes people gawk.

3. Always carry a pocketknife.

... a. You never know what'll happen if you don't.

4. If the glowy stone doesn't work, don't shoot it!

... a. Shooting ancient devices won't make them work better.

... b. Trust me.

5. When you want something, take it.

... a. Like food from Sheppard's bag.

6. Remember that Atlanteans are weird.

... a. Enough said…

7. Try not to find yourself stuck with foreigners during a fight fire.

... a. It won't be beneficial to your health.

... b. They generally don't work in your best interest.

... c. And they won't let you fire the guns…

Queen Harmony smiled down at her list of things to remember. She was proud – this should cover most everything. Now what?

Maybe she should put it in the city square where everyone could read it! Yes – that would do! And everyone would know the will of their rightful queen! Everyone including Rodney and John.

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